How to use the zapper

Detailed instructions:


Do not use with pacemaker.

Not tested for pregnancy.

Read and understand the books by Dr Hulda Clark to get the best results.

Zappers can be purchased here…



2.   ZAPPER leads with crocodile clips and pin terminals

3.   High power NiMH PP3 9 volt battery (200 milliamp hours (mAh) or better

4.   Battery charger (preferably microchip controlled so battery lasts 1000 recharges

5.   Stainless steel or carbon handhold tubes

6.   Water spray bottle


1.   Never use ZAPPER or any electronic device if you have a pace maker

2.   Never use ZAPPER if you may be pregnant

3.   Never short circuit the battery against metal surfaces

4.   Charging the battery in an incorrect charger may cause it to leak/explode

5.   Contact UNIROSS batteries in Midrand to help you dispose of batteries properly

6.   Most new ZAPPER users report flu-like symptoms in the first 3-5 days of use

7.   New ZAPPER users should zap twice a day for 10 days for de-toxification

8.   After de-tox symptoms disappear many users report dramatically increased vitality

9.   Users with chronic conditions may experience a healing crisis* before improving

10. You should begin zapping in conjunction with Dr Hulda Clark’s herbal parasite cleanse


1.   Connect leads to ZAPPER circuit block

2.   Attach crocodile clips to the two handhold metal tubes, surround the tubes with one layer of toilet/tissue paper & dampen

3.   Attach the charged battery to the ZAPPER so GREEN LED lights up

4.   The circuit is protected and can’t be damaged if the battery is wrong way round

5.   The battery will only attach properly the right way around

6.   When the battery is getting flat the red or amber light comes on – recharge it*

7.   Wet the hand-holds and shake excess water off

8.   Take the tubes in your damp hands to allow signal to flow – keep hands apart!

9.   Allow the signal to flow through the body from the hands for 7 minutes without interruption

10. Users may experience subtle sensations like post-nasal drip and tingling in places

11. Users may feel the urge to cough or clear the chest after about 5 minutes

12. After about 7 minutes disconnect battery or switch off** ZAPPER and rest

13. Wait 20 minutes (and up to 40 minutes) and then repeat steps 7 to 12. This allows killed parasites to release their own parasite, bacteria and viruses. Drink lots of water when you zap

14. One complete cycle is 7 minutes on, followed by 20-minute break, repeated 3 times

15. Healthy people may perform one complete cycle in the morning another in evening, or once-a-week with their maintenance dose of their herbal parasite program. Other healthy people choose to only zap when ill, but should be on the herbal parasite cleanse permanently in any case

16. ZAPPER can remove severe flu, sore throat and severe coughs with extended use, especially when combined with the herbal parasite  program!

17. Users with chronic conditions may need to use ZAPPER continuously to benefit

18. Best effect with ZAPPER requires disciplined lifestyle change for long term results
19. Understand causes of illness by reading “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr Hulda Clark
20. Cycle through Dr Hulda Clark’s other cleanses – bowel, kidney and liver cleanse
21. Complete the dental clean-up
22. Clean teeth after every meal – at least once daily brush with oregano tooth powder and floss regularly

This document is made available for educational and experimental purposes only. If you have any chronic conditions consult with a professionally qualified medical doctor who is trained in alternative health and understands the Dr Clark Protocol and herbal medicine. Seek further help elsewhere if your doctor says he can’t help you.

Disclaimer: This electrical device is not intended to be used medically and it has not been approved by any health or government association. The zappers are not sold to treat, or  cure any disease, and we accept no liability for the use, or misuse of them.

By purchasing this device, you accept the conditions of this disclaimer, as well as the more comprehensive disclaimer of Livingnetwork.

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