Getting started


‘How to get well and stay well’



Go through each cleanse/test systematically and slowly. Try not to take short cuts, as it can take a long time to detox your body and if you go too fast you will ultimately slow things down. Committed people usually take approximately two years to get through this process. Oral chelation deserves special mention, because this is always a slow process. Incorporate each of the other steps as you are able too, depending on your individual situation.

Continue cycling through the organ cleanses once, or twice a year ideally (see suggested annual cleansing calendar). The ultimate reward can be sustainable good health, especially when accompanied with the appropriate lifestyle changes. DO NOT neglect the full dental clean-up – it is the most important part of the process according to Dr Hulda Clark, along with addressing your water source. Results will be limited if your dental work is not done.

It is helpful to have a copy of  Dr Hulda Clark’s books on hand if you wish to take full advantage of the cleansing protocols. Organ cleanses are not new, they have formed part of cleansing procedures used by mankind for thousands of years, and were only lost with the advent of ‘modern’ medicine. They are used by natural therapies across the board for health optimisation, are inexpensive, and exceedingly effective. Cleansing is just like taking a shower on the inside of your body.

Parasites, blocked organs and dental issues can mimic (or cause) many health conditions and you could find yourself healing ailments that you thought, or were told, you ‘had to live with’. Cleaner organs allow your body to self-regulate and heal on its own, and many of the so called age-related illnesses are possibly due to parasites, dental issues (toxicity) and/or blocked up bowels, kidneys and livers. Organs that are functioning optimally without the paralysing effect of toxins are your best guarantee for optimal health. Water that is free of toxins is the most important fuel for your system. Your body is fully capable of keeping itself healthy as long as its vital organs are regularly cleansed.

Remember, it has taken a long time for the organs to accumulate waste within them to levels that interfere with their function, and it can take some time to clean them too. The effects of the cleanses are accumulative and become more effective with each successive one. A common mistake is to stop the process before the real changes have had a chance to take hold which often requires a multiple of cleanses to have been completed.

If you are only able to start with, and maintain, the parasite cleanse, that is a great start, and it will benefit your health immeasurably!

Please take responsibility for your own health and decide if you resonate with this work before engaging in it.

We have found the following approach to be the best global approach to getting well and staying well.
The basic principles of this protocol are:
  1. Stool test
  2. Sulphur-food elimination trial
  3. Omega 3 fish oils, the basic supplements and diet options
  4. Parasite cleanse
  5. Panoramic dental x-ray (PAN)
  6. Temperatures measurement (for adrenal & thyroid function)
  7. Hair test (DDI Lab only)
  8. Saliva test (for adrenals) & blood tests (for thyroid)
  9. Organs cleanses (bowel, kidneys and liver)
  10. Food allergies and liver detoxification tests
  11. Full dental clean-up
  12. Oral chelation (all dental metal must be removed first)


Further explanation of each step:

1. Obtain a stool test with an appropriate practitioner to properly assess bowel ecology and function. This is an excellent way to assess the beneficial flora and non-beneficial pathogens, that are present in your gut. The stool test will determine if you have overgrowth of any ‘bad’ bacteria or yeast, such as candida. The medical term for this is gut dysbiosis, which means, an altered gut ecology.

Other factors that can be assessed by a good stool test include: gut inflammation (‘Cal protectin’ is the inflammatory marker), bowel cancer (‘M2-PK’ is the tumor marker), leaky gut & gut immunity (‘Sec IgA’ is the immunity marker) and ulcer causing bacteria (‘Helicobacter pylori‘). Using the test results can make a substantial difference quickly to your sense of well-being and health. Stop all pro-biotics and other non-essential supplements a week before your stool test.

