The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

by Dr Hulda Clark


Seizures are always caused by tiny Ascaris larvae in the brain.

I suppose they find their way to the seizure center by accident. It is not normal for them to be in the brain, they typically travel between the stomach and lungs. Ascaris eggs are present everywhere in animal filth. Dogs, cats, horses and pigs all get Ascaris. Their excrement dries and flies about in the dust, but mostly it resides in the soil. Children playing in the dirt cannot help but pick up Ascaris eggs. The eggs hatch in the stomach and the tiny larvae, microscopic in size, travel first to the lungs. Here they go through a molt. This causes some coughing.

Whenever a child coughs for part of the day do not assume it is harmless. Use a frequency generator set to 408 KHz, or use a zapper. Children should be treated for Ascaris anyway, whether coughing or not, once a week. The tiny larvae are in the cough up. Children should not be taught to politely swallow this. They could be swallowing their own future seizures, asthma, or eczema. Teach children to use tissues for all spit up. The lungs are doing what they can to rid the body of these invaders. Your intelligence must cooperate with your lungs.

Ascaris do not come sweet and clean in themselves. They bring their own bacteria and viruses. One of these bacteria is Bacteroides fragilis. Bacteroides needs a host like Ascaris so it so can it  can be oxygen-free. Such a requirement is termed obligatory anaerobic meaning “must have absence of air.”

Being transported to the brain inside Ascaris larvae is probably the means by which Bacteroides gets into the brain. Brain abscesses and brain tumors usually have Bacteroides fragilis growing there. Brain tumors will not shrink unless all the parasites, bacteria and viruses are dead. Bacteroides, in turn, are big enough to house thousands of viruses. Two common viruses seen with Ascaris are Coxsackie B1 and Coxsackie B4. Perhaps it is the toxins of the Ascaris larvae or Bacteroides or Coxsackies that induces the seizures. Maybe it is something else about the infestation that induces them. But by killing Ascaris, Bacteroides and Coxsackies (zapper or frequency generator at 408, 325, 364, 362.5 KHz) you have eliminated the first essential link in the chain of developments that causes seizures.

The brain does not quietly tolerate these invaders. It fights back with its immune system. But the wormlets are already too big to be eaten by white blood cells. The brain fights back by producing inflammation.

Inflammations are intended to attract calcium so a wall can be built around the intruders. Inflammations are negatively charged regions so the positively charged calcium can find its way to the inflamed site. But lead and mercury are also positively charged! Perhaps this is how these toxic metals are attracted to the brain. All metals are positively charged. Perhaps this is their fateful poisonous attraction to living things. Perhaps they do not poison when no inflammations are present! In seizure cases we see many tooth metals in the brain. These must be removed so the inflamed site can heal.

Other toxic substances have also found their way to the inflammation at the seizure center: vanadium from leaking household gas; PVC from new carpets; titanium from face powder; zirconium from deodorant; asbestos from the clothes dryer belt or hair blower; lead from tainted drinking water. Do a good clean up of your environment.

Solvents accumulate here, too. Especially toluene and xylene. These are found in paint (persons with seizures should never be around fresh paint) but are also found in trace amounts in carbonated beverages. A person with seizures should drink no commercial beverages: see the Recipe section for homemade carbonated and other beverages. There are several other specific brain irritants that accumulate at the seizure center.

The food fungus, ergot, is always seen in seizure cases. Perhaps it can act alone to produce seizures. After all, seizures are an ancient malady, existing long before chemicals and solvents were manufactured.

MSG, which is monosodium glutamate should never be used in food. It was already banned in infant food in Europe a decade ago. Why are we still allowing it? Are our children not as precious? Healthy adults may tolerate it better than young children. But what about sick adults? Specifically, adults with a brain illness? Glutamic acid is a natural constituent of protein in our foods. And the sodium glutamate it must form in the body does no harm. But MSG is not biologically produced. It is labmade.
Lab-made amino acids are not the same as biologically made. Perhaps it is these “isomers”, perhaps it is the simple overdose of a natural thing that is brain-toxic. Whatever the mechanism, MSG should not be consumed by anyone, let alone a seizure sufferer. Fortunately, you can ask at restaurants, where (not whether) MSG is used so you can avoid these foods.

