Root canals & cavitations


It has become self-evident for many that mercury-containing amalgam fillings represent a severe compromise to the immune system of a person. With that in mind the question that is often asked by those convinced of the importance of the dental clean-up is: “What should I do first: have my amalgams replaced or have my root canal treated teeth extracted and my cavitations cleansed? Although there are exceptions, we feel that the extraction of root canal treated teeth and the cleaning of cavitations should be addressed first. This allows for the quickest recovery of the immune system possible, since the toxins in the root canal treated teeth appear to be more toxic than the mercury-containing amalgam fillings.”

from The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry and medicine by Robert Kulacz and Thomas Levy

Root Canals and Cavitations

“The hidden infections found in all root canal treated teeth continues to be arguably the most significant cause of many serious degenerative diseases, most notably cancer and heart disease. It is our opinion that the evidence clearly shows that many, if not most, significant diseases and medical conditions get their start in the dentist’s chair. Some of the dental procedures performed every day by practising dentists certainly initiate many, and worsen most, medical conditions.

Root canal treated teeth are not the only sources of dental infection, although they are probably the most significant in terms of severity of the diseases they cause.

Cavitations are another major contributing source of dental toxicity that remains virtually unknown to the vast majority of practising dentists world wide… The case histories that we have cited are nevertheless very real, and the number of people affected by the toxicity of cavitations exceeds even the number of people affected by the toxicity of root canal treated teeth. The vast majority of people that have ever had teeth extracted, especially the larger teeth such as the wisdom teeth and the molars, are suffering from the toxicity of these gangrenous holes in their jawbones. This also means that older dental patients who may feel that they have ‘escaped’ the many toxins associated with modern dental care when they finally get full mouth extractions and dentures have only traded one form of dental toxicity for another form. The denture wearers uniformly have an enormous amount of cavitation-related toxicity. In isolated patients, cavitations toxicity can be as bad or worse than root canal treated toxicity…

It appears that any dental infection, whether it is gum-related, root canal-related, cavitation-related, abscess-related, or implant-related, has very consistent and serious medical consequences A focal infection seeds microbes throughout the body. The mouth continues to be the most significant source of these seedlings.”

from The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry & Medicine by Robert Kulacz and Thomas Levy (See Source for details)


Research has demonstrated that 100% of all root canals result in residual infection due to the imperfect seal that allows bacteria to penetrate. The toxins given off by these bacteria are more toxic than mercury. These toxins can cause systemic diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus, and nervous and endocrine systems. Edward Arana, D.D.S. Could chronic underlying local infections inside of your mouth be tracking to the rest of your body and causing chronic ailments such as: ME, Fibromyalgia, Neck and Back pain, headaches, heart trouble, asthma, infertility, endometriosis, sinusitis, dermatitis, tinitis, arthritis, IBS…..and the list goes on?

CAVITATIONS or NICO’s A cavitation is an unhealed hole in the jawbone caused by an extracted tooth. Since wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, most cavitations are found in the wisdom tooth sites. Please see the graphic and photo below to get a glimpse of what may be in your mouth and the effects it is having. The photo and diagram demonstrate the destructive and pathologic consequence of a routine tooth extraction. Dentists are taught in dental school that once they pull a tooth, the patient’s body heals the resulting hole in the jawbone.

