Cancer – your invitation

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark


Your Invitation
by Dr Hulda Clark
This book is about a completely self-sufficient cancer curing therapy that can be carried out by the patient at home at fairly low cost. It seldom requires medical care before it is diagnosed.
Scurvy was once a dreaded disease, as much as cancer is today. Even the CA-word strikes terror in many of us. Now we know that scurvy is a simple vitamin C deficiency disease. It doesn’t even require medical care as it always did in the past. It is noteworthy that all the medical care given at that time did not save the scurvy patient. It was palliative. But the women of a Native American Indian tribe, the Iroquois, knew how to cure, not just treat this disease. And to do it quickly, in days.
This is an excerpt from the personal journal of Jacques Cartier, the early French explorer.
Thus it was that we lost 25 of our best men to the dreaded sickness. There were another forty who were at the point of death and the remainder, except two or three, were all gravely ill…People from Stadacone… among whom was Agaya…responded that …the liquid and residue from the leaves of a tree …was the sole cure for the illness …Two women …gathered nine or ten branches …to boil them in water …Drink the water every other day…It…turned out to be a miracle… they were cured and restored to health after having drunk the brew only two or three times …After all that, the crew was ready to kill to get to the medicine. This wonderful tree has done in less than a week what all the physicians of Louvain and Montpellier, using all the drugs of Alexandria, would not be able to accomplish in a year… Winter 1535.It took 400 years from the discovery of its cure (1535) to the use of the cure by the public in the early 1900’s. Yet it had even been published in medical journals many times’. Today, we all know how to prevent, not just cure this dreadful disease: eat fresh fruit and vegetables. It is not medical advice. It is nutritional. It took the unrelated orange juice industry,not the medical profession, to bring it to the public’s attention in the early 1900’s.
Why did it take so long to put into practice a simple cure, the eating of fresh fruit and vegetables? The medical profession was waiting for absolute “proof’ on its own “scientific” terms. The cure was called “controversial” by medical professionals, giving it a bad reputation. Sick persons and their families would not have waited to resolve professional or commercial conflicts. Their priorities hold life dearer than financial interests, or analytical reasoning. And ordinary people, not able to read the medical journals, had no way to even learn about the controversy.1 Davies, M.B., Austin, J., Partridge, D.A., Vitamin C, Its Chemistry and Biochemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, 1991, chapter 2

If they had, they would have tried the controversial cure, since that could do no harm and in a few months would have resolved the controversy. Why didn’t the doctors do this, just try it? Success would have meant an instant reduction in the number of doctors per ship, from a minimum of two, to one.
It was in the professionals’ interest to keep the cure and even the controversy over it out of the hands of the public, “lest they injure themselves with an unproven treatment”. The public was held hostage by its medical professionals.
Unless the public has access to the great truths uncovered by scientists, they cannot learn them even now. Books and computers are making it possible for the first time in history.
In this book the true beginning of cancer will be described. From this the first true prevention program can arise.
Cancer as an epidemic is now 100 years old. Some of its true causes were already known 100 years ago, like parasites (in several animals)2, coal tar ,3 synthetic dyes ,4 and improperly
prepared foods.s But these discoveries have been ignored rather than treasured, as befell the scurvy cure.
Scientific research pursued a course of finding carcinogens for animal and bacterial models instead of in its real victims, the human race. This was in spite of a warning by Jesse Greenstein, a widely respected cancer researcher, and others in the 1940s not to pursue carcinogens because it would be endless and useless. It certainly did lead to an explosion of research data, altogether overwhelming with promise, but none of it really relevant. By implanting or injecting tumor cells or by working with special transformed culture lines, the beginnings of cancer were already lost. This is not how we get our cancers. Hopelessness then gave birth to the current new direction in research, supplying corrective genes. This in itself is a huge, population-wide human experiment: This time it misses not only the true cause of cancer, but also the mutagens that damage the genes. It seems unwise as an overall strategy.

2 A good discussion of this topic (more than just dogs) is by Bailey, W.S., Parasites and Cancer: Sarcoma in Dogs Associated with Spirocerca lupi, Annals Of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 108, 1963, pp. 890923
3 Greenstein, Jesse P., Biochemistry of Cancer, 2°d ed., Academic Press Inc., 1954, pp. 44-56
4 Ibid., pp. 88-96
5 Lane, A., Blickenstaff D., and A.C. Ivy, The Carcinogenicity of Fat “Browned” by Heating, Cancer, v. 3, 1950, pp. 1044-51

