The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

Benzene cleanse – Duration 5 days
2 x 300mg Vitamin B2 capsules 3 times per day before meals
1 x 250mg Magnesium Oxide Capsule 3 times per day before meals
Take a good B-complex during this process to keep the B vitamins balanced with high B2 dose.

Benzene is part of the pain dynamic and is detoxified from the body with the help of Vitamin B2 into phenol. Phenol in turn needs the Magnesium Oxide to help detoxify it.

Benzene Everywhere
by Dr Hulda Clark

Benzene is another immune system destroyer.
Our agencies, FDA and EPA, have been vigilant over benzene in air, household chemicals and even gasoline but were never in a position to test food or water correctly. Using antiquated tests that can only find benzene in parts per billion (ppb) would never protect American citizens. Although the legal limit set by our agencies was 5 ppb, I never detected such huge amounts. Our immunodepression comes from much smaller amounts. We must be protected from parts per trillion (ppt) amounts, a thousand-fold smaller. The entry of benzene into the food chain was not noticed because of this technical problem. Now it is in and on our food in such large amounts, most private testing labs can detect it.
Benzene has become a huge food problem, due to pollution of food with food spray and laundry bleach water. It comes right from your favorite supermarket and organic food store. You must stop using or eating everything that has benzene.
The body does not have a “safe amount” of benzene. But, as more and more benzene gets discovered in food, the public agencies will shift their focus to higher “safe” amounts. Beware of such a shift and a shift in wording, such as “no significant risk level”. This is a deception. It leads to complacency over a very important problem. It will raise our cancer and AIDS incidence still higher. The focus should stay on zero amounts as it presently is.
You must clean all your fruits and vegetables a special way to remove the food spray and bleach-water residues that bring benzene. It is described in the Recipes chapter. It does not all come this way, though.
Benzene also enters our food with flavors, colors and fragrance. It enters with pills, whether they are over the counter drugs, food supplements, or prescriptions. Flavors and colors were extracted and manufactured with solvents that came from the petroleum industry, including benzene. It was falsely believed that you could easily evaporate it off. And certainly, enough came off to come under the “limit” of detection for the measuring device. But it only gave us false security.
There are more ways that petroleum products come in contact with food. For example, the grain* stored in elevators that will make your bread is doused with “mineral oil” to keep the dust down. It all has traces of benzene. And wherever petroleum grease is used – like in baking pans under cookies and breads – benzene rides along. It may be surprising to find benzene in so many places where the temperature was raised above its boiling point; that is no safeguard. It was evidently trapped or it recondensed.
The attitude of manufacturers and producers is: “You can expect benzene to be everywhere. It’s even in the air and the blacktop in your driveway. It’s negligible. As long as we meet FDA & EPA requirements, where’s the problem?” This reminds me of an event in history, about 350 years ago.
In 1665, the worst year of the bubonic plague in England, the grain that made peoples’ bread was contaminated with rat feces and rat urine. It was everywhere in small amounts. You could not smell it or see it because the grain was ground finely into flour. It was not suspected to bring the bubonic disease since the sick and the healthy people all ate it. From this terrible tragedy we should have learned one lesson: When widespread illness comes to people we should examine our staple foods first, our bread and water, milk and meat. Bacteria and viruses certainly play their roles, but the vermin bringing them and toxins supporting them should be searched for in food before air and driveways.
Benzene has been known to cause cancer for decades, especially the leukemias. That is why our agencies were given the important task of monitoring it. Yet they have failed to protect us, setting and raising legal levels instead. We have more leukemia than ever before. Why should benzene be legally permitted in beer when half the men are getting cancer? Regulations should not be based on tests done solely on the food later on, when the concentration will, of course, be less, making it all the more difficult to detect, but rather on knowledge of “what goes in”.
In a desperate England in 1665, rats were so numerous they crawled the streets openly. How could tiny bits of rat filth in the bread matter? It was everywhere. Besides, bread was baked, that should make it safe. The same “logic” was used then as now. We see people with and without cancer all around us drinking the same water. And it is all chlorinated, that should make it safe. The concepts are flawed. Eventually, instead of killing rats, dogs and cats were removed in England, precisely those animals that could reduce disease, an easy mistake to make when you’re just guessing. We should not be guessing. We have scientists. We should be using them. We are only using medical professionals now. We need physiologists, biologists, parasitologists, cytologists, ecologists, when studying a difficult problem. Instead, physiology departments at universities were closed in the 1960’s. In the present day USA we are increasing and emphasizing the chlorination of water …the very treatment that is inadvertently doing the most harm.
We should be testing our food and water with the best equipment, of research quality. But we can’t expect industry to create high standards for itself. Society must create them independently. Besides, we should not trust corporate testing nor agency testing when their personnel frequently “trade jobs”. We must solve the problem of conflicts of interest. We must put renewed energy into parents’ and society’s responsibility to provide safe food and water for our children safe from benzene and PCBs at least. Children are most affected by leukemia.
Our white blood cells stop eating anything after they get benzene onto their membranes. The membranes are made of fat, a double layer of it. One of benzene’s actions is to let viruses into our genome. A special enzyme called viral integrase allows this whenever benzene is present. Oncoviruses lurk everywhere, even in our daily bread (RAS), but would not be allowed in if this integrase were not made for them with the permission of benzene.

