Dr Meinig’s root canal articles

  • Immune System Overloaded by Dental Infection, Trauma – Injury
    When people suffer a severe auto accident, fall, or suffer some other injury, their immune systems are called upon to work at peak performance in order to achieve a speedy recovery. Those people with root canal fillings are generally found to have a healing rate slower than expected.

  • Dental Infection, Focal Infection, Death and Dentistry
    A statement I made earlier in this book, ‘Root Canal Cover-Up exposed! Many Illnesses Result’, is most likely causing some of my dental colleagues to bitterly resent the charge that our profession has unknowingly been responsible for the deaths of many of our patients.

  • Root Canal Fillings can Cause Serious Side Effects
    Dental Research Specialist Dr. Weston Price, after observing many patients with crippling degenerative diseases not responding to treatment,suspected infected root canal-filled teeth to be the cause.

  • Why This Research was Covered Up and Buried, Focal Infection Theory Part I
    As was stated before, this theory contends that infected teeth, tonsils, tonsil tags, and similar other areas that are infected, could be responsible for setting up a whole new infection in another tissue or organ of the body because the bacteria involved are transported to the new area via the bloodstream.

  • How The Immune System Becomes Overloaded with FLU and Other Accidents
    Many people have had root filled teeth for a number of years without experiencing an obvious health problem. Dr. Price found a severe stressful occurrence could so overcharge the patient’s immune system activity that they now developed a degenerative disease. The two foremost stress factors proved to be the FLU and PREGNANCY.

  • How Ionic Calcium Influences the Function of our body
    The subject which occupied most of Dr. Price’s research time was the multiple roles calcium plays in the functions of the body. These Studies virtually forced themselves upon him as medical and dental literature contained little information about calcium and its important functions.

  • The Dental Infections, Gum Disease Produces Astonishing Blood Changes
    Dr. Prices supposed that dentists would know if any changes took place in a patient’s blood when a dental infection was present, but found no reports in scientific literature on that subject. This led him to do exhaustive blood studies of patients and animals to determine the side effects of root canal infections.