Dr Frank Jerome (IN, USA)

Frank Jerome, D.D.S – Dentist
639 Washington Street Columbus
IN. 47201
Phone: 1 812 376-8525
We are one hour south of Indianapolis, IN., on I-65.
“We are a very conservative practice that tries to maintain as much enamel as possible. This means that we crown only previously crowned teeth. We are willing to work with any Dr. Clark patients to do what they need and want done. Patients for the West or East coast find it less expensive to come to see us even with the costs of travel and hotel stays than to have the work done nearer home. We have seen patients from half the states and five other continents. We remove root canaled teeth, treat cavitations, and thoroughly clean tooth sockets after extractions. We have been doing this for over 20 years. My book, “The Tooth Truth“, is written for patients to protect themselves from dentists. It is highly recommended reading before you see a dentist. It is available from the website.”
Materials used by Dr Jerome:

  • Helio Progress (Helio Progress MSDS) by Ivoclar Vivadent
  • LAVA Crowns by 3M ESPE
  • Solo plus (Solo plus MSDS) by Kerr