If there is any reason why you cannot get a stool test at this stage, simply begin to take a good quality/high potency pro-biotic daily. Maintain this for a few months, follow a candida diet, and consider yeast elimination strategies e.g. oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil etc (take care with introducing these products too fast to avoid die-off symptoms).
  • South Africa: Contact Synexa labs for more information about how to contact a practitioner in South Africa for a stool test. The cost of the stool test includes proper treatment with certain beneficial bacteria that are not commercially available, such as physiological (good) E.Coli. At the bare minimum request that the following be tested: Flora, Sec IgA and Cal Protectin (about R1100).
  • USA, the best test is the Metametrix GI Effects stool test, and can be ordered without a doctor through Direct Labs. Genova labs also does excellent stool testing.
2. Following your stool sample, do the sulphur elimination test, as described by Andy Cutler in his Amalgam Illness book, by avoiding all sulphur foods for 10 days and then sharply adding them back and checking your response. It is important to consider that you could have a sulphur (sulfur) intolerance and may be reacting to foods high in sulphur content. This is particularly true for mercury poisoned people, as sulphur tends to mobilize metals which cause oxidative stress and cause you to feel ill. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT TO FIND OUT, IS EASY TO DO, AND CAN SAVE YOU A LOT OF UNNECESSARY SUFFERING IF YOU FIND THIS OUT EARLY.

3. Begin a quality Omega 3 fish oil, basic supplementation program and an appropriate nutritional diet.

  • Omega 3 fish oils: If you can only choose one supplement, make certain it is a a good quality fish oils, and take at least 1500mg per day of combined EPA + DHA. Fish oils supply essential fatty acids (EFA’s) in their usable form without requiring a conversion (as flax oil does). They are far superior to flax oil in their effect on cell membranes and overall health. It takes a long time to balance the essential fatty acids towards the correct omega 3:omega 6 ratio. So add them into your program early, and keep on taking them regardless.
  • The second most important supplement to take is a good quality probiotic.
The basic daily supplementation suggestions for good health are laid out below. These should be started asap, and  continued indefinitely:
  • 1 tsp. ground flax seed with breakfast  or soak whole-seed  in water overnight and drink all. Supplies fibre.
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. turmeric and 1 cup green tea per day. Supplies antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factors. (A small number of Sulphur-sensitive people might need to avoid turmeric, quercetin can be used instead, or in addition to the others).
  • good quality omega 3 fish oil (1500mg combined EPA and DHA) e.g. Metagenics EPA/DHA 720 2 caps/day. Supplies essential fatty acids for cell membrane stability and too many other important reasons. to mention.
  • good quality probiotic (at least 15 billion units) e.g. Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus D/F, 1 cap/day. Keeps the gut healthy, where most illness begins.
  • The parasite cleanse maintenance program. (See below). Keep parasite load at bay, strengthening immunity.
Basic vitamin and mineral cover:
  • Vitamin E (natural source only) 800iu/day
  • Vitamin C 1000-3000g/day (1 tsp. of ground Rosehips can provide organic Vit C, also use 1tsp. of ground Hydrangea for organic germanium, as per Dr Clark’s suggestions which will feed your White Blood Cells (WBC’s). Continue feeding your WBC’s indefinitely to keep your immune system strong).
  • Elemental Selenium 50mcg/day (one Brazil nut per day can provide organic selenium)
  • Elemental Magnesium 300mg/day
  • Elemental Zinc 30mg/day
  • Vitamin D3 – test these levels before supplementing asking for a 25-OH-D3 test at your local blood testing lab. It is generally considered safe to take 1000-2000iu/day as a maintenance if testing is not an option.
  • Thereafter, add supplements/neutraceuticals specific to your particular health concerns e.g. for osteoporosis see here, or for prostate problems use saw palmetto, for liver use milk thistle etc..
  • Diet: aim to eat small frequent meals every 3 hours which includes lots of quality protein. Ensure you limit or remove sugar/fast release carbohydrates and tend towards low GI carbs and protein. Start with a gluten-free, dairy-free diet plan if you are in doubt.
4. Once you have done a stool test, start the parasite cleanse (taking these herbs before the stool test may influence the result).Or if you are not able to do a stool test, then simply begin the parasite cleanse.
At the same time as you begin the parasite cleanse, make certain to begin a liver supportive herb e.g. Take one milk thistle capsule (400mg) at breakfast and at bedtime, or use a more comprehensive liver support formula, such as the excellent AdvaClear by Metagenics, taking one at breakfast and one at bedtime also. Continue the liver support for 3 months (you should also find that you sleep better after adding a liver support at bedtime).
It takes 3 weeks to finish the parasite cleanse and thereafter you shift to maintenance dose (a once-a-week dose) to remain parasite-free indefinitely. Once on the maintenance dose, you are always ready to start the organ cleanses. Many people do the initial parasite cleanse and don’t continue with the maintenance dose, but since we are constantly picking up parasites it is a futile approach. Until the parasites are dealt with, you don’t really know what you are dealing with from a health perspective.

