Dental clean-up

Clean up your dentalware


Prevention of All Cancers


The Amalgam Era may soon be known as the darkest era in human history. Darker than cannibalism, headhunting, throwing Christians to the lions, burning non-Christians at the stake or having two world wars. The amalgam disaster was perpetrated on the very young and very old, on the sick and the healthy, and on women as well its men, much less selective than primitive atrocities.

The toll taken by persuading all these people to accept mercury mixtures to suck on day and night is unimaginable. It started the hundred-year slide downward of our immune power, our only defense against extinction.
The purpose of this dental clean up is:
  • to get rid of the biggest source of heavy metals, plastic ingredients and dyes that are damaging your immune system, besides your laundry bleach drinking water.
  • to get rid of Clostridium bacteria, that are part of the cancer cause, hidden under tooth fillings.

Our only defense against all the parasites, bacteria, viruses and even prions that try to grow in us is our immune system. We may think that cleanliness, intelligence, warm clothing and medicines protect us. But they do not. Our white blood cells have infinitely more power. Their job is eating our enemies and killing and removing them in a variety of ways: sometimes physically, sometimes through chemicals they make, sometimes through electrical (or perhaps magnetic) effects. When we accidentally damage our WBCs, it is a very serious matter.

Amalgam is producing a steady flow of mercury and thallium into our bodies, not to mention nickel, chromium, copper and dozens more. Even gold is extremely harmful, being an essential element for prions, Salmonella bacteria, SV 40 virus and even the HIV virus! None of the amalgam metals had to be disclosed even though nickel and chromium have had top rating as carcinogens for 30 years! Only mercury in California now has a warning.

Without disclosure, the entire amalgam-assault against humanity was a secret one. We did not know what we were putting in our mouths, although the manufacturers did. We thought “silver fillings” were mainly silver, and pure, when they were very impure and mainly mercury. The Dental Association knew all along what the results of scientific research was pointing to, and that the effects of eating such poisons, as one must when it is in the mouth, are cumulative so each passing year brings more toxicity.
It seems there was no concern for purity or health hazard by an organization that had the public trust. The Syncrometer
® detected 50 metals in a single sample of new amalgam that was ready to be placed in someone’s mouth.I have found this quote to be completely correct. There is essentially no bleeding, no pain, no swelling and no return of Clostridium.
DON’T USE HOUSEHOLD BLEACH because it is not safe for internal use! Obtain food-grade (USP) bleach from Sources. Purchase the same strength, (5 to 6%), as regular household bleach. Check the label. Then dilute it yourself. Use the
recipe on page 572



A – Silver
AI – Aluminum
Ba – Barium
Be- Beryllium
Bi – Bismuth
Cd – Cadmium
Ce – Cerium
Cs -Cesium
Cu – Copper
Dy – Dysprosium
Eu – Europium
Gd – Gadolinium
Ge – Germanium
Hg – Mercury
Ho – Holmium
In – Indium
La – Lanthanum
Li – Lithium
Mn – Manganese
Mo – Molybdenum
Nb – Niobium
Nd – Neodymium
Ni – Nickel
Pb – Lead
Pr – Praseodymium
Pt – Platinum
Rb – Rubidium
Re – Rhenium
Rh – Rhodium
Rn – Radon
Ru – Ruthenium
Sb – Antimony
Sc – Scandium
Se – Selenium
Si – Silicon
Sm – Samarium
Sn – Tin
Sr – Strontium
TI – Thallium
Ta – Tantalum
Tb – Terbium
Ti – Titanium
Yb – Ytterbium
V – Vanadium
W – Tungsten
Y – Yttrium
Zn – Zinc
Zr – Zirconium

Fig. 92 Elements found in “pure” amalgam by Syncrometer (pg. 328 POAC)

