Holosync meditation

Holosync makes use of a process known as binaural beat technology, where sound frequencies are used to induce specific brain wave patterns, associated with improvements in health and awareness. The frequencies need to be played through stereo earphone speakers, as each speaker emits a slightly different frequency. When the brain is exposed to these two different frequencies, which are called carrier frequencies, they overlap and a third unique and predictable frequency is created by the brain (in an area called the olivary nucleus). This newly created frequency has the ability to alter overall brain wave patterns and entrain our brain towards deep meditational states, literally within minutes, gifting us the wondrous benefits that come with them. These altered states of consciousness correspond with increases in different brain chemicals (hormones and neuro-peptides), which create deep healing and improved health on many levels. This process essentially dissolves internal resistance – the cause of all suffering. The benefits of these meditational states, usually reserved for masters who spent decades in training, are fortunately available to us all through Holosync.

Why choose Holosync?
There are of course many binaural products available. Livingnetwork favours Holosync by Centerpointe due to the extremely well worked out program that offers extensive support and ongoing training throughout the process. There is an overall plan at work, as opposed to randomly playing binaural CD’s and hoping for the best. This makes the journey feel as safe and as comfortable as possible, with goals in mind.
How does it work?
The human brain consists of two halves – a left and a right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is interested in our ‘outer’ world of structures and our relationship to them, while the right hemisphere is interested in our ‘inner’ world of feelings and our relationship to them. Usually one hemisphere is dominant over the other creating a situation known as brain lateralization. The more dominant one side is over the other, the more separate and isolated we begin to feel and the more we become aware of the duality which effectively polarizes our reality into extreme opposites. It is this opposition of energies that is associated with pain and suffering.

Meditation is an ancient technique that was designed to balance the brain through focussing its attention towards something e.g. the breath or a mantra. The act of focussing the attention serves to slow down brain wave patterns, decreasing brain lateralization and encouraging the hemispheres towards synchrony, where neither side dominates over the other. Traditional forms of meditation achieve greater balance of the brain/mind over time and are associated with increased feelings of connectedness and peace. As a result as the left and right brain begins to work with, rather than against each other, which decreases the internal ‘conflict of opposition’ and gives way to a lessoning of the feelings of division of separateness.

Holosync is also able to achieve this same goal. It uses the binaural beats embedded beneath beautiful music to adjust and slow down brain waves, thus also creating a more balanced brain simply by listening to it.

Brain wave patterns
Brain waves slow down from the faster Beta waves, towards the slower Alpha, then Theta and finally Delta waves.
Beta brain wave patterns (13Hz and above)  = Waking consciousness, with high Beta (close to 30Hz) being a ‘fight or flight’ response, and low Beta (14Hz) being a more relaxed, yet alert state.
Alpha brain wave patterns (8-12.9Hz) = Focussed attention with a selective blocking out of the surrounding world. Simply by closing the eyes more Alpha waves are emitted. It is a much more relaxed state than Beta and is associated with day-dreaming.
Theta brain wave patterns (4-7.9Hz) = Hypnagogic state where REM dream-like activity and very deep and experienced meditation occurs. When we really ‘get’ something on a mental level, we have an ‘A-ha response’ and it is associated with the emission of Theta waves.
Delta brain wave patterns (< 4Hz) = Dreamless sleep state where we are said to make contact with our unconscious and the collective unconscious of humanity. This is where the mystical feelings of one-ness and unity are encountered if one can remain aware while in this slow brain wave pattern.

Meditation and Holosync are two tools each able to decrease the frequency of brain waves bringing the brain towards synchrony, yet Holosync is an option that requires no training and works every time (though the individual experience is always different).

Initially Holosync provides a new stimulus which the brain cannot at first handle, so it reorganizes itself, increasing in complexity in order to accommodate the new stimulus. When Holosync is used with regularity, the effects on the brain wave patterns and physical structure become permanent, as your brain physically evolves by learning to process these new and more complex frequencies.

It is not possible to listen to Holosync on a regular basis without these physical changes taking place in your brain, in the same way that you could not exercise every day without becoming fitter and noticing associated changes in the body. Also, as with physical exercise, you need to lift heavier and heavier weights in order to progressively grow more and more muscle tissue. The same is true with Holosync, and the same frequencies stop having a dramatic affect after some time, as you become accustomed to the new level of functioning. The Holosync process accommodates for this change as it is organised in a series of levels, starting off lightly, with each successive level taking you towards deeper states of awareness by using lower carrier frequencies (though there is no obligation to go past the first level). The Holosync program is carefully laid out and offers support through all the stages, making it a safe journey to traverse. As you use Holosync over an extended period your brain continues to evolve and alter physical structure in order to accommodate these new and challenging frequencies. It literally increases in complexity, allowing you to function at this higher level of awareness, which is associated with peace and happiness.

