The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

Magnetic Polarization of Food

by Dr Hulda Clark

One of Nature’s deepest mysteries is the influence of the earth’s magnetic field on our bodies, on our health …perhaps on all living things. Fruit and vegetables, leaves and flowers, even nuts and grains are north polarized when they are freshly picked or purchased. Inside, where the seeds are, the polarization is southerly. But the soft parts begin to age and wilt and show deterioration within a week of being stored in the refrigerator. The northerly polarization is changing to southerly! It happens gradually. A large bunch of grapes will have some turned completely south in a few days, the wrinkled ones, while others are still completely north (the freshest looking ones). The seed does not change its polarization.

My conclusion is that we were meant to eat northerly polarized food, with just a little bit of southerly food in the form of seeds. Yet, most of the food we eat, even refrigerated food, has turned at least partly south. We are getting an overdose of south polarized food as well as water.

That is why I recommend zappicating our food, especially when we are sick.

(The Prevention of All Cancers pg.523 copyright)