Hopefully the age of computers will now set free the bird of truth as was never before possible. Patients and their families have easy access to information just like doctors and researchers do.
Only when each layperson and common laborer possess the knowledge about cancer prevention, as they already do for scurvy prevention, will the medical profession stop claiming an exclusive right to cancer treatment. It will no longer be lucrative. Till then its power to restrict and hold hostage the patient will continue. At present this power seems quite misplaced, since medical professionals know neither how cancer begins nor how it progresses. In the future, preventing cancer, like preventing scurvy will not generate high incomes for anybody. Nor will herbal and natural treatments. These therapies will fall to lay health advisers and lay nutritionists. It will be a huge step of progress for humanity.
But making practical use of this new knowledge still depends on wisdom, something that we all have and all lack to some degree.
An example of wisdom for an individual might be changing daily habits before cancer strikes and certainly after, such as improving diet, stopping addictions, and being especially protective of the immune system.
An example of wisdom for the medical profession would be analyzing tumors for the immunity destroyers they contain. Then searching for the same items in the patient’s environment, the water, food, cookware and dentalware. Such tests were prohibitively expensive even 10 years ago. Now they are not. A test for PCBs in the drinking water can cost less than $200.00.
The dye, DAB (butter yellow), is known to cause much too high alkaline phosphatase levels in animals. Many cancer patients show high alkaline phosphatase levels. An example of wisdom would be to search for this dye in the white blood cells of these cancer patients. The LDH enzyme can reach sky-high levels in cancer patients, too. This is due to Sudan Black B dye accumulated in the red blood cells. When cobalt has accumulated in these cell types, the enzyme levels are too low instead of too high. With so many dyed foods in the market place and so many heavy metals in our drinking water, cancer patients should be studied for their dye and metal exposure.
To my knowledge such studies have not been done, nor do I see evidence of these rational approaches. Here is another example. Scientists know that broken chromosomes are characteristic of nearly every cancer.6’7 This means there is extreme genetic damage. They also know that heavy metals, like copper, cadmium, and the lanthanides (“rare earths”) cause chromosomes to break.g Yet doctors do not send biopsy specimens to a lab for heavy metal analysis! If they did, they would be in a position to search for the patient’s source of these mutagenic metals and to advise chelation therapy. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetate) chelation removes heavy metals from the body. Patients should remove heavy metals from dentalware, cookware, plastic ware used for food, eyeglass frames, wristwatches and jewelry, water pipes, and the water itself. The cost of metal analysis is now so low and the test itself so sensitive, no biopsy specimen or drinking water sample should be untested.
Ordinary laypersons have a great deal of wisdom. This book will help you to practice and express your own wisdom. Your instincts and questions are well worth pursuing. You can build the same investigative tool that I have used: instructions are in Cure for all Cancers and in the Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual. Your discoveries and experience, together with others’, are valuable and very much needed. When wisdom is accumulated, it can contribute to a new bank of information for persons in the future that face the same dilemma that you may have faced. Solutions can be found by communicating and listening to others in similar predicaments. It is my cherished belief that in this way you and others can solve human health problems that lie languishing as orphans as well as our most common ones.
I invite you to do so.
And a special invitation goes out to younger readers. Building the electronic device and searching for cause and effect in all the health problems your family suffers from could stir the heart of any of us who are detectives in spirit. It is much more important than finding a name for an illness. Finding a name is diagnosis. That can be left to doctors. It does not contribute to the study of health. We will be analysts: nutritionists, chiropractors, homeopaths, massage therapists, engineers, biologists, naturopaths, cell physiologists, veterinarians, medical doctors, physicists, dentists, and plain hobbyists, all with a common goal: to analyze our problems, find causes that can be removed, and to improve the health of others and ourselves. That is the essence of curing.

