Mop-up program


Tapeworm and ascaris mop-up program

Mop-up program

For two weeks. take:

  • Ozonated olive oil I tablespoon AM and PM;
  • L-Cysteine (500mg) 2 capsules 3 X daily (Livingnetwork added caution: Please read this link first on Sulfur problems before using L-Cysteine as you may experience problems with it).
  • Vitamin E (400IU) once daily, 5 hours away from olive oil (before & after)
  • Coenzyme Q10, 3000mg in single dose once per week for 3 weeks, or for serious illness, if you can afford it, take a large dose (1 tsp. powder) daily, if not take the large dose 3000mg once a week indefinitely. Coenzyme Q10 kills Tapeworm AND detoxifies dyes . If you can’t afford it substitute with
  • 40 fresh Jalepeno Chilli seeds from a fresh chilli . Put in an empty capsules and take each day of the first 2 weeks of the Mop-up. They will target the tapeworms, but not detoxify dyes.
    • Then take one week off and thereafter, continue this schedule until well!


Maintenance: The Mop-up program can be done every year or so, as long as you are still on the maintenance Parasite cleanse. You can do it for one-day by adding it to to your weekly maintenance dose, or use before a liver cleanse. ( 40 Chilli-pips or Coenzyme Q10)

Tapeworm Disease

We all have tapeworm stages in our bodies, probably going back to childhood when we ate dirt. It is not normal for these stages to hatch and develop further. Their purpose is to stay dormant. And perhaps they do little harm this way.

But I have found that all HIV/AIDS sufferers have “tapeworm disease”. The stages are hatching. This spews the tiny larvae and cysts, plus unfertilized eggs and their bacteria all over the body, making you feel sick. Perhaps the large amounts of solvents accumulated in the body forces them to hatch; perhaps the lowered immunity allows them to hatch. The Syncrometer usually detects scolices (heads) and eggs in the most vital organs: the thymus, spleen, bone marrow, brain and liver.


Coenzyme Q10 is an effective treatment. But it takes a very large amount 3000mg in a single dose.
But we have since discovered that Coenzyme Q10 also helps to detoxify the more difficult azo dyes, Fast Garnet and Fast Green. Here, too, a large dose is needed. It may be very costly but you are getting extra value from Coenzyme Q10. Large doses are more cost effective than small doses. If you can afford it take a large dose (about 1 teaspoon powder daily). If not take the large dose once a week.

If you do not get well after the herbal parasite program, Coenzyme Q10 and the zapper treatment, you can assume you have either leftover tapeworm stages or survivor ascaris eggs.

Ascaris Everywhere

Ascaris infests animals and humans from pole to pole of this planet. It is safe to say that all dogs and cats have it and all humans have it from time to time.


Domestic animals and humans each have their own variety of Ascaris, yet can host the other varieties, too. Horses have Ascaris megalocephala. Pigs have Ascaris suum. The human variety is Ascaris lumbricoides. Ascaris does not attach itself to you, it hardly even moves. It simply lies still in your organs absorbing your nutrients and eventually filling up with eggs. Often they are pink with your vitamin B12!

When you kill Ascaris worms by zapping or with the herbal recipe, they are mortally wounded. They are dying, but the eggs inside them are not. They were sheltered. Within a day these eggs begin to leave the dying worm. Soon hordes of eggs are dispersing in your body again!

And in another 24 hours they are beginning to hatch into larvae. You can detect this as it happens with a Syncrometer and test slides of eggs, larvae, and adults.

Of course, you are zapping and taking the herbal parasite killers. But again, these do not penetrate the Ascaris body to kill what is inside. It could take a few weeks for the dead Ascaris to be totally disintegrated so no more eggs are being sheltered within.

Surely, a few Ascaris eggs, still escaping into your body could not do much harm since the overall problem has been greatly reduced! This is not so. The eggs may even do more harm than the worms. Ascaris eggs bring 3 very important pathogens that spread throughout your body: Rhizobium leguminosarum, Mycobacterium avum/intracellulare, and the common cold virus, Adenovirus. A flood of these are responsible for your night sweats! As soon as the last Ascaris egg is gone, these pathogens are gone, too, and the following night becomes free of sweating. If your night sweats come back, you know Ascaris eggs are present again. And in 24 hours, unless you kill them, they will hatch into larvae and start the whole cycle over again. “Shingles” comes from Ascaris Lumbricoides, as well as Mumps.

It takes about 3 weeks for large parasites like Ascaris and tapeworm larvae to disintegrate completely and be cleared from your tissues. If eggs or scolices are continually released during this time, the cycle of infection cannot be broken. Fortunately, the same two things that can penetrate tapeworm larvae can also penetrate Ascaris worms and mop up after them, whether dead or alive!