A ROOT-CANALED TOOTH EXTRACTED BY DR. MORALES Osteonecrosis from a root canal


However, approximately 95% of all tooth extractions result in a pathologic defect called a cavitation. The tooth is attached to the jawbone by a periodontal ligament which is comprised of “jillions” of microscopic fibers. One end of each fiber is attached to the jawbone and the other end of the fiber is attached to the tooth root. When a tooth is extracted, the fibers break midway between the root and the bone. This leaves the socket (the area where the root was anchored in the bone) coated with periodontal ligament fibers. There are specialized cells in the bone called osteoblasts. Osteoblasts make new bone. The word “osteoblast” means bone former. They are active during growth and maintenance. However, the periodontal ligament prevents the osteoblasts from filling in the tooth socket with bone since the periodontal ligament fibers lining the socket act as a barrier beyond which the osteoblasts cannot form bone. In other words, an osteoblast “sees” a tooth when it “sees” periodontal ligament fibers. Since there are billions of bacteria in the mouth, they easily get into the open tooth socket. Since the bone is unable to fill in the defect of the socket, the newly formed “cavitation” is now infected. Since there is no blood supply to the “cavitation” it is called “ischemic” or “avascular” (without a blood supply). This results in necrosis (tissue death). Hence we call a cavitation an unhealed, chronically infected, avascular, necrotic hole in the bone. The defect acts to an acupuncture meridian the same way a dead tooth (or root canal tooth) acts. It causes an interference field on the meridian which can impair the function and health of other tissues, organs and structures on the meridian. Significantly, the bacteria in the cavitation also produce the same deadly toxins that are produced by the bacteria in root canals (see Root Canals). These toxins are thio-ethers (most toxic organic substance known to man), thio-ethanols, and mercaptans. They have been found in the tumors in women with breast cancer.

Cavitations or NICO’s occur when bone is deprived of its blood supply and dies. When the bone dies a hole in the bone develops, literally a cavity and into this hole migrate anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria live without oxygen, indeed oxygen is poisonous to them [this is why many people never feel pain where pulled teeth were or in their root canals, not the case with aerobic bacteria in an abcessed tooth, which utilize oxygen to live and create pain and/or pus]. Bacteria organise themselves into colonies which can be visualised as cities. Cities require food to come in (you the patient supply the food!) and generate waste material. The waste material made by these bacteria is toxic in the extreme and in cavitations this toxic material is constantly being released into the body. If Mustard Gas, used in WW1, is taken as a yard stick, then most of the bacterial waste products are 10 or more times as toxic than Mustard Gas. Cavitations can occur in any bone in the body usually after infection or trauma of some sort. Naturally dental extraction can easily be the cause of a cavitation, this is especially true of wisdom teeth extractions. Most extractions are due to infection, they involve stretching and sometimes fracture of the bone all predisposing factors for cavitation formation. Added to this is the fact that if the membrane that holds the tooth in place, the periodontal membrane, is not removed at the same time as the tooth comes out, this to leads to cavitation formation. It is not common for the dentist removing the tooth to also remove the membrane at the same time, an unfortunate fact. …. If the nerve inside a tooth has died then the tooth may need a Root canal. A root canal is simply material put into a tooth where the nerve used to be. Traditionally a rubber like substance called Gutta Percha is used. This can contain mercury. Other materials include Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Steroids or even concentrated Sulphuric Acid. The problem with root canals is both the toxic nature of the materials used and the fact that they do not fill fully the open spaces inside the tooth. Each tooth contained miles, and I mean miles, of little canals branching off the main canal. The main canal can be filled but traditional root filling materials cannot fill the tiny lateral canals [see photo and illustration below]. It is inside these lateral canals that anaerobic bacteria live and multiply. They too have waste products and it is the release of these toxic waste products, as in cavitations, that cause the problems. and see

Cavitations from Found under a series of names, such as NICO (Neuralgia-Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis)and Alveolar Cavitational Osteopathy, a cavitation is a hole within the upper or lower jaw bone. This hole is roughly the size and shape of the root that once occupied that space in bone, because that was its origin. It is an area of incomplete healing. When a woman delivers a baby, she must also deliver the afterbirth. When a tooth is delivered, there is an equivalent of the afterbirth. It is called the periodontal ligament. This is a group of fibers, half of which originate within the tooth, and the other half from the bone surrounding the tooth. They blend together and form a hammock-like structure that unites tooth and bone. There is normally no bony attachment between the two. When a tooth has a root canal, or is in a dying state, bacteria within the tooth produce very strong chemicals that are highly neurotoxic and kill many critical enzymes within the body. When the tooth is removed, and the ligament left in place (normal procedure) these chemicals remain within the ligament and can slowly seep into the body, potentially creating disease states. If a tooth is removed and the ligament is left in place, a cap of two to three millimeters of bone heals over the top of the socket, leaving a cesspool of these chemicals lining the hole, and sealed within the bone. X-ray has a hard time identifying these areas, for one is taking a picture of a piece of air within bone. After the tooth is removed, or years later when the cavitation is being cleaned, the walls of the socket must be cut out with a dental burr. Just scraping it out (curetting is the term) pushes the toxins into the lymphatic drainage system, and patients frequently become ill for several days without knowing why. The procedure of cleaning out a cavitation is simple, just like landing a 747. It is simple when someone knows how to do it. Care must be taken to prevent the toxic materials from getting out of the opened cavitation into the mouth. High suction and saline flushes help to accomplish this. Since this is a problem of chemical toxins and not a bacterial infection generating pus, antibiotics are of little value in the treatment. Sometimes Intravenous Vitamin C is utilized. According to certain toxicologists, toxic responses can take place just as fast as electrical responses within the body. This may explain why it is not unusual to see a body part that has been responding to the presence of these toxins demonstrate a positive improvement within seconds of the cleaning of a cavitation. Responses within a day or two are common. From here.