Notice the lanthanides in amalgam: Ce, Dy, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, No, Nb, Pr, Sm, Tb, Yb, Y. They are nearly all represented. As they diffuse out into our bodies, will their paramagnetic nature upset the delicate iron balance, will they be excretable? This should have been studied before putting them in our mouths.
The cancer victim must remove every bit of amalgam, however tiny, from the mouth. There is no way of getting immunity back without this fundamental act.
White blood cells that have eaten mercury and thallium can trap bacteria and viruses but never manage to kill them. They have lost killing power. They also do not make
L-G or L-A (see page 570). A tumor full of seeped mercury/thallium has no chance to clear itself of SV 40 viruses and Clostridium bacteria or anything else.
In earlier editions of this book I recommended drilling out amalgam to replace with plastic for teeth that had fillings. I no longer do that.
Now that I see bits of mercury spattered all over the mouth, some large enough to see on x-rays, the safest solution is extraction. Tiny bits of amalgam created by drilling would add up to a much greater surface area for mercury seepage than before. The amalgam-diseases would not go away.
Plastic fillings shed azo dyes, heavy metals(!), bisphenol A (an estrogen-like substance, not good for boys or girls), and malonic acid, urethane, acrylic acid, DAP (a phthalate), all of which are carcinogens.

But a way has been found to stop plastic seepage, although the results are preliminary. If you have only plastic, not plastic-replacing-amalgam, you could choose this new and experimental path. It has been in use for 4 years but only used for 2 dozen patients. In each case, the new treatment stopped the seepage. It is done with a tooth zappicator, see page 344.
Extracting the teeth that once had amalgam and zappicating your plastic teeth is a compromise that should be monitored by each person choosing it. Have your saliva tested by Syncrometer .


The Visit to the Dentist
Find an oral surgeon or dentist willing to clean up your mouth for you. Willing to search for leftover bits of old amalgam, called
tattoos. It is more than “just pulling teeth.” You may need to search hard for such a dentist. The alternative dentists have led the movement to ban amalgam from dental supplies. If you have cancer or other disease, find a metal-free dentist. This points to the progressive stance of this professional group. You may need to travel many miles and even visit other countries to find the right alternative dentist.
First, obtain a good quality panoramic x-ray of your mouth. A panoramic views the entire mouth including jaws and sinuses allowing you to see much more than single teeth (see page 335).
If your decision has been made, no delay is necessary. The dentist can see all the metal teeth at a glance. Then request in writing that she/he extract them, or sign the appropriate form (to legally protect the dentist).
Arrange for a friend to accompany you to the dental office. Ask for permission to have your friend nearby, just outside the cubicle with the dental chair. Your friend can hand you your antiseptic. Your friend should sit quietly, not wasting the dentist’s time with talk or questions. Your friend can drive you home.
Treat yourself to a good meal before going for dental work. You will be on liquids for two days and should not lose weight. Do not take extra vitamin C on your dental day. It detoxifies, that is, destroys anesthetic, so the dentist would have to give you much more of it.
If you have “dentist phobia”, take a strong dose of painkiller (not aspirin), 1/2 hour before your appointment time (so you won’t even feel the painkiller being given!).

Your Antiseptic is Best Make your own antiseptic.
By far the best antiseptic to use during dental work is USP (NSF) chlorine bleach; this is the kind that does not have the 5 immunity destroyers. This excerpt describes it:
Bunyan [in The Use of Hypochlorite For The Control of Bleeding, Oral Surgery, v. 13, 1960, pp. 1026-1032] reported that rinsing with 0.2% hypochlorite solution stops postoperative bleeding within 1 minute after a tooth extraction or other oral operation. The hypochlorite solution functions also to contract and harden the blood clots and make them more resistant to infection. In addition to the effective hemostasis and the change in the character of the clot, the author reported a reduction of swelling of traumatized gingival tissues and diminution of the postoperative pain.


Bleach, whether USP or not is very caustic. You must not use it at full strength. You must dilute it 100-fold. Follow the recipe exactly.

We will name your new diluted bleach that you have just made, Dental Bleach. It is only 1 % as strong as regular bleach. Even this may be too strong for you. Try it at home first. You may dilute it further, in half. Then take it with you to the dentist, along with a safe cup. You will need 1/2 cup. Rinse your mouth with it just before you sit down in the dental chair. Never swallow it! Spit it into the receptacle. Hold your antiseptic in your lap. Later, when the dentist signals you to rinse your mouth, use your solution again. Also rinse one last time before leaving the office. The dentist will appreciate this extra care because she/he is less likely to see post-dental infection in you.Second best would be Lugol’s iodine solution (six drops of actual Lugol’s iodine in 1/2 cup of water). This is not nearly as good. Use up the entire amount before leaving the dental office.

