Biological dentistry

Many dentists are moving towards a progressive approach towards dentistry, which understands that illness often begins in the mouth, and that a healthy mouth contributes to a healthy immune system.  Biological dentistry works towards health equilibrium by removing obstacles to health caused by dental toxins, infections and energetic blockages. This strengthens the body’s immune system.
According to a biological dentist, Dr Lagos, “Biological Dentistry takes into account the impact that dental toxins and hidden infections can have on the overall health of a patient. It has been estimated that at least half of all chronic degenerative illness and some types of cancer can be linked to silver-mercury fillings, allergy producing dental materials, root canals, hidden infections, and the misalignment of the teeth and jaw.”

The word ‘biological’ essentially means ‘living’. Thus the focus is on using techniques and materials that encourage life, protect the immune system and promote optimal health. A true biological dentist always keeps your overall or ‘holistic’ health in mind and understands that whatever he does in the mouth has a huge impact on the rest of your health.

Somewhere during recent history, dentists have forgotten that they are also doctors. Dentistry and medicine became separate from each other, and doctors now know little about the mouth, and dentists knows little about the rest of the body. Biological dentistry works to address this imbalance through creating awareness of the inter-relationship between dental health and overall health.

Animal lovers will know that when they take their ill pet to visit the vet, the first thing the vet does, is examine the animals mouth. He knows that if he locates an ‘ill’ tooth and does not deal with it, the pet will never get well. Alternatively ,once the ill tooth is repaired, the pet is bouncing about in no time. Humans are no different in this regard, yet past dentistry often responded by covering up infection with toxic compounds or creating bigger problems by introducing biological toxicity through root canals or cavitations (through incorrectly extracting teeth).

Some principles thata good biological dentist will follow:

  • Biocompatible dental materials are used. These are materials thatprovide the least challenge to the immune system. They have a low likelihood of setting up allergies or disabling the immune system. Injections, stitches and all other materials used in the mouth are consciously chosen. The dentist should be aware of the option of biocompatibility testing.
  • Metal-free materials are chosen. Including crowns, dentures and fillings.
  • Mercury amalgam is never used, and mercury is removed following safe mercury amalgam removal protocol as described by Dr Hal Huggins.
  • Root canals are avoided, which create local and focal infections (ones which seed infection throughout the body).
  • Teeth are extracted properly. This means the periodontal ligament is removed with the tooth and this removes the possibility of developing cavitations later.
  • Crowning of teeth is avoided, with the exception of replacing already crowned teeth. Crowns tend to develop infection underneath over time, and  they usually will end up a root canal in conventional dentistry.
  • TMJ and Jaw mechanics are understood: Biological dentistry is aware that poor bite and jaw problems can upset the equilibrium of the spine and general health of a person causing illness and discomfort.
  • Nutritional considerations are kept in mind, with appropriate supplementation advice, or the referral to an appropriate practitioner that an assist you with this.
  • Safe chelation practices are encouraged only once all the metal has been removed. Andy Cutler’s oral chelation is the protocol to use.
You will also hear some dentists say that they practice integrative, metal-free, mercury-free, or holistic dentistry. This has become a buzz in the alternative health community, however it is important to question if the dentist is just jumping on the financial bandwagon that can accompany full dental revisions, but is true in his intent to help you get well through non-toxic, health enhancing dentistry.
As a dentist moves more towards being a biological dentist, he often finds that he sees very few emergencies. This is because their patients are more aware of their dental health, deal with dental problems early, and have healthier mouths and bodies after they have removed the infections and toxicity caused by root canals, old crowns, cavitations, mercury amalgams etc.
The biological dentist requires you to also be a part of the process and take full responsibility for your dental health. Apart from the normal dental hygiene, this means doing some of your own research and then helping to make informed decisions about your dentistry, especially the dental supplies you choose in your mouth.  Choosing safe dental supplies can be analogous to going to a grocery store and checking the ingredients on the package before buying the food. Biological dentists will be able to provide information with ease, regarding the dental materials that they plan to use with you.
Conscious participation in your dental process is one of the most important aspects to achieving optimal health.