BHT and BHA, standing for bishydroxytoluene and bishydroxyanisole are food preservatives and also seizure triggers. They are often put on the boxes of cereals, rather than the cereals themselves, so the cereals can be pronounced preservative-free. Imagine how much the box must be drenched with to prevent oxygen leakage into the interior?

A more insidious seizure trigger is a perfectly natural substance, malvin. Malvin is the natural dye found in grapes, strawberries, plums and blueberries. Stop eating strawberry and grape jam or juice. Chickens and the eggs they lay, have lots of malvin too, stop eating chicken and eggs.

Here are foods relatively free of malvin: artichokes, asparagus, almonds, barley, beans of all kinds, green beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, celery, nectarines, citrus, dates, mango, pears, kiwi, pineapple, Granny Smith apples.


To Summarize
To stop your seizures on a dime, and not have another one:

  1. Avoid malvin in food. Eat nothing colored red or blue, chicken, eggs, MSG, BHA & BHT. Boil all dairy products or don’t eat them.
  2. Avoid ergot in food. Eat no whole grain products; take niacinamide 500 mg three times a day to help the liver detoxify tiny bits in other foods.
  3. Kill Ascaris, Bacteroides and Coxsackie virus and stay on a maintenance program of killing them. Avoid reinfection. It would be wise to have only outdoor pets.
  4. Replace dental metal with metal-free plastic (See Dental Clean-up).
  5. Clean up the home environment and body products of toxic substances.
  6. Keep your fingers sanitary: spray them with 10% grain alcohol or vodka after bathroom use.

You can often tell by how you feel whether you are near to having a seizure. But some people get no warning. Don’t take chances. Keep your drugs with you, even though you no longer need to take them. Drugs like TegretolTM and PhenobarbitalTM are not harmless. Once you can tell that you’re better, try reducing your drug dosage slightly. See how you manage. If you have a breakthrough seizure you could fall and break a bone. Don’t take chances. Even a year after your last seizure you should carry your medicine with you and have some in your house. This is because it is so easy to pick up Ascaris again. The highway to the brain–its seizure center–is still open. They will travel it again. It might only take two days from the time of accidental swallowing of animal filth, to having little larvae in the brain. Use a frequency generator every day at first, or zap daily to guard against this. Notice that killing parasites the first time may actually start a seizure coming. Simply stop zapping if you feel one coming. Do shortened zapping until you can tolerate a regular treatment. Have someone with you while zapping.

Say good-bye to seizures forever. But don’t forget your susceptibility. I believe you should be extra careful for two years. If
you have a recurrence, repeat the whole procedure. This time it should be curable in a single day.


Doug’s mother was distraught when she brought him, age 8 months.
Her doctor only seemed sympathetic with her purpose to keep the
baby’s temperature down the next time he catches a cold. But her
doctor had referred her to the county social worker. She had been
completely honest with her doctor, because she was that kind of
trusting person. Since her baby had only experienced one seizure
(which was during a fever), she didn’t see why her beautiful first
born child should be on medicine “the rest of his life”. She wanted
her baby to be perfect. But the social worker had called her, talked
about “the law” and being an unfit mother. She was all apart. The
baby was supposed to be on PhenobarbitalTM twice a day. Our
tests showed Doug had Ascaris plus lead toxicity. He was also
getting home made strawberry and grape juice. She promised to
put the three cats outdoors, keep the baby off the floor, keep
Doug’s fingernails short and always wash his hands before eating.
The parasites were easily killed. The lead was sporadically present in the water.

