Hair tests (199-400)

This page contains hair element tests numbered 200 and onwards. If you are looking for hair tests numbered:

Hair Tests 1-199

Hair Test 400 onwards

The least expensive lab to order the Doctors Data Incorporated (DDI) hair elements test from is Holistic Health International.

Once you have received your results back, if you would like help in interpreting them, consider one of the following options:

1. Join the Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank on Facebook: This group is really simple to use and particularly helpful, since Andy Cutler himself answers many questions. You can upload a picture of your hair test and receive quick feedback from helpful members.


2. Join the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (previously known as the FDC Yahoo group). This is a somewhat more complicated email forum, and you will receive many emails a day (although you can set it up to read online only to avoid excessive emails in your inbox).

To contribute to this hair test database below, ideally please e-mail us your hair test in the original Acrobat PDF format that was sent to you when your results were returned from the lab. Ideally, please do not scan your hard copy of the hair test and send the scanned version as it is usually too large – or if you have to, please send in the smallest file size possible (the email link above requires an email programme on your PC, if you receive an error on clicking, please use the contact us form to make contact and request our email, which is hidden to prevent spam).

Once you have sent the hair test to us, we will remove your name, leaving only your age, gender and location. We would prefer that only DDI tests be posted to keep in line with Dr Andy Cutler’s oral chelation protocol, however if you have a test from a different lab, we will post it also.

Please be sure to answer all these questions when you send the test in:

  1. What are your current symptoms and health history?
  2. Dental history (Wisdom teeth removed and when? Any other extractions. First root canal placed? Braces? First amalgam etc…)
  3. What dental work do you currently have in place? What part of the dental clean-up have you completed?
  4. What dentistry did your mother have at any time before or during pregnancy?
  5. What vaccinations have you had and when (including flu and especially travel shots)?
  6. Supplements and medications (including dosages) taken at time of hair test, or for the 3-6 months before the sample was taken?
  7. What is your age, height and weight?
  8. Other information you feel may be relevant?
  9. What is your location – city & country (so that we can learn where certain toxins are more prevalent).

Then, make sure you have joined the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (was Frequent Dose Chelation) Yahoo group, as suggested above. Once you have emailed us the test, we will upload it and give you a hair test number. You then send an email to the Yahoo group, with the hair test number as your subject line, and ask for help. Members will support and help you to interpret the hair test. They are a large group of individuals working in depth with the Cutler protocol of oral chelation.

Please ensure that you have read the disclaimer on this website and at the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (was Frequent Dose Chelation) Yahoo group, as no responsibility is taken whatsoever for any advice dispensed. Please note also, that if you send your hair test to us we have no control over who views it while on the web. So even though your name will not appear on it, if you are not comfortable with this open process please do not proceed. We cannot interpret any hair tests via e-mail unless you go through the above process, and you will need to join the group to access this privilege.

You are strongly advised to do the following before proceeding:

1) Obtain both of Andy Cutler’s books to assist you with the oral chelation protocol, and with proper hair test interpretation. This is self-health in practice and that means self-responsibility. Although there are many people willing to support you, you need to be fully informed before proceeding.

2) Join one of the above support forms to assist you through the process.Where the word series is used, it indicates that follow-up hair tests have been done.

Click here for hair tests 400-599

Dear All,
If anyone is aware of any doctors that are performing circumcisions on minors without medical pathology within the Netcare Hospitals, please let me know so we can forward their names on to the appropriate person in management.
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