Strangle the Stragglers


Here is the Mop-up Program for both tapeworm larvae and sheltered Ascaris eggs:

  • ozonated olive oil, 1 tbs. taken morning and night.


  • L-cysteine, 500mg, 2 capsules 3 times a day. (Livingnetwork added caution: Please read this link first on Sulfur problems before using L-Cysteine as you may experience problems with it).


You can easily make your own ozonated oil. Purchase an ozonator and a small bottle of olive oil. Pour off an inch or so. Treat the oil first to remove traces of PCB and benzene (see pg. 244 Cure For HIV). Pour in a glass of olive oil. Attach an aerator to the end of your ozonator hose and drop it to the bottom of the glass. Turn the ozonator on before dropping the hose. Ozonate for 30 minutes. When done pour 1 tablespoon into plastic relish cups with lids. Store in freezer. Oil melts quickly when needed. Or do your oxonating in a jar so you can spoon out the frozen oil later. If you merely refrigerate it ozonate it again after 5 days to restore potency . Would other oils work? Possibly. I have not researched them though, so it is wiser to stick with olive oil.


Ozonated oil gives you no noticeable side effects, but it should be taken no more than necessary. One could expect the ozone to jump across from oil molecules to your fat molecules, aging them too soon. Fortunately, the dose is small and may be directed at the intruders before it is directed at you.

The cysteine should be the L-variety, not D-cysteine which is unnatural. It may be cysteine hydrochloride or simply free cysteine.

Taking this supplement in large doses can give you side effects, perhaps due to its penetrating antiparasite property. If you have serious side effects, reduce the dosage. Even if you reduce the dosage, do not take it longer than 3 weeks. Most persons get no side effects. But the more parasitized you are, the more side effects you could have: fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea. Remember, animals that are being deparasitized have similar symptoms. I have not yet found a way to counteract these symptoms, so do what helps you most. It may be more rest or taking vitamin C. Take vitamin E, 400IU, once daily. Vitamin E will counteract the over-oxidation produced temporarily by the ozonated oil. Take it five or more hours after the ozonated oil to make sure there is no loss of the oil’s potency.

Cysteine has other important benefits for you. It counteracts the radiation we all get from living on this planet, called “background radiation”. This might even explain why supplementing animals with cysteine had the effect of lengthening their live substantially. Cysteine is a heavy metal detoxifier, perhaps through the formation of glutathione. It deserves a permanent place on your supplement list.

(Livingnetwork added caution: Please read this link first on Sulfur problems before using L-Cysteine as you may experience problems with it).

Nevertheless, supplementing with cysteine should not be overdone. After taking 6 capsules daily for 2 weeks go off it completely for one week.

If your symptoms return or never completely left, you can assume that some eggs escaped or you still have a particularly resistant tapeworm stage. You may safely double the dosage of ozonated oil. Take two tablespoons twice daily for three days only. No Ascaris or tapeworm stage can escape this high-dose treatment. Only reinfection can give them back to you. Although there are no side effects, do not take this dosage on a daily basis. But you may add it to your weekly maintenance program (including vitamin E).

(The Cure for HIV and AIDS pg.70 copyright)


Livingnetwork comments:

Tapeworms and Ascaris worms are particularly resistant to parasite herbs and need special attention. Dr Hulda Clark uses a Mop-up program. However, we are hesitant to suggest it routinely as we know many people may be mercury-toxic and sulfur-intolerant. The use of high doses of cysteine (a sulfur supplement) carries with it the risk of moving a lot of metals and hurting sulphur sensitive people. For this reason, if you are sulfur sensitive, we encourage you to use something like Vermox, (which is a commonly available de-worming tablet found in many countries pharmacies’ without prescription (e.g. South Africa), though this is difficult to get in some other countries (e.g. Canada, as doctors are under the mistaken impression humans don’t routinely get worms). The usual recommendation from pharmacists is to de-worm every 12 months for adults and every 6 months for kids.

  • Vermox: get the 100mg tablets and take one tablet twice a day for six consecutive days to eradicate these tough parasites.
  • Zentel: Also use Zentel (2 x 400mg tablets) as a once-off dose during this time for extra effect.
  • Vermox and Zentel do not kill eggs, and the treatment may need to be repeated several times. Consult package inserts for more information on these substances.
  • Also, take your weekly herbal parasite maintenance dose (7 cloves, 7 wormwood and 2 caps/teaspoon of black walnut for these six days for extra cover).
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