Ozonator: using at home

Using your ozonator at home

A home ozonator can be used in many ways. Some common options are offered below, but be sure to visit Ozone Center to learn about many other options and protocols for specific conditions.
For a comprehensive overview of ozone and its numerous applications, read the Story of Ozone,
by Dr Saul  Pressman.


CAUTION: Do not breathe ozone as it oxidizes the epithelial layer of the lungs. This is about the only serious precaution with ozone. Ozone can only be breathed when bubbled through olive oil (see below)


Home Applications

1. Ozone for food sanitizing: One of the most practical methods of using ozone in your home is for food sanitizing. Dr Clark’s guidelines below explain how to do this. The basics are to put your groceries (packaging opened) in a big plastic bag, or even a soft cooler bag/box of some sort and introduce ozone into the bag for 20 minutes. Don’t put herbs and supplements near ozone as they will be oxidized.

Ozonation (for food sanitizing) by Dr Hulda Clark

Ozone can kill bacteria and viruses deep inside food and beverages with surprising speed. In less than 10 minutes all the food in your refrigerator could be sterilized. You simply place it all in a plastic bag so the ozone can build up a slight pressure. This pressure will push it to the bottom of a quart container, right through a stick of butter, and right through meat. Of course the containers or packaging should be open to allow the ozone to enter.
The advantage of ozone, besides speed, is that it turns into oxygen and water, leaving no toxicity behind.

Fig. 123 Ozonating food (CAPOAC pg. 518)
Plastic shopping bag holds groceries and ozonator hose. Ozonating semi-sterilizes