She planned to move, and until then would filter all
the drinking water so her breast milk would be free
of it too. His diet was changed to eliminate eggs, chicken and the
red and blue fruits. We recommended leaving the state in order to
be able to peacefully raise her child. We promised to treat her
child free of charge if another seizure should occur. Two years
passed and we heard she was doing fine with her child.

Clara Scruggs, 50ish was losing control over her seizures and had to
be hospitalized while a new medicine was tried. It changed her
personality (again!) which upset her husband, too. She was started
on the herbal parasite program but could only increase by one
drop of Black Walnut Hull Tincture a week, instead of daily, since
each new increase would give her a seizure. In half a year she
was fairly free of seizures in spite of being off drugs. After each
seizure, a checkup showed she had picked up Ascaris again
sometimes with additional parasites. She could not bear to put her
cat outside; Boots had been a friend in need many times. When
she finally got Boots onto a regular parasite program she improved
enough to go to church and church events again. When Boots
finally “wanted out” she didn’t mind. She decided to do a liver
cleanse—this, too, gave her two seizures the next day but paid big
dividends in other ways. She eventually improved to an incidence
of one small seizure (“spacey” time or incoherent speech) in two

Chun Yee, age 28, has been on DilantinTM from age 15. Now he was
up to five pills a day and it didn’t control his seizures. Any activity
would trigger it. He was put on a low malvin diet and started on the
kidney cleanse. His blood test showed he was anemic with a high
MCV (104 cu microns), suggesting the Ascaris worms were using
up all his vitamin B12 too. In six weeks he was down to one or two
seizures per week, although he had not yet started the parasite
program. He had beryllium built up in him, probably from a
kerosene heater. When the pets and family were all treated for
parasites he had no more breakthrough seizures and could cut his
medicine in half which gave him much more energy. He was no
longer in danger of losing his job.

Shiresse Nobel, age 7, was having minimal seizures but the mother did
not want to start her on medicine. Shiresse had high levels of
mercury in her body, although she had no tooth fillings. The whole

family cleared their Ascaris infestation and in three weeks the seizures
were gone but aggressive behavior remained. There was
mercury in the air of some rooms but it was not in the paint. The
bathroom was the worst. When everything in the bathroom was
removed, the air cleared and so did Shiresse’s behavior problem.

Drew Seaton, age 8, had his first seizure lasting nearly a minute. The
parents were very fastidious and extremely conscientious about
diet and habits. They were distraught. They all had Ascaris. A
baby was still being diapered. Drew had arsenic (pesticide under
kitchen sink), formaldehyde (some remodeling) and PVC (a new
carpet) accumulated in his body. The carpets had to be steam
cleaned to get rid of the arsenic. He was started on parasite herbs
at once, since he was on medication that would shield him from
having another seizure while killing Ascaris. Two weeks later everybody,
except the mother, was free of Ascaris. In another two
weeks they were all free and had cleaned up house toxins. They
dared to stop his medicine. This let Drew’s former happy personality
come back to everyone’s delight. Two years later there was
still no recurrence.

Cosmo Maser, 30ish, was in a hospital across the country. He was
having continuous seizures, although he had been there a week. It
seemed impossible to transport him but, against doctor’s orders,
they got him into a station wagon. He had nothing to eat or drink
that had any malvin in it (he ate four very well done hamburgers,
plain, with lettuce on his trip) and his seizures stopped immediately.
They felt a bit sheepish upon arrival 20 hours later since he
could sit up, could tell his own story and no longer looked ill. He
was without medication, too. They had left in a hurry. They immediately
removed all the metal from his mouth; this cleared his
mercury problem. He was started on parasite medicine and
weathered the small seizures each increase gave him. He could
return home in five days with his new diet and thioctic acid daily as
a supplement. He occasionally had a seizure (2 a month) until they
moved away from the busy street below their apartment. About a
year later he could hold a job and go off Social Security support.

(The Cure for All Diseases pg.230-236 copyright)

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