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Oral Chelation for Mercury:

The Andy Cutler protocol

You can only begin the Andy Cutler oral chelation protocol for mercury detoxification, if you do not have any mercury amalgams left in your mouth, or other current source of mercury exposure.  For more information:

Mercury Detoxification Manual

The ‘How to get well, and stay well’ protocol

Parasites, toxins, blocked organs and dental issues can mimic many health conditions, and by clearing these issues, you may find yourself healing ailments that you thought, or were told, you ‘had to live with’. Cleaner organs allow your body to self-regulate and heal on their own, and many of the so called age-related illnesses are possibly due to parasites, dental issues (toxicity) and/or blocked-up bowels, kidneys and livers. Organs that are functioning optimally without the paralysing effect of toxins are your best guarantee for optimal health. Your body is fully capable of keeping itself healthy as long as its vital organs are regularly cleansed, and the ‘How to get well, and stay well’ protocol can show you how…