Fig. 72 Diagram of cell membrane structure (see pg.207 POAC’s)

Your body has a moderate ability to get rid of benzene without help. Benzene leads to pain and bleeding. Learn how to prevent this in Chapter 15, on page 351.(POAC)



Benzene is a solvent. It is an extremely toxic solvent. We would not expect to find benzene anywhere in our environment. It is even monitored in gasoline. It is prohibited in dry cleaning fluids and rubber cement. How could it be present in your body?

Benzene is the main cause of AIDS

What is a solvent? A solvent is a substance that can dissolve grease. There are many solvents used in industries but none dissolves grease as fast as benzene.
The living body is made of greases! Fats and oils make up the brain and spinal cord, all our nerves and the protective covering of every living cell. Benzene can dissolve them!
Different toxins accumulate in different organs. This is called organotropism. As an example, if you drink a beverage polluted with wood alcohol, which is another solvent, it goes to your pancreas first. This organ makes your insulin and regulates your blood sugar. People with “low blood sugar” or chronic fatigue actually do have wood alcohol in their pancreas. Did they really drink polluted beverages? I find wood alcohol is a pollutant in carbonated beverages, artificial sweetener and many other foods. At first your body can detoxify it; this is when your body is young and strong like a child’s. But as you keep drinking the wood alcohol, the pancreas wears out, the wood alcohol begins to pile up there and do a lot of harm. It weakens the pancreas so much that any parasite can live there. The immunity of the pancreas is being lowered. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, metal dissolved from tooth fillings, chemicals from the air you breathe and food you eat can now find a home in your pancreas. Is it any wonder that this leads to diabetes? Wood alcohol also accumulates in the eyes. Sometimes they burn and itch. Now the eyes let parasites in to multiply, like Toxoplasma from cats. The eyes also let in toxins from food or your environment and we call it allergies. The real culprit in this case is wood alcohol! It accumulates in the pancreas and eyes.

Benzene accumulates in the thymus!

If you eat the tiniest bit of benzene accidentally, like eating a cracker while you are pumping gasoline into your car, it goes directly to your thymus (the cracker can absorb benzene containing gasoline fumes). If you rub the tiniest bit of benzene into your skin in the form of skin lotion containing petroleum products, it is found in the thymus a half-minute later! You can easily see this with a Syncrometer. And in another half-minute it is in the bone marrow. Of course, the white blood cell phagocytes that are in your thymus immediately begin to eat it up and get it out of the thymus. But something strange happens to phagocytes that have eaten benzene. They stop. They can eat no more-a rather sensible result! Nor can they eat anything else that they would normally devour and kill.
Just as wood alcohol accumulates in the pancreas and eyes, benzene accumulates in the thymus and bone marrow.
Without being able to phagocytize in the thymus and bone marrow everything else is soon allowed to land there. The mercury from metal tooth fillings, the copper from your copper water pipes, the silicone from your toothpaste, the dyes from your candy and jello can all be found in your thymus after benzene damage has been done. It is as if the front and backdoors to your house have been opened, letting in all comers.
(The Prevention of HIV and AIDS
pg.22 copyright)

