Saliva test, doctors (USA)

Finding a doctor that works with saliva tests and understands treatment options based on them, can be very difficult. Pat, a tireless support on the , offers some advice below. You can find a doctor to work with directly, or order the test yourself through some of the options below. Generally you will need a doctor to prescribe medication anyway. Join the Yahoo group to ask for help.

Finding a Doctor:


  1. A good person to consider is Dr Mark Rhodes. He works by phone, so you can live anywhere. (541) 701 4840. The first 10 minutes is free. He is a specialist working with the tests from Diagnos-Techs. [Skilled. Experienced. Highly regarded.]
  2. Dr Richard Shames MD, founder of Canary Club, does phone consultations.
  3. Canary Club.This was designed with the idea that you consult with someone knowledgeable like Dr Shames or Dr Rhodes re your results and what to do.
  4. Contact Diagnos-Techs to help you to find a doctor using their services.
  5. ZRT Labs will work with you directly, without a doctor.
  6. The Barnes Foundation has a list of doctors doing alternative work with Armour and other hormones.
  7. Mary Shomon has a list of Top Docs:
  8. ACAM American College for Advancement in Medicine. When you search for docs, it shows the specialties for each doctor (e.g. BHRT). But no guarantees there either.
  9. The Armour thyroid website has a physician locator:Of course, this is no indicator or physician competence or quality, but it may be a good starting point.”Also, what I’ve learned in my thyroid travels is that just because a doctor is willing to rx Armour or Nature-Throid, doesn’t mean that is their *first* choice, so that’s an important question to ask before wasting time & money on an appointment. – Andrea HHN 9124. Jan 18, 2009″
  10. Clinicians Using Iodine … provides links to some of the clinicians who have written about iodine.”

Pat (January 18, 2009 Hormones and Health Naturally Yahoo Group)