The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

by Dr Hulda Clark

Ozonation (for food sanitizing)
Ozone can kill bacteria and viruses deep inside food and beverages with surprising speed. In less than 10 minutes all the food in your refrigerator could be sterilized. You simply place it all in a plastic bag so the ozone can build up a slight pressure. This pressure will push it to the bottom of a quart container, right through a stick of butter, and right through meat. Of course the containers or packaging should be open to allow the ozone to enter.
The advantage of ozone, besides speed, is that it turns into oxygen and water, leaving no toxicity behind.

Fig. 123 Ozonating food (CAPOAC pg. 518)
Plastic shopping bag holds groceries and ozonator hose. Ozonating semi-sterilizes and destroys many toxins.

Another advantage is that it can do oxidizing chemistry, although this takes more than 10 minutes. The Syncrometer® shows that the estrogens in dairy products (estrone, estriole and estradiol) are destroyed in 15 minutes. Azo dyes sprayed on meats can be destroyed in 15 to 20 minutes. And many phenolic food substances can be destroyed in 15 minutes as well.

Ozone has great penetrating power which Lugol’s does not. Lugol’s has great attaching ability so surfaces are immediately sterilized. Lugol’s does not penetrate. Each property has special value.

Sanitizing with ozone only takes 7 minutes. Safety from dyes and other chemicals, including chlorine, takes 10 to 20 minutes. But metals cannot be destroyed. They will always be metals, even though they become oxidized metals. Can motor oil, wheel bearing grease, and PCBs be ozonated? This has not yet been tried.

Safety from heavy metals is not possible by ozonating them.

After turning off the ozonator, the packages and containers should be closed again. Ozonation continues, on its own, for about 10 more minutes, even while refrigerated.

Immunodepressed persons should ozonate all their food for its sanitizing effect. Excess ozone flavor can be blown away as the food is warmed later. Flavor changes can be compensated with spices and can be reduced by ozonating a shorter time. Do not ozonate supplements, medicines, or herbs to preserve their potency.

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