Current research: The results of recent research of Dr. Boyd Haley (Chairman, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky) show that ALL cavitation tissue samples he’s tested contain toxins, which significantly inhibit one or more of the five basic body enzyme systems necessary in the production of energy. These toxins, which are most likely metabolic waste products of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which don’t live in oxygen), may produce significant systemic effects, as well as play an important role in localized disease processes, which negatively affect the blood supply in the jawbone. There are indications that when these toxins combine with certain chemicals or heavy metals (for example, mercury), much more potent toxins may form.The results of research in Germany indicate the jawbone may be a holding tank for chemicals and heavy metals, especially at the wisdom tooth sites. Clinical experience indicates it’s sometimes difficult for some patients to successfully detoxify mercury from the body until both the bone cavitations AND mercury fillings are removed.

Systemic Problems Associated With NICO Lesions: The term NICO — Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis– has been used when pains such as severe facial pain, neuralgia, headache, or phantom tooth pain accompany NICO lesions. Although bone cavitations are fairly common, only a small percentage (we think) suffer with pain. However, even those who have cavitational lesions with no apparent pain complaints may very well suffer from unknown systemic problems. Researchers early in the 20th century and now recently have been concerned with systemic diseases caused by a primary problem (a focus of infection). The focal theory of infection fell out of favour with medical and dental doctors after the advent of antibiotics, but may researchers today believe that in spite of antibiotics, the focal theory of infection is alive and well. Ask and veterinarian doctor, and he or she will immediately agree that the focal theory of infection is a great concern of theirs. In other words, many researchers today believe that NICO lesions are the focus of various infections which may spread throughout the body. In the last year or so, some of the most surprising medical news has been the discovery that bacteria from the mouth appear to be very influential in causing various heart problems. Could NICO lesions be associated?

Occurrence of NICO Lesions: With the use of an experimental device (the CAVITAT), cavitational lesions of various sizes have been discovered in 94% of wisdom tooth sites! Worse yet, the Cavitat found cavitations under 100% of teeth treated with root canal therapy in both males and females of various ages from several geographic areas of the United States.

Do root canals also cause NICO lesions?from



Dr. Weston Price spent 35 years…in research. [For 14 years,] he was the…Director of Research for the American Dental Association…. He studied diseases of the heart, kidney, uterus, nervous system and endocrine system resulting from toxins seeping out of root canal filled teeth. He became aware that a certain percentage of people are sensitive to toxins that are manufactured within these dead teeth. The treatments he researched are basically the same…that are [the] foundation of today’s root canal work. Research convinced Dr. Price of many truths that we still have a hard time…[understanding], even today. We remain bogged down in “that’s the way we’ve always done it” thinking. We have been too habitual to adopt this sense of new “truth”. His extensive research covered 24 procedures…. In…[his]…[day], before extensive use of x-ray, the infection in the root canal went unnoticed or disguised itself as bone absorption. Local comfort of a treated tooth was taken as a sign of success…. Only…pus flowing from a tooth was taken as a sign of failure. However, Dr. Weston Price looked beyond the obvious.


