Dye cleanse (azo dyes)

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

Dyes Stick Fast
by Dr Hulda Clark

Why are young children eating colored candy, colored drinks, colored cakes, and colored pieces of ornamental sugar on their food?
Even the most primitive cook knows, and has always known, that food is off limits to tampering. Food is not a frivolous part of life. And paint may go on the body, temporarily, for dances, but not in the body. Such instincts are especially applied to children. Parents, throughout the ages, have seen to it that young children got no tampering.
Why have our instincts gone astray? Did we all feel safe in the care of our government agencies the way children feel safe with their parents while they take risks? Did we believe that enough scientific experiments would have been done and long term tests required, preventing any catastrophe from ever happening? As food dyes, one by one, were removed from the food market in the 1960s, after a big increase in the cancer rate, we should have become suspicious of other dyes taking their place and of agencies in general. But as a nation of eager consumers, we did not.
Agencies are not all the same. Cautious agents who put the people’s health first can be followed by agents who put other motives first. It will take people’s groups, who are made up of real parents, not government agencies, to take back control over food and water safety. Agencies have too many conflicting interests. When any piece of meat, chicken or fish has azo dyes, and even the colored produce is dyed, food tampering is at an extreme. It is no wonder that every tumor tested showed the presence of a multitude of dyes. The implication is quite grim …that we have hundreds and more dyes accumulated in all of us. One dye is always present in cancer patients – Fast Green #3 (also called Food Green)*. The Syncrometer detects that it lengthens the life of cells that absorb it, although they become nonfunctional. Life is extended up to 15 times! It is acting just like the gang of oncoviruses! Cancer cells that would have, at least, died at their usual time, are now not able to turn on their own apoptosis. We have already seen oncoviruses doing exactly that. The longevity gene, bcl-2, is much too active. This gene is a major controller of apoptosis.
* This is Fast Green FCF with color index (CI)-42053. Search Fast Green, FCF on Internet.

Normal Longevity
Two genes, bcl-2 and bax, have a big role in deciding how long each one of our cells may live. They keep a balance between living too long or too short. The longevity gene is bcl-2, while bax shortens life by triggering apoptosis. A mutation could easily affect these genes, to tip the results in favor of one or the other. We could have suspected dyes since they were found to cause mutations in the past and cancer is always associated with mutations. Why haven’t these dye-caused mutations been found in regular research? Research choices are partly economically and partly politically made. Parents would make different choices. The Syncrometer sees Fast Green dye concentrated in our CD8 natural killer cells. The cells remain quite alive after this, in increased numbers, but not able to kill anything. Food Green is another name for Fast Green #3. It has accumulated in every USA cancer patient I tested. In the 3-Week Program we will get the dye out with homeography after the dye sources have been removed.
Laundry bleach water contains large amounts of many dyes, although they are invisible. Hundreds of dyes are contained in sprays and essentially all food is sprayed. It is even on our undyed food because laundry bleach disinfectant is used in washing it. It is even on freshly caught fish if the knives and cutting boards are disinfected with laundry bleach. I recently visited a fisherman’s booth near a beach in Mexico. The freshly caught fish were whole and laid on ice. We saw the fisherman take his knife from a bucket of “water” and swish his table with a jug of “water”. In a corner, on the floor, was a gallon of laundry bleach. I bought a filleted fish and an unrinsed whole fish off the ice. I tested each. The fillets were full of dyes and hypochlorite (the telltale sign of chlorination). A piece of washed fish, not filleted, was full of dyes, too. Only the unwashed whole fish was safe to eat. There is evidently no safe fish in the market place. The Syncrometer showed that canned fish, frozen fish and fresh fish were all processed with laundry bleach. This food cannot be cleaned up.
Wherever there is organic matter, dyes are absorbed deeply, the same way as in your tumor cells. They were invented to do exactly that-to persist (not fade).
Dyes do very damaging things. DAB is 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene. This dye raises the alkaline phosphatase level. Check yours on your blood test results. DAB has filled the white blood cells. When it is too low, threatening organ failure, it is due to Fast Garnet and Sudan Black, together with cobalt. When dyes are in your B-lymphocytes the globulin level is disturbed. Sudan Black B and Fast green can raise your LDH. Check yours. It will be in the red blood cells, stuck there sometimes with vanadium. High LDH and alk phos are drastic events in terminal cancer patients. When LDH and alkaline phosphatase levels have gone over 500 or even 1000 it has been speculated about in clinical science but no true cause found or pursued. The Syncrometer shows only these dyes and heavy metals are responsible for these high numbers. When they are removed by homeography, both blood tests come down to normal in days. There is a lot of dye stowed away in these cells. Fast Red and Fast Red Violet cause edema and effusates to develop in the lungs or brain or abdomen. This is a common cause of death for these cancers! Fast Red Violet blocks the body’s ability to detoxify maleic anhydride. It has been known for decades that this substance causes “leakage and effusions” (see The Merck Index, 10 edition). The maleic anhydride comes from the malonic acid in food sprays, in cooking oils, and tooth fillings, and from plastic seepage from your dishes, but mostly from your laundry bleached water. The body has a route for detoxifying it, but not if a dye blocks this (see page 367).
I have studied only seven of many dyes in our food. They need to be studied in all our diseases. The cancer patient must carefully remove all dyes from fruits and vegetables although they are invisible. It is done the same way as removing PCBs, benzene and asbestos-with hot washes. It will be described in Recipes. Every molecule of dye matters because it prevents recovery of the immune system!
The extent of pollution with dyes is almost unimaginable. Here is a real example. Recently a one-mile stretch of ocean beach was being prepared for a beach festival in California. Regular ocean water samples were taken and found to have some E. coli bacteria, not uncommon in these waters. The Navy forces were called in to make the beach safe. Soon the ocean was pink! The Syncrometer detected common laundry bleach and many dyes in it. Apparently the Navy poured in bleach, but also added red dye to mark the area that was treated – we tested the pink water. It looked intensely pink for about 1/2 mile offshore, and lasted for about one week. The public was informed that it was due to “red tide”, certain algae! All the azo dyes in my test kit (18) were in the water, including Fast Green, no doubt a pollutant of the red dye and in the laundry bleach. The dye did not go away; it sank to the bottom of the ocean and could be seen for 2 years afterwards in shallow areas. It will bring immunodepression and growth of tumors to fish, sea mammals and shore birds (see page 369 for the eventual outcome).
Modern enamel cookware seeps huge amounts of dyes. Your toothbrush seeps copious dyes. Your plastic glasses and wristwatch seep. Your plastic teeth seep dyes. That is why the extremely advanced cancer patient is told to use NOTHING, wear NOTHING, apply NOTHING, unless tested by Syncrometer . The plastic teeth will be hardened.
After stopping eating them and absorbing them we can begin to pull the dyes out of your tumors. We will use 2 supplements (vitamin B2 and coenzyme Q10), round after round of zapping, and finally homeography. But the fear is that the dyes will get stuck again in your kidneys or liver along the exit path. Be sure to keep the bowels moving and the bladder emptying. Be sure to keep taking homeographic drops that protect the kidneys. We must find the dyes in the urine before we know we are succeeding.

(from The Prevention of All Cancers pg.209-213 copyright)

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