Endogenous Benzene
Endogenous means self produced or internally produced. No biologist or biochemist could suspect or even believe that
benzene could be produced by a living organism, neither plant nor animal.
Yet the Syncrometer clearly reveals benzene being formed wherever zearalenone is present. Zearalenone is present wherever Potato Ring Rot is growing. Potato Ring Rot is a fungus
that grows wherever a Paragonimus parasite has been killed. Paragonimus is plentiful alongside Fasciolopsis buski, Fasciola hepatica and others. It is more plentiful in HIV victims for reasons not understood. But while it is alive it does not grow Potato Ring Rot, so the mycotoxin zearalenone is not produced, nor benzene. But dare to kill Paragonimus and within hours the deadly fungal growth takes over the carcass. This fungus makes the estrogenic toxin zearalenone, and this leads to benzene production on the spot.
Would it be better not to kill Paragonimus parasites? The body’s instinct is to kill everything foreign, everything that attacks you, competes with you, or takes up your space. It is a precious instinct. Yet, could benzene production be nature’s intent? Or has Mother Nature gone awry in this instance? I believe we were meant to digest old dead refuse, so that fungus could never take over. But for HIV victims this kind of digestion is lacking.
We make lots of digestive juices in the stomach and in the pancreas. We are regularly flooded with it at mealtime. The Syncrometer® detects hydrochloric acid (HCl), pepsin, trypsin,
lipase, RNAse, DNAase and even asparaginase sweeping into every tissue in children. But in middle age there is much less. The tissues, even the stomach itself, go without HCl and digestive juices for brief periods of time. Now killing Paragonimus leads to benzene production whereas in childhood it didn’t. Of course the body can detoxify these traces of benzene at first. And some is eaten by white blood cells. But this stops their phagocytizing ability. Although it is a wise response by the white cells the entire burden is then shifted to detoxification instead of removal. Benzene is detoxified first into phenol. Benzene released in and around the thymus from killed paragonimuses gets changed to phenol. But phenol, although not a solvent, is a powerful tissue destroyer; now the thymus will begin to shred and lose bits of itself into the circulation.

Fig. 7 Benzene is detoxified to phenol (pg.33 Cure for HIV/AIDS)

Still, the body has been dispatching its parasites and disposing of the remains, including benzene and phenol, for eons of time. It did not lead to AIDS. It only led to gradually declining body functioning and overall aging.
But in this century it leads to AIDS. The total amount of benzene to be removed or detoxified has been doubled or worse in this century. We have dumped it on our food (pesticide), even mixed it in our food (baking grease, flavors and colors) in wholesale amounts. We have fumed it into our air (exhaust, colognes, cigarette smoke). Every liter (quart) of air in an office or even outside in a meadow has its benzene, detectable by regular chemical methods. This means a few parts per trillion.
With this huge increase in benzene how can a fragile, phagocytizing white blood cell escape destruction? How can a nation’s immunity escape gradual destruction? How can global immunity escape destruction? We cannot rest; a way must be found.
The body has always managed to get rid of its endogenous (internal) benzene and allowed us a lifespan of 70 to 80 years. But adding exogenous (external) benzene has given us AIDS, driving our lifespan down to about 40 years. We must fight back on both fronts. We can clean up our food and environment, the exogenous sources. We can kill our personal parasites regularly, our endogenous sources, so they cannot mature to the point of laying eggs and outrunning the body’s ability to kill them.

(The Prevention of HIV and AIDS pg.31 copyright)

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