Dental work

Dr Clark’s dental clean-up is the most important clean-up of all to do.
Also, following all dental surgery the dental after-care program must be strictly adhered to.The dental clean-up is vital to your overall success and needs to be done early in your cleansing program.Failure to address dental issues can make the difference between illness and health. This is because it represents a most significant source of ‘internal poisoning’ within your own body, making escape from it impossible.

Few dentists are willing to incorporate Dr Clark’s findings strictly into their work. Some are willing to assist you in your process to a certain degree.

The bottom line is that if you cannot find a dentist or dental surgeon willing to assist you properly and carefully during the dental clean-up, either do not do it until you find such an individual, or fly to Mexico and visit the Biological dentists there. Specifically the mercury amalgam removal, if not done safely, can cause problems with your health at a later stage.

Dentists are still mostly dismissive about the toxicity of mercury amalgams and metals , as well as the danger of root canals.

See Dr Clark’s safe dental materials list.