Third best is colloidal silver. Make your own colloidal silver solution since the commercially available ones I tested had the usual laundry bleach antiseptic.


As soon as the extractions are completed, the sockets left behind must be cleaned to remove leftover bits of tissue. This will prevent leaving a residue for bacteria to thrive on later. Then they are squirted with a dropper of diluted Lugol’s iodine solution, or straight white iodine (see Recipes page 556). If you are allergic to iodine use Dental Bleach for this, too. You must supply these.

Commercial antiseptic made for the dental profession is not satisfactory. It invariably contains isopropyl alcohol besides dyes and other chemicals. These will enter your
brain and tumors immediately through your new wounds. Strong salt water or straight ethyl alcohol (20%) would be better.

Save the Pieces
Tell the dentist before sitting down in the chair that you would like to keep the extracted teeth,
root canals, and fillings, but they can all be tossed into a bag together. If the dentist tells you this is not allowed due to Public Health regulations, agree to fill out the proper application forms. (Were they safer in your mouth?) But they do belong to you. You may be curious in the future about what they contain, and could have been leaching.
If the odor from them is overwhelming you may understand how the internal infection of these teeth was poisoning your body! Finally, you may wish to look for the
Clostridium infection, which would be a darkened area or fine black lines under fillings.
Save loose pieces of metal and plastic because you may wish to have them analyzed at a later date, too. Or you may simply wish to gloat over the retrieved “treasure” as you identify corrosion and infection. Take a picture of them to remind you later how bad they really were.
When extractions are done, congratulate yourself for the achievement. Start the Dental Aftercare
program at once. Do not eat or drink (besides water) for the rest of the day after an extraction.
Fig. 93 Tops and bottoms of some metal crowns (pg.333 POAC)
The top surfaces of fillings and crowns are kept glossy by brushing (you swallow the “brushings”). Underneath is tarnish and foulness. Ask to see your crowns when they are removed
All root canals and dead teeth must be extracted, as well as teeth with metal fillings. Teeth with implants have not been studied enough to know which metals they shed or if Clostridium infections start in their vicinity. For this reason, you must use your own judgment on implants.

After extractions and cleaning the socket, the dentist or surgeon needs to do two more things before stitching up the wound: old cavitation cleaning and amalgam clean up.

Huggins Cavitation Cleaning
The tooth was held in the socket by soft tissues like tiny ligaments. Unless these are removed, too, they will decay and provide opportunity for bacteria to reside there, to create a future cavitation. This procedure was taught in the past by Dr. Hal Huggins and many dentists are familiar with it.
While the new sockets are being cleaned, any old infected sockets, called old cavitations should be cleaned out as well. Some cavitation sites are less obvious; they must be searched for by a knowledgeable dentist. Hidden cavitations, those that don’t show up on the x-ray, nor develop at former tooth sites, often clear up without surgery after this dental clean up.

Arechiga Gum Cleaning
The second task after extracting your metal teeth and cleaning cavitations is to remove imbedded amalgam from the gums. This procedure has been developed by
Dr. Benjamin Arechiga of Mexico. Each quadrant of your mouth needs an amalgam clean up. The top of the gum line will be gray from absorbed mercury. It is easiest for you to have this done while extractions are being done. The dentist begins by cutting a straight line on top of the bony ridge of the jaw where teeth once were.
Next, he/she snips away 1/8 inch (3 mm) of the gum on each side of the incision. Two ribbons 1/8 inch wide and extending from the wisdom teeth to the closest front teeth are discarded. The remaining gum tissue stretches over the top easily and is sutured over. Surprisingly, the new gum tissue is more elastic and heals much faster than the old, mercury-saturated gums. You can count on your gums  being healed in two to three days. We call it the Arechiga technique, after the oral surgeon who invented it. While the dentist is cutting out mercury-drenched gum tissue, the exposed bone can be cleaned of old amalgam bits that are easier to spot now.

Fig. 94 Panoramic showing large cavitation at lower left (pg.335 POAC)

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