Dr Clark’s dental materials

Here is the list of materials that research scientist Dr. Hulda Clark has tested that you could purchase at Net 32 or elsewhere on the internet. She prefers that dental chemicals be ordered directly from chemical supply companies such as Spectrum Chemical Co. as she has not found dental supply companies to be reliably pure. This list has no radioactivity or chlorine of any kind: Dental supplies
Order from Net 32; or check individually on the internet

Dental Impression Compounds




  • Anesthetic, Scandonest (brown ring) 2% vial adrenaline 18 mg.; 30/0 (green ring) vial without adrenaline
  • Anesthetic, local – Mepivicaine with adrenaline, in brown ring vial;
  • Anesthetic by injection Mepiseal, by Laboratorios Pisa S.A. de C.V.







  • Targis




  • Ethicon 3-0, silk black braided CE; silk black braided 3-0;
  • Ethicon 5-0; black silk: white braided mersilene, polyester





Denture material



Denture powder



Dental Bleach (NSF)




(The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers pg.144-146 copyright)