…When root filled teeth were removed from people suffering from kidney and heart disease, most improved. …he inserted the root filled tooth under the skin of a rabbit. …they have a similar immune system to humans. Dr. Price established that a normal tooth can be inserted…for a year with practically no reaction. A thin film formed over it, but microscopically there were no rejection cells present. Rabbits died within 48 hours when a root filled tooth was implanted…. Each rabbit…would die of the same exact disease as its human donor. Each time a tooth or fragment of a tooth was passed from one rabbit to another, the death of the human donor was duplicated. In experimental lab cases, Dr. price transferred the fragment from 30 to 100 rabbits in succession. If a small fragment was used, the rabbit would lose over 20% of its body weight within two weeks. Even so, Dr. price’s research was mostly ignored and dentists continued to use root canal procedures to save human teeth. Dr. Percy R. Howe was the first to publish a paper in the Journal of National Association for Dentists rejecting Price’s findings. Howe injected large amounts of bacteria (streptococcus) into rabbits and found no adverse reaction. This 1920 publication is still used as proof that root filled teeth are not harmful to humans. In searching for…the difference between Howe’s finding and his own, Dr. Price investigated the methods of sterilization of root canals (very much the same as today’s technology). His findings proved that teeth retained their sterility for only about two days after the roots were filled.


A tooth contains enamel, dentin and a central pulp chamber. The central pulp chamber can be sterilized to a reasonable degree by removing its contents of nerves, arteries, and veins and flushing it with 27 chemicals. The dentin, however, is composed of thousands of tiny “dentin tubules” that are unreachable by this flushing procedure. Although microscopic in size, these tubules are quite adequate to house billions of bacteria. If one were to take a front tooth and arrange the dentin tubules end to end, they would…[measure] three miles. The tubules are wide enough to accommodate 8 streptococci abreast. They are of the streptococcus Viridians family and are normal inhabitants of the mouth. When a tooth becomes decay prone, they invade the tooth and start killing tooth tissue. When they reach the pulp chamber, they invade not only the pulp tissue, but also the dentin tubules. When a dentist cleans out the pulp chamber, he removes all the bacteria in the chamber, seals the tooth, and that’s when a new action begins…. [This] points out Howe’s misinterpretation! In an “anaerobic” condition, or one that contains no oxygen, these streptococci mutate, undergoing a slight change in…body form and metabolism to adapt to this new environment. Now, instead of producing slightly offensive waste products, these transformed bacteria produce a potent…TOXIN. Our immune system…cannot get into the tiny holes in the outside of the root to destroy the bacteria. Toxins can seep out. Fluids containing nutrients can seep into the tooth, so the bacteria continue to thrive in confinement. If the body launches a big fight against the toxins, pus forms around the tooth. Conventional wisdom says that pus is bad for the patient and dentists give antibiotics until it’s gone. Price found the pus to be nearly sterile, although socially disagreeable. Its presence was the sign of successful quarantining [of] the toxins from the tooth….Another disturbing situation uncovered by Dr. Price was that x-rays frequently miss abscesses found on the front or back of a tooth. About 30% of teeth have extra canals which may exit anywhere from half way down the tooth to all the way down at the tip, like they are supposed to. They can exit on the front, back, or side of the tooth. Those “other” canals that abscess are ones that are apt to be missed on the x-ray.


If the body’s immune system is compromised, then very little action is initiated around the root filled tooth. Certain enzymes may escape which stimulate the bone to form what is termed “condensing osteitis” around the tooth. On x-ray films this will appear as a white line and is considered to reflect excellent healing. This tooth gives no trouble locally as far as pain and pus…, but the toxins that seep out get into the body’s circulation, and with little immune system interference, seek a specific organ to attack. Dr. Price named this “tissue localization”. Price demonstrated this by transferring sections of root filled teeth, with animals generating the same disease with each transfer.


Dr. Price recorded 140,000 determinations in 1200 patients to come up with his answer…. Bottom line, it is hereditary. If your biological inheritance for two generations, including brothers and sisters of your grandparents, were resistant to degenerative diseases, then you are not apt to launch an immune response against a root canal. On the other hand, if there was a high frequency of heart, kidney, diabetes and reproductive disorders, then you are more apt to be susceptible.


…the abuse of alcohol, drugs and caffeine stress our system. Dr Price found there were other stresses…. Exposure tend[s] to push people over their threshold and allow the root canal[ed] tooth to become a problem. The challenge could exceed the person’s resistance. The two greatest stresses…were pregnancy and influenza (flu). [Price found,] under the influence of either of these conditions, the toxins from root-filled teeth were much more apt to produce disease at the person’s specific susceptible site. Other stresses were grief, anxiety, chilling, severe hunger and acute chronic infection.


NO. This may lead to more problems. …the attachment from the tooth to the bone, called the periodontal ligament, must be removed with a dental burr…. This irritates the old bone and stimulates it to form new bone. …studies at the University of Colorado looked at the biopsies of bone under removed root-filled teeth. Lymphocytes of auto immune disease were embedded at least a millimetre into the bone, sometimes more. All this must be removed if good bone healing is to be achieved. Dr. Price’s research, published in many peer reviewed journals (i.e.: J.A.M.A.., J.A.D.A.O), has never been refuted. The aim of Root Canal Therapy is to save a tooth which has become infected or dead, in an attempt to make it functional and pain free. After scraping out the inside of the tooth the dentist will attempt to disinfect the tooth and the canals to eliminate any source of infection. The canal is then filled with a combination of cement and Gutta Percha in an attempt to completely occlude these canals. This is supposedly to prevent any microorganisms from entering the tooth either through the crown or the root. If you consider pain control, mechanical function and aesthetics to be the limit of good dental treatment, then you will have “SAVED” the tooth.

If systemic effects are included in your concept of dentistry, than all that has happened, is that you have kept dead, infected tissue, buried in the bone, within a couple of inches from your brain. For some obscure reason we are all conditioned to think that teeth are not a part of the body, but that they are inert calcified material, and that they are sort of dead anyway.

Dentistry is the only one of all the medical & para-medical professions that thinks it is a good idea to keep dead, gangrenous tissue in the body. One eminent Endodontist says: It is wrong to speak of (Root Canal Therapy) as a dead tooth; it is more correct to describe such a tooth as non-vital or, better, pulpless. Even though the central blood supply to the tooth has been lost, the tooth itself still retains its connection to the body via the periodontal membrane and the cementum. The Oxford dictionary defines non-vital as Fatal To Life. It defines Dead as No longer Alive. It is like saying that even though the blood supply to your leg may be completely cut off, it would be wrong to suggest that the leg is dead, because it is still connected to your body by your hip joint

Chronic Health Conditions Related to Dental Health and Dental Procedures

Medical studies and clinical results have found that many chronic, degenerative, health conditions are dental related(there are also other causes and effects are cumulative and synergistic). The main causes include mercury(from amalgam fillings) and infections from root-canaled teeth(most are infected) and from cavitations(chronically infected tooth extractions sites or root-canal sites), as well as gingivitis and periodontitis (infected gums). Oral infections have been found to be factors in cardiovascular disease, heart conditions, stroke, arthritis, etc. All of these are common causes of chronic conditions (documentation below), and most with conditions like CFS, Fibromyalgia, etc. recover when they deal with which ever of these is affecting them. The majority(over 50%) of wisdom tooth extraction sites have cavitations- which can be extremely toxic systemically and cause disabling conditions like cancer, CFS, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, etc..

The majority of root canaled teeth likewise accumulate bacteria and become toxic over time, causing the same kinds of conditions. Most with several amalgam dental fillings or metal crowns over amalgam get mercury exposure above the government health guidelines and are affected over time, which commonly causes or is a major factor in such conditions. Some are more susceptible than others and are more seriously affected or sooner affected, but all who have them are affected to some measurable degree by these over time. Tests are now available for measuring exposure and effects such as immune reactivity, metabolic effects, enzymatic blockages, improperly functioning detox pathways, etc. that are factors in the conditions. In surgical clinical trials of FDA and medical school, approximately 80% of wisdom tooth extraction sites were found to have cavitations(the population tested may not be exactly the same as the general population but was a large population). Likewise FDA clinical trials by the Cavitat found similar numbers, with follow-up surgical treatment. Most such sites have cavitations- which can cause serious health effects not commonly diagnosed as to the real cause. The sites are locally relatively pain-free in many cases, but there are major systemic effects from bacterial toxins and infection. They can also cause major pain(NICO) Bioassay tests at the dental labs of Dr. Haley( and Dr. Bouquet find similar high toxicity and effects in root canaled teeth, which also are commonly found to have cavitations by methods above.

