American Biodental Clinic – Dental Clinic (Tijuana, Mexico)

American Biodental Clinic – Dental Clinic
In the GRAND HOTEL Twin Towers
4558 Agua Caliente Blvd., Suite CC 1B
Tijuana, Mexico
(Located in the Atrium in front of the main dining room.) 



From their website:

Our approach is threefold:


1 — Dental


All dental procedures follow the Huggins Protocol and utilize non-toxic dental materials that are safe for your body.  Safe removal of toxic dental material in fillings, crowns, bridges, or gums is recommended to relieve the immune system of a toxic burden.  The cleaning of any cavitations causing toxicity to the system is also advised.  All dental procedures are based on 30-years of research and development by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS.


2 — Body



Bio-Compatibility Testing — We offer individual testing to assure we select only the dental materials that are specifically the safest for you — now and in the future.??• Hair Analysis Testing — These individual tests analyze the heavy metal toxicity stored in body tissues, causing a burden to the immune system.??• Blood Chemistry Testing — These tests analyze nutritional imbalances that sometimes also contribute to the body’s dis-ease.


3 — Nutritional


Vitamin C Treatments — We offer Vitamin C, administered by IV, during and immediately following amalgam removals.??• Nutritional Supplements — We recommend Supplements based on testing and analysis by Matrix’s Bio-Nutritional Guide — computer analysis developed by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS.