Clinic (Mexico)

Dr. Hulda Clark¹s clinic was in Tijuana, Mexico, called Century Nutrition, where she treated mostly cancer (stage 3 & 4) and AIDS patients. Sadly, Dr Clark passed away from complications to a spinal cord injury, in September of 2009, at the wise age of  82. She had closed her clinic some months before and was taking some well-deserved time off to spend time with her family, after many years of devoted service.

Dr. Clark did not have the time to personally answer phone calls, faxes and e-mails when the clinic was open, and she only accepted advanced patients. There were other requirements that she looked at carefully before admission, for example the willingness to complete the full dental clean-up.  There is no replacement clinic and you will need to work from her books for healing, but her books are very comprehensive, and even when her practice was open, she could reply like this when she could not take a patient on:”I’ve outlined everything for you in my books to enable you to be responsible for your own health.”


Since Dr Clark’s passing, Griselda Chavez Sevilla has taken over her practice, continuing syncrometer testing and following all other protocols as advised by Dr. Clark. She worked very closely with Dr. Clark, learning from her and inherited her practice. She now works at the lab where Dr. Clark used to work. She works closely with Dr. Clark’s dentist, Dr. Solorio.

You can visit her website, Dr Clark’s girls, to find out more.

This is a letter, posted on her website, from Dr Clark recommending her:

Letter from Dr. Hulda Clark and Kirk White:

To Whom It May Concern:

We want to introduce to you Griselda Chavez Sevilla, who has been a very dedicated and competent lab assistant and patient coach for some 3 + years. She has extensive experience as a very capable dental assistant to Dr. Solorio in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico and some training in nursing skills and extensive personal knowledge of Dr. Clark’s Protocols. Griselda has quickly taken to learning, under direct supervision many hundreds of hours working under the watchful eyes of Dr. Hulda Clark PhD ND. She has become a very good tester in the science of syncrometer testing and has an excellent grasp of the concepts in our advanced approach to defining the presence of toxins and parasites in human and animal systems We can healthily recommend her for syncrometer testing and teaching syncrometer use. I hope you can use her skills and enjoy the same excellent experience we have had.Sincerely

Dr. Clark, PH. D

Kirk White, Research Assistant


Biological dentists that have worked with Dr Hulda Clark’s protocols

Dr Solorio (Dentist) and Dr Arechiga (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) used to work together for many years, and now run separate practices. They have worked very closely with Dr Hulda Clark and can use techniques compatible to her protocols.

Tijuana, Mexico
Consultorio Dental Solorio Valdivia
Avenida 5 de Mayo 964
Zona Centro
Phone: (+52) 664 685-3973
Fax: (+52) 664 685 2449

Website: www.drsolorio.com Send your Panoramic Xray via fax/e-mail and indicate that you are interested in having the full dental revision done according to Dr Hulda Clark’s protocols.


Dr. Benjamin Arechiga, D.D.S – Oral Surgeon, Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana Mexico
1310 Josefa Ortiz de Domingues
Plaza Santa Fe across street from Funerals del Rio), Zona del Rio.
E-mail: [email protected] and for appointments: [email protected]
Phone in US 619-819-86-71 or 619-270-11-48
Phone in Tijuana Mexico 664 6829464 and 664 6829465

Dr. Arechiga worked with Dr. Hulda Clark’s patients. He is an oral surgeon and works in a professional team together with a dentist and a dental technician plus supporting staff. Their work is A quality and they are better equipped than most US dental practices (e.g. digital panoramic Xray) while the prices are reasonable.

Frank Jerome, D.D.S – Dentist

639 Washington StreetColumbus

IN. 47201


Phone: 1 812 376-8525

We are one hour south of Indianapolis, IN., on I-65.

“We are a very conservative practice that tries to maintain as much enamel as possible. This means that we crown only previously crowned teeth. We are willing to work with any Dr. Clark patients to do what they need and want done. Patients for the west or east coast find it less expensive to come to see us even with the costs of travel and hotel stays than to have the work done nearer home. We have seen patients from half the states and five other continents. We remove root canalled teeth, treat cavitations, and thoroughly clean tooth sockets after extractions. We have been doing this for over 20 years. My book, “The Tooth Truth”, is written for patients to protect themselves from dentists. It is highly recommended reading before you see a dentists. It is available from the website.”


Materials used by Dr Jerome:


  • Helio Progress (Helio Progress MSDS) by Ivoclar Vivadent
  • LAVA Crowns by 3M ESPE
  • Solo plus (Solo plus MSDS) by Kerr


Dr. Erich Wolley, DDS – Dentist
Calle Jose Ma. Velazco #2627, Suite 202
Zona del Rio, Tijuana BC Mexico
(15 minutes from downtown San Diego)
Appoinments: (+52) 619 488 5863 & (+52) 619 865 2203 (voice/fax) & [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday-9:30am to 6:00pm
Website & Testimonial from a patient


Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: (+52) 664 682-9464
“I am a dentist practicing with a license since 1987. Since 1989 I started to practice holistic dentistry at Dr. Donsbach clinic in Rosarito, Mexico. I was also working with Dr. Morales for six years. Since 1990 until now I am the head doctor at the American Metabolic Hospital. I have been working with Dr. Clark directly since 1995 or `96.I trained and introduced Dr. Benjamin Arechiga to practice the techniques of Dr. Clark. Lately, I have been attending Dr. Clark`s patients by the referrals of Dagmar Ward.My new location at the Allen Lloyd Building is located just across the border on the Mexican side.”

DR. EZEKIAL LAGOS – DentistTijuana, Mexico
Website: www.biologicaldent.com

Phone: (+52) 664 680-2386
US toll-free: 1 800 356-0056
“I am a biologic dentist, and I invite you to read my website I am doing TDR (total dental revision). I am available for any the dental needs of patients following the Clark protocol. Feel free to e-mail me or call me..”



The dental clean-up

The dental clean-up is the most important clean-up of all to do. Also, following all dental surgery the dental after-care program must be strictly adhered to.

The dental clean-up is crucial to your success and needs to be done early in your body detox program. Failure to address the dental issues makes the difference between illness and health. This is because it represents the most significant source of ‘internal poisoning’ that is relentless on your immune system.
Ensure that you have agreed on the procedures and materials that your dentist will use before beginning treatment. Make sure you have tested and supported your adrenals
and thyroid before beginning, as these commonly crash after dental treatment. This is very important!!!

The bottom line is that if you cannot find a dentist or dental surgeon willing to assist you properly and safely during the dental clean-up, either fly to Mexico to see the biological dentists there, or do not do the clean-up until you have found one. Specifically, the mercury amalgam removal protocol
, if not done safely, can cause problems with your health at a later stage. Follow this with safe oral chelation protocols.

Dentists are mostly dismissive about the toxicity of mercury amalgams and metals
in general, as well as the danger of root canals, or will offer you ‘biological’ root canals.

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