Adrenal restoration programme

Here is a recommended plan to assist with adrenal recovery by resting and repairing the adrenals.  Have your adrenals tested with a cortisol saliva test from a reputable lab through your doctors office e.g. DiagnosTechs Labs, or test them yourself at home, by ordering a saliva test kit from Canary Club.

Licorice and cortisol augmentation (supplementation) is based on these results, though can also be dosed according to signs and symptoms. Continue the program for at least 3 months, and retest your adrenals thereafter.

You should always test your adrenals before undertaking major dental work (like mercury amalgam removal or oral chelation)to prepare your adrenals for the stress of chelation.

If you are able to try only one option, the one-size-fits-all adrenal supplement is Adrenal Cortical Extract (ACE).

It should be trialed with everyone with adrenal symptoms (most notably fatigue), with or without a saliva test having being performed. It is the most likely adrenal support to help most people.


  • Adrenal Cortical Extract: The dose will vary according to the brand. General suggestions are to take some in the morning, and then if you find you dip in energy at noon take more, and then if you dip in energy at 3-4pm take more at this time. It is mostly a very safe substance that few react poorly to.  If your sleep is interfered with, reduce dosage, and or take earlier in the day. You can remain on these products for a very long time (many months, to a year or two), and this is advised to allow for repair of the adrenals.


  • Andy Cutler has in the past recommended Adrenal Cortex by ‘Nutricology’ (adrenal cortex bovine tissue bovine organic glandular), ‘Thorne Research’ ( “pure dried bovine adrenal cortex”) or ‘Standard Process’ in the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo group. Andy Cutler also noted also that “Adrenal Cortex Extract or ACE” used to be available as an injection and was used before hydrocortisone was available. When ACE is mentioned, he refers to Adrenal Cortex/Glandular, with a preference for the cortex, but not a requirement. In other words either product is suitable.
  • Another suitable option is Adrenal Cytotrophin by Enzyme Process. Usual dosage: Take 2-6 tablets in the morning and one at lunch.



  • Fish oils: Pharmaceutical grade fish oils 1 tablespoon daily. You won’t necessarily notice an instant improvement when taking fish oils, however they quietly do their job to the framework of your body over many months and years. Do not neglect this supplement, and ensure you take a high quality brand.
  • Pregnenolone: 1mg/kg of your weight per day can be helpful. Divide this total amount into two separate daily doses & take 12 hours apart from each other, with some fatty food e.g. fish oils. (usually 30mg twice a day suffices for most). Pregnenolone is the precursor for adrenal hormones.
  • Vitamin B5: 500mg twice a day. This is the one B vitamin that you can take lots of without affecting the overall balance of your other B-Vitamins.
  • Vitamin B6: 50mg twice a day, or rather take a B-50 complex once or twice a day
  • Zinc: you should be on 50-100mg elemental zinc per day while you chelate (seems high, but is necessary)
  • Ascorbic Acid: (Vitamin C powder) 1000mg/day twice a day with meals. You can take more if necessary and take another form if you cannot tolerate the acidic form.
  • Biotin: 2000 mcg. twice a day for 3-5 months
  • Magnesium: You should be on at least 400mg per day (magnesium aspartate or citrate is best).

For the vitamins, zinc, magnesium and biotin: take in the morning and at 3pm before, or with a meal, and plenty of fluid. Taking B Vitamins after 3pm can interfere with your sleep.
Remember to have a protein snack at 11am and between 2-3pm to prevent blood sugar dips.

Then, for low cortisol on saliva testing use either:

  • Cortisol (Hydrocortisone) as indicated by the saliva test (or based on response to treatment with it). Traded as Cortef, Covacort (see Adrenal page for general dosing suggestions), or,
  • Whole Licorice (liquorice) Extract: Only use Licorice for six weeks at a time, then take a two week break (see instructions for measuring licorice). Licorice and cortisol should not be taken together – use one or the other. Take when your cortisol is low as indicated by saliva test.

The intake time of licorice or cortisol should be 6-8am, 11-noon, and 3-4pm depending on when your saliva test says you are low.

Then, if you test low in DHEA:

  • For the first 3 weeks: 5mg oral DHEA in the morning only.
  • then 4th till 12th week: 5mg oral DHEA in the morning AND in the evening.
  • Andy Cutler’s suggested dosage for DHEA are: 50mg – 150mg for men and 25-50mg for women.

If possible, include testing for testosterone, progesterone and estrogens:

  • Testosterone cream (bioidentical only) if you are low. For men 25-100mg every day. For women 1-3mg every day.
  • Progesterone cream (bioidentical only) if you are low. 30-100mg/day taken at bed time.
  • Estrogen creams (bioidentical only) creams if you are low (or have had a hysterectomy). BiEst is suggested by Dr Teitelbaum , and most women would use 2.5mg daily (contains 0.5mg of estradiol and 2mg of estriol).

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