Dr Ada Garcia (Tijuana Mexico)

Dr Ada Garcia, D.D.S – Dentist
Tijuana Mexico

From CTS Originals website: “Dr. Clark’s opinion of quality health included the health of the mouth and teeth, with this in mind we are offering a dental program inspired by Dr. Clark’s findings. Many years ago when I first began working with Dr. Clark, her clinic was in Las Playas, Mexico.  At that time there were several dentists that Dr. Clark would send her patients to.  One of those dentists is Dr. Ada Garcia.  I have worked with Dr. Garcia since the mid 90’s and have recently begun a program with her to help people that are concerned with the toxicity of metal and other pollutants involved with dentistry.

This program includes testing, dental work, and accommodations with-in walking distance of the dental office.  The cost of the testing and dental work will be determined by the amount of work involved for each patient. Dr. Garcia’s office and the studio are both located in Tijuana, Mexico.”