The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

by Dr Hulda Clark

What a Sonicator Can Do (for food sanitizing)
Ultrasonic cleaners have been in use many decades. They are used to clean scientific instruments, even glassware, to a level not possible any other way. Sonicators can be bought in the form of jewelry cleaners. When jewelry is being cleaned, even the oily film of fingerprints comes off. We will use an ordinary jewelry cleaner, of a good size, but with water for the immersion fluid, not a solvent.

Fig. 124 Jewelry cleaners like these remove PCBs (POAC pg.520)

The food is placed in a plastic bag and lowered into the tank of water. The unit is turned on for five minutes.
Even PCB and benzene can be removed. In fact, these are chemically destroyed as well! The pounding action of water as a very fine tremor-activity evidently oxidizes the benzene,
because the Syncrometer detects its oxidation product, phenol, after five minutes. Another five minutes of sonication destroys even the phenol. Perhaps the same kind of action destroys PCBs because they “disappear”, too. Asbestos also “disappears”, presumably shattered. Food that is eaten after it is sonicated for benzene, PCBs and asbestos does not show up in the immune system; this is my guide to toxicity. It is no longer toxic.

Fig. 125 PCB on plastic (POAC pg. 521)
Clean PCBs off plastic Toys and baby things.

But metals cannot be destroyed by sonication. They are elements; their form may be changed to an oxidized or hydrolyzed form, but this does not change the fact that a metal is present. Lanthanide metals are not destroyed either. Only hot water washes can remove these. Azo dyes as a group cannot be destroyed by sonication either. You must rely on hot water washing for these ultra-important immune system toxins.
You can rely on sonication to destroy parasites, their stages, and bacteria even if they are deeply imbedded in meats, bones, or inside cans or packages. Viruses and prions will disappear, too, evidently disrupted by the same shaking action.
Molds on food, together with mycotoxins, are also shaken off and destroyed.
Tiny bits of pituitary gland and hypothalamus that float in eggs and dairy foods are destroyed in 10 minutes, slightly longer than bacteria. Long sonication can destroy some food phenolics but cannot be relied on.
Large and small sonicators can be purchased from the Internet and from Sources; the 1’/2 gallon size is by far the most useful. A five-minute built-in timer is also a great time saver. Avoid the variety that strictly forbids touching the bottom of the tank.
Start with a general kitchen cleanup as soon as you get your sonicator. Clean up baby things first; babies are the most vulnerable. Shake all the PCBs off baby toys, baby bottles and nipples, even though they have already been used and washed. PCBs don’t “go away” by washing, they only spread. Sonicate baby medicine, swabs, band-aids, toys. Sonicate your kitchen sponges, your toothbrush and comb, your dentures, and everything else that goes in your mouth (yes, even cigarettes).

(The Prevention of All Cancers pg.520-522 copyright)