6 Weiss, L.M., Warnke, R.A., Sklar, J., Cleary, M.L., Molecular Analysis of the Chromosomal Translocation in Malignant Lymphomas, (14;18) N. Eng. Jour. Med., v. 317, no. 19, 1987, pp. 1185-89
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Challenge to Students
This whole book is just one chapter of a very long detective story that began over 100 years ago. Nobody knows why we suddenly develop a lump, then more lumps, all of them growing and spreading like mold on a loaf of bread. This book is about detecting parasite eggs and stages in these lumps, of the most unexpected varieties. Imagine finding a coiled up dog heartworm in every abdominal mass and Hodgkin’s lymphoma mass! Imagine finding aluminum holding it all together!
We can detect parasites, bacteria and viruses in many places inside our own bodies, which we always thought was nearly sterile! Some of these cause cancers. Some cause other health problems.
But can’t this be done everyday by any doctor or scientist in a laboratory? Yes! But for them it is laborious, costly, and takes years. Their results are unreliable and must wait to be repeated for about another 10 years! They are based on chemistry, immunology, and microbiology, all very difficult and expensive. The electronic method we will use for the studies in this book takes minutes and is highly reliable. But you must train yourself, just as you once did to use a computer or to ride a bike.
Present day medical science does not approach cancer or other disease in the rational way described here. Partly because of the difficulty, and partly because of the cost.
So, instead, chemicals are snatched off the shelves, and tried one after another, to see “what they can do” for some disease! This is inefficient to the extreme and ultimately much more costly. There is almost nothing to show for 100 years of such random research when true detective work could have yielded much more.
My detective device is a new invention. It is an electronic circuit that detects resonance in much the same way a radio does. In your radio a distant frequency produced in a studio is matched to a frequency you produce in your set. The new device used for these experiments matches a frequency produced in your body with one you place on a capacitor plate. Although the new device is simple to build it is much more advanced in principle than a voltmeter. A voltmeter is almost the only device that has ever been used to make electrical measurements in the body. Electrical studies of the human body have lagged far behind other fields. Measuring the voltages of the heart gives us the EKG. Voltages of the brain give us the EEG. There is also a magnetometer that can make
magnetic measurements of the body. The newly invented device described here scans for anything in the body-be it an object, an organ, a chemical or virus because everything has a characteristic frequency or set of frequencies. And the capacitance of any body part is easily influenced. The device is so simple to build that even girls and boys can build it. And I hope you do.
Girls and boys have often become radio amateur operators in their teen years. It is not beyond your skill level. Nor beyond your level to learn its uses. With this new technology you will be led into the secret world of the inner body. Not it’s outside appearances but the strange inner workings. These have never been seen, heard or measured before. A whole inner world is waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the brain or heart or skin, you can go on a detective hunt for what is really going on there. You can search for answers to profound questions. Why did your brother or sister develop a “bad gene”? Why did you develop a little brown spot on your face-or a little red blister on your leg? What is a freckle? Why is your dad beginning to go bald? Why is your grandmother getting pain in her fingers? These are all detective stories waiting to be told, waiting for the detective in you to feel the urge to find the villains.
I call my new device a Syncrometer . You can build it or buy it. Building it is by far the best. Then you know how it works and can troubleshoot it in minutes at no cost.
You put yourself into the circuit and hear your resistance change as you tune the circuit to different frequency patterns. When you find a pattern that matches yours, a huge current flows that you can hear on a loudspeaker. Any two places you touch on the body can be eavesdropped. A resistance change between them can be heard. It does this by amplifying a signal through an ordinary, inexpensive PNP transistor.
You can tune your Syncrometer to any organ by placing it on the open capacitor plate, even the genes themselves. You can hear a Herpes virus coming out of the chromosomes. You can hear an enzyme coming out of a gene. You can hear DNA going about its business of transcription. You can hear a CD4
type of white blood cell capture an HIV virus. Will the virus get killed or the cell? Or will it be a standoff? There are telltale signs you can use to eavesdrop on this battle. Simply detecting what is there at any given moment and watching this change with time, gives data beyond anyone’s imagination.
You can learn the new Syncrometer mathematics and find that frequencies rule your body in some yet mysterious way. Maybe you will find the energy sources of these frequencies. Maybe you will find the perfect antidote against any intruder in your body by using this arithmetic. Why does your body add, subtract, multiply and divide these frequencies like regular radio signals? Why does all life come from life? Is the secret in these frequencies? Can they only be handed on (transmitted), not created? Or are they created in the recesses of our mitochondria? Could they have come from outer space? Could they be replaced or duplicated, or at least patched up when the body is sick? Could you find the antidotes to new diseases appearing in our population by searching for missing frequencies?
The world of life is full of too many mysteries to even ask the right questions. But those who think and explore will be rewarded. Applying chemistry was once very rewarding to biologists when it first began. But now it is a slow and costly pathway to find truths. The electronic method gets a whole host of research results in an hour. Best of all, you can make all the research plans yourself.
You are invited to become a Syncrometer detective. Learn basic electronics from a beginner’s amateur radio manual. Scout out this hobby at a Radio Shack store. See how easy it is. Get an amateur radio license while you’re at it, though it is not essential.

Fig. 1 The underlying science for my “curing” books ISBN 1-890035-17-3

Start building electronic kits, and build from scratch. This is a hobby that reaches ages 18 to 80! Use my Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual to launch your new detective profession. Maybe you can move this beginning science forward to automation or to a whole new application.
Just be sure to write your detective story in a notebook as you unravel mysteries, the way I have done. If 10 students with 10 home-built Syncrometers wrote 10 such detective stories, and contacted the other nine to form a special Syncrometer club for students, you could REALLY begin to rescue this planet!
The author
Keep in mind a quote from the discoverer of vitamin C:
“Research means going out into the unknown with the hope of finding something new to bring home. If you know in advance what you are going to do, or even to find there, then it is not research at all: then it is only a kind of honorable occupation. ” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

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