The zapper is a small hand-held and portable bio-electronic device powered by a small 9V battery. It was developed by the late Dr Hulda Clark, and is one of the main thrusts behind her popularity. It introduces a specific frequency into the body that has the effect of killing pathogens within minutes, by resonating with their signature frequencies. This works in the same way as when an opera singer reaches the resonant frequency of a glass object, causing it to shatter.
When parasites are killed in the body with the herbal parasite cleanse they release their own parasites, bacteria and viruses – the zapper mops up released pathogens, plus the electrical current reaches into places that the herbs can’t get to. You should ultimately take your weekly Maintenance parasite herbs all together in a single dose during a zapping session, however, our experience is that all metals should be removed prior to incorporating the zapper into your parasite clearing program.
When used in conjunction with the parasite cleanse the combined effects are extremely potent, whether you are intending to maintain good health, or to cure dis-ease. Investing in a zapper is like investing in a life-time supply of the most effective anti-biotic ever known , that no ‘bug’ within reach of the current can resist and is safe for you and your whole family to use.

We suggest that you do not use Dr Clark’s zapper, until all the dental metals are removed. When you start the parasite cleanse, if you have no metals in your mouth, zap simultaneously for 10 days in a row, and then zap properly once-a-week when you take the maintenance herbs. That is the minimum zapping, but you can zap more frequently if you desire, and especially if ill.


5. Go to an x-ray department or dentist and order a Panoramic (PAN) x-ray so you know what ‘dentistry’ is present inside your mouth. You do not need to get a doctors approval for this and make sure the machine is new enough to give you digital copies, which are best so you can keep them on file and e-mail them around for support.

Panoramic x-rays can be done at some dentists and will give you a clear indication what dentistry is in your mouth – root canals, metal crowns and mercury amalgams (silver fillings) and mercury tattoos (mercury lodged in gum tissue). Cavitations from previous extractions will seldom show up on x-ray and can NEVER be ruled out by an x-ray. It is best to get a digital PAN and get the dentist to e-mail you a copy for future reference.


6.   Begin tracking your daily temperatures. The thyroid and the adrenals control your metabolic temperatures, and they are in turn controlled by your hypothalamus. Mercury preferentially poisons all three.

Learn why your body temperatures are so important by reading the body temperature page. The normal healthy body has an average daily temperature of 37 degrees Centigrade (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). This is obtained by taking three oral temperature readings (taken under the tongue) at 9am, noon and 3pm – and then obtaining an average (by adding the three temperatures together and dividing by three). Whether you are living in Antarctica or the Kalahari desert, your temperature should be 37 degrees to be optimally healthy. However, when your metabolism is in trouble your temperatures will vary. They could be:

Ideally you should be on some adrenal and thyroid support (if you need it) and your temperatures should be moving towards 37 and stable before beginning the dental clean-up and oral chelation. However, since this is not always practically viable (since it can take a long time to achieve this), nor possible, due to the interference of hypothalamic control by mercury. At least make sure you are on some form of adrenal support before starting the process (even using an Adrenal Cortex/Glandular support will go along way to preventing a ‘dental-induced collapse’).

To measure temperatures, obtain a mercury-free thermometer such as the Geratherm (digital thermometers are not accurate enough). To start the process, download:

7. Order a hair test to check your toxic metal load and saliva & blood tests to assess your adrenal and thyroid function. Hair tests are wonderful screening and diagnostic tools. They can give you a lot of information about your general health and pick up many hidden toxic elements which are often behind health issues. They are advised by Andy Cutler to check for mercury poisoning that causes ‘deranged mineral transport’ in your body. Other metals and toxins are also tested for, which can also be the roots of illness. Hair tests can give you an overall indication of your mineral balance and pick up adrenal and thyroid issues long before they appear on lab tests.


8.  Assess your adrenal and thyroid function individually. For adrenals use cortisol saliva tests and for thyroid use blood testing. It is strongly advised to make certain that your adrenals and thyroid are in good states of function, or supported in some way before beginning e.g. ACE (Adrenal Cortical Extract) the dental cleanup (see below), and chelating metals out of your body.

This is the most commonly overlooked problem and can make a big difference to your overall health. Healthy adrenals and thyroids support your detoxification process. NB. The first and most important tasks for chronically sick people is to fix their gut and support the adrenals and thyroid. Think, “I need to address my gut and hormones first” when you begin. Getting these two elements right is most helpful and will make you feel A LOT better and support effective detox.

  • Adrenal tests: Request a four-times-a-day cortisol saliva test, called the Adrenal Stress Index (ASI).
  • Thyroid tests: Track your temperatures as noted above, and order ALL of the following blood tests at the same time:TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Antibodies (both), Ferritin and Vit B12.

9. Clean your organs – Parasite, Bowels, Kidneys and Liver.

You can begin cycling through the organ cleanses soon after completing the parasite cleanse and consider completing at least one cycle of organ cleanses before beginning the dental work.

  • Ensure you have begun the Parasite Cleanse as in step 3.
  • Liver supportive herbs – e.g. Take one milk thistle capsule (400mg) at breakfast and at bedtime, or use a more comprehensive liver support formula, such as the excellent AdvaClear by Metagenics, taking one at breakfast and one at bedtime also. Continue this for 3 months (you should also find that you sleep better after adding a liver support at bedtime).
  • Bowel Cleanse 1 week duration. You will often notice a near immediate effect on your digestive health i.e. removes bloating and gas. Flattens your tummy and lifts your mood. Clean your bowels at least twice a year. Remain on a quality pro-biotic on a permanent basis.
  • Kidney Cleanse – 6 week duration. You may only notice an effect after a few weeks of the Kidney Cleanse. Cures most Lower Back and hip pain. Clean your kidneys twice a year.
  • Liver Cleanse (Liver and Gall bladder flush) – 24 hours. Make sure you only do this after the parasite cleanse or once you are on the parasite maintenance program. And for best results complete the bowel and kidney cleanse first. We recommend only doing one liver cleanse just before beginning your dental work. Liver cleanses can mobilize a lot of toxins and some mercury-toxic people can struggle with them. They are however a powerful way to unblock your lymphatic system and can open your detoxification pathways quickly. Thereafter, clean your liver twice a year, or more often if desired.
    • Each liver stone is capable of hosting a colony of parasites. Nearly everybody who has not done a liver flush before will have these inside them contributing to their illness. They are essential to remove. The body has no way of removing them without your help and it represents a constant strain on your immune system leading to illness and premature aging. Neither the immune system nor zapper can reach into these stones to kill the invaders present there.

PLEASE NOTE: Andy Cutler dissuades liver cleanses and suggests they are too hard on the liver. If you are following his chelation protocol carefully you should consider avoiding this option.


10. Certain foods can be making you ill.

  • You should have already done the sulphur elimination test, as described by Andy Cutler in his Amalgam Illness book, in step 2 by avoiding all sulphur foods for 10 days and then sharply adding them back and checking your response. It is important to consider that you could have a sulphur (sulfur) intolerance and may be reacting to foods high in sulphur content.
  • Then, consider also an IgG food intolerace lab test to locate your specific trigger foods causing delayed food reactions. Here is a link from Metametrix explaining IgG testing. Once you have a copy of your results discuss them with a good ‘Nutritional Therapist’. We do not advise consulting ‘Dietitians’, as they are more concerned with calorie-restriction and advise unnatural alternatives (such as margarine or sweeteners), as opposed to Nutritional Therapists who advise more naturally occurring foods.
    • In South Africa, visit the MDS website, which is the lab in SA that processes the Imupro tests. Blood can be drawn at participating labs, e.g. Davies Lab in the Western Cape. MDS can give you a list of other labs that can take blood for you throughout the country.
      • Synexa labs in SA also offer this type of IgG food allergy testing.
  • Consider Liver detoxification tests. This is another important consideration for chronically ill people, is to ensure that your liver pathways (taurine, glutathione, sulphation, methylation, glycine acetylation) are functioning well.


11. Complete the full dental clean-up as advised by Dr Hulda Clark. You should already have had a panoramic x-ray (step 3) and will be aware of what dental components are present inside your mouth. Once your adrenals and thyroid are supported, complete your dental clean-up and follow mercury amalgam removal with proper oral chelation (to remove metals from your body). Remove root canals and clean cavitations (infected holes in the jaw bone in previous extraction sites) and follow the dental aftercare program after surgical procedures, and tackle mercury amalgams and chelate after that. Make sure your dentist adheres strictly to the mercury removal protocol as described by Dr Hal Huggins, or wait until you find one that will before you attempt it.

