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Biological dentists also working with Dr Hulda Clark’s protocols (or recommended by patients to Livingnetwork)


Other Resources to Help You Locate a Mercury-Free Dentist

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The following organizations can help you to find a mercury-free, biological dentist:

The dental clean-up
The dental clean-up is the most important clean-up of all to do.
Also, following all dental surgery with the dental after-care program is of vital importance.

The dental clean-up is crucial to your success and needs to be done early in your body detox program. Failure to address the dental issues, often makes the difference between illness and health. This is because, like the gut, the mouth represents a significant source of potential ‘internal poisoning’, and is relentless on your immune system.

Ensure that you have agreed on the procedures and materials that your dentist will use before beginning treatment. Make sure you have tested and supported your adrenals
and thyroid before beginning, as these commonly crash after dental treatment. This is very important!!!

The bottom line is that if you cannot find a dentist or dental surgeon willing to assist you properly and safely during the dental clean-up, either fly to Mexico to see the biological dentists there, or delay clean-up until you have found one. Specifically, the mercury amalgam removal protocol,
if not done safely, can case problems for your health at a later stage.

Dentists are mostly dismissive about the toxicity of mercury amalgams and metals in general, as well as the danger of root canals, or will offer you ‘biological’ root canals.

Follow the above with Andy Cutler’s safe oral chelation protocol.