Years of research by Dr. Westin Price(dental association researcher) and prominent doctors documented the same thing. Thousands of people who have had cavitation surgery or proper extraction of root canaled teeth have recovered from disabling chronic conditions such as the above. DAMS, a national patients support organization with coordinators in most states, works with thousands of disabled and chronically ill people each year and have compiled many thousands of cases of recovery from over 30 major chronic conditions after proper diagnosis and treatment for mercury toxicity, root canal toxicity, or cavitation toxicity. Over 50,000 clinical cases of recovery are documented in the first web site paper, and we and the other sources have many hundreds of cases of documented recoveries from disabling conditions after dealing with root canaled teeth and cavitations. Any of the several oral surgeons we interact with dealing with cavitations or root canaled teeth have had large numbers of cases of recovery from chronic or disabling conditions after treatment. Bob Jones, who invented the cavitat, recovered from ALS after cavitation surgery, and we know of many other cases of recovery from such conditions in people DAMS has worked with. This is all well documented in the medical and dental literature- thousands of peer reviewed studies and tens of thousands of clinical cases document the case. For those interested in documentation see:

  • The Roots of Disease, T.E. Levy(MD) & R.Kulacz(DDS), Xlibris Corporation, 2002 (root canals, cavitations)
  • Uninformed Consent, T.E. Levy(MD) & H.Huggins(DDS), Hampton Roads Publishing, 2001
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  • Cavitation treatment: Dr. Steve Evans, DDS,
  • Bob Jones web site, Cavitat(ultrasound test equipment for cavitations)(98% accurate- FDA clinical trials) &
  • Dr. Wes Shankland, Dr.Christopher Hussar – Trigeminal Neuralgia,Atypical Facial Neuralgia: the Cavitation Connection, ,
  • Dr. J Bouquot, Maxofacial Center,
  • Dr. Richard Hansen,
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  • Frank Jerome’s book Tooth Truth & website called Tooth Truth.
  • Gerson Cancer Clinic; Cavitations: More Than Just Another Hole in Your Head
  • Gerson Clinic; Root Canal Cover-Up – Are your teeth killing you?
  • from

Articles by Dr George Meinig

  • Immune System Overloaded by Dental Infection, Trauma – Injury
    When people suffer a severe auto accident, fall, or suffer some other injury, their immune systems are called upon to work at peak performance in order to achieve a speedy recovery. Those people with root canal fillings are generally found to have a healing rate slower than expected.
  • Dental Infection, Focal Infection, Death and Dentistry
    A statement I made earlier in this book, ‘Root Canal Cover-Up exposed! Many Illnesses Result’, is most likely causing some of my dental colleagues to bitterly resent the charge that our profession has unknowingly been responsible for the deaths of many of our patients.
  • Root Canal Fillings can Cause Serious Side Effects
    Dental Research Specialist Dr. Weston Price, after observing many patients with crippling degenerative diseases not responding to treatment,suspected infected root canal-filled teeth to be the cause.
  • Why This Research was Covered Up and Buried, Focal Infection Theory Part I
    As was stated before, this theory contends that infected teeth, tonsils, tonsil tags, and similar other areas that are infected, could be responsible for setting up a whole new infection in another tissue or organ of the body because the bacteria involved are transported to the new area via the bloodstream.
  • How The Immune System Becomes Overloaded with FLU and Other Accidents
    Many people have had root filled teeth for a number of years without experiencing an obvious health problem. Dr. Price found a severe stressful occurrence could so overcharge the patient’s immune system activity that they now developed a degenerative disease. The two foremost stress factors proved to be the FLU and PREGNANCY.
  • How Ionic Calcium Influences the Function of our body
    The subject which occupied most of Dr. Price’s research time was the multiple roles calcium plays in the functions of the body. These Studies virtually forced themselves upon him as medical and dental literature contained little information about calcium and its important functions.
  • The Dental Infections, Gum Disease Produces Astonishing Blood Changes
    Dr. Prices supposed that dentists would know if any changes took place in a patient’s blood when a dental infection was present, but found no reports in scientific literature on that subject. This led him to do exhaustive blood studies of patients and animals to determine the side effects of root canal infections.

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