“Whatever your experience, it is a reflection of changes happening beneath the surface as your model of reality re-forms itself at a higher, more complex……and happier-level of  functioning and awareness.
Holosync will push your threshold for what you can handle coming at you from the world higher, and as it pushes against your old threshold, a part of you will push back (i.e., resist), which can cause a whole variety of potentially uncomfortable responses. This is a normal part of the process of meditation. Despite what you may have been told about experiencing inner peace and a quiet mind, meditation, at least in the beginning, often involves upheaval as those parts of you standing in the way of your inner peace and happiness come to the surface and are resolved. As this happens, follow this one overriding guideline: Let whatever happens be okay. ”

[Support Follow-up Letter 1: Centerpointe]

What is the end result?
The end result of using Holosync is an expanded awareness as your brain begins to function in a more optimal way, known as whole-brain functioning. This is when the hemispheres begin work in greater cohesion or synchrony, providing improved clarity and a shift towards peace and happiness – the true nature of the universe. This new state of whole-brain functioning induces floods of health-enhancing chemicals, improving health in many ways and with this expanded awareness, old issues begin to dissolve and clear, allowing harmony to blossom in its place.

Although this can sound like a fast-food path to enlightenment at first glance, spirituality is not always about hard work. Rather it can also be about consistency of simple daily practice.  Holosync is another simple, yet extraordinarily tool that can be used for healing. It does not reduce the spiritual responsibility that comes with clearing energetic residue and blocks that we have build up within the conscious and unconscious mind, but rather it makes the path towards that goal easier to walk and available to all. It still requires dedication and commitment on your part, as the changes in brain function and plasticity take some time to come about permanently.  Your brain must change physically to accommodate this new energy that it is exposed to and this requires several months. The brain does not know the difference between meditation or Holosync induced states, and deep benefits are thus derived in a relatively short period of time when compared with meditative practice You would need to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day for full benefit for the first 2 weeks, thereafter increasing to an hour per day, and sustain this throughout the process. Many begin to spend much more time using Holosync as they really enjoy the experience.

Though each level of Holosync is complete and there is no obligation to move on, should you wish, the entire process is structured as follows:

  • Awakening Prologue: suggested time = 4 months (before proceeding to the next level).
  • Awakening Levels 1 – 3: suggested time period is six months at each level.
  • Awakening Level 4: suggested time period is one year.
  • Purification Levels 1-4: suggested time period is one year at each level.
  • Flowering Level 1-4: suggested time period is one year at each level.

Should you add all this up, you will see that this represents a 13 year process, if you proceed as advised, since your brain takes time to adjust and physically evolve. However, benefits are felt early in the process and there is no need to continue further than you desire. The point really is that the Holosync process is a long and exciting adventure, that is well planned and expertly supported.

As you progress into the next level, Awakening Level 1, you record subliminal affirmations in your own voice which are embedded beneath the lower carrier frequencies of this next level. This allows you to enter deep hypnagogic states, leaving you open to suggestion, where you can literally reprogram yourself.  With each new level you can record new affirmations should you wish, in order to encourage deeper healing.
You can also use other methods of meditation whilst using Holosync, e.g. your own affirmations as thoughts, or breathwork, or problem solving techniques such as Ho ‘oponopono

Final words

Bill Harris emphasizes the need to simply observe the Holosync process with curiosity as you proceed, rather than evaluating it at each turn. Remember to say, “mmmmmm, now isn’t that interesting,” no matter what you are experiencing.
He also suggests you incorporate Holosync into your life as just another activity of daily living such as brushing your teeth and use it for a long period of time before evaluating your progress.
He notes that, “All discomfort and suffering is caused by resistance”, and much of the value of Holosync is the dissolving away of resistance. “When there is no resistance, there is no discomfort.”

Demo CD’s can be ordered from Centerpointe for free by following this link, and you can begin to experience the wonders of this wonderful sacred tool. Or, you can obtain the full Awakening Prologue and start the entire journey.

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