Make sure you have read what you need to do on the day of a dental visit before each appointment.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is better to leave your mercury amalgams in place than to allow them to be taken out incorrectly! Also, you cannot chelate if you still have a chance of any mercury in your mouth, such as mercury tatoos or amalgams hidden underneath crowns.

The dental clean-up addresses hidden cavitations, root canals and mercury amalgams and other metals. Replace metal crowns with metal-free options. Failure to complete this program can leave focal (primary) sources of infection and toxicity.
THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DENTAL CLEAN-UP CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED and major organ cleansing should not be initiated without this step, as it can open up the detox pathways and start draining infection and ‘gunk’ that the body has tried hard to store away. Ensure that if you are going to detox your organs, that you do the dental work also.

The rule of dentistry has been to save a tooth at all costs, when it should be: ‘don’t keep anything in your mouth that impacts negatively on your immune system’. It is often the difference between illness and true health and when ignored can be the cause of failure or limitation with your health.

from The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry and medicine by Robert Kulacz and Thomas Levy
“The hidden infections found in all root canal treated teeth continues to be arguably the most significant cause of many serious degenerative diseases, most notably cancer and heart disease. It is our opinion that the evidence clearly shows that many, if not most, significant diseases and medical conditions get their start in the dentist’s chair. Some of the dental procedures performed every day by practicing dentists certainly initiate many, and worsen most, medical conditions.
Root canal treated teeth are not the only sources of dental infection, although they are probably the most significant in terms of severity of the diseases they cause. Cavitations are another major contributing source of dental toxicity that remains virtually unknown to the vast majority of practicing dentists world wide…
The case histories that we have cited are nevertheless very real, and the number of people affected by the toxicity of cavitations exceeds even the number of people affected by the toxicity of root canal treated teeth. The vast majority of people that have ever had teeth extracted, especially the larger teeth such as the wisdom teeth and the molars, are suffering from the toxicity of these gangrenous holes in their jawbones. This also means that older dental patients who may feel that they have ‘escaped’ the many toxins associated with modern dental care when they finally get full mouth extractions and dentures have only traded one form of dental toxicity for another form. The denture wearers uniformly have an enormous amount of cavitation-related toxicity. In isolated patients, cavitations toxicity can be as bad or worse than root canal treated toxicity… It appears that any dental infection, whether it is gum-related, root canal-related, cavitation-related, abscess-related, or implant-related, has very consistent and serious medical consequences.

A focal infection seeds microbes throughout the body. The mouth continues to be the most significant source of these seedlings.”


11. Begin oral chelation as advised by Dr Andy Cutler, once you have removed metals from your mouth. Go slowly and take your time, building up the dosages as you go. Ensure that you have joined the one of the excellent support groups, for much needed support and guidance during this process. This process take on average from 1-3 years to complete, and during this process some people will feel fantastic, while others will have non-specific side-effects, such as fatigue and brain-fog. It is a slow, yet progressively effective process.


Remember: Everything starts with the parasite cleanse.

Also, most of us cannot comprehend the importance of the dental cleanup to their health. While you are getting your head around it, simply begin the parasite cleanse. Then move through the other organ cleanses and support your adrenals and thyroid while you prepare for your dental work.


These next steps can be included to cleanse your environment:

  • Clean-up your environment. If your environment is sick, you will not succeed in getting well. See the cleanses are which are advised by Dr Hulda Clark:
  • Address your drinking water as soon as possible. Dr. Clark’s latest research points to polluted water as being the most important cause of ill-health. Everybody should take responsibility by challenging their local Water Departments to ensure that Food-grade bleach is being used to sterilize our water at check-points, rather than Laundry Bleach, such as Jik (with added brighteners, whiteners, azo dyes, metals etc.) Most tap water is heavily polluted for reasons noted here.. Food-grade bleachLaundry Bleach varieties. We urge you to contact your local Water Department to check and confirm that Laundry Bleach is NOT being used at your check-points. Chlorine gas is first used at the main reservoir to sterilize our water. Then as it is channeled to the rest of the suburbs where further liquid bleach is added at check-points if the chlorine levels measure too low. It is there where the big problem lies. We need to make our Water Departments country-wide AWARE of this most vital issue. Read the water section for more information on obtaining safe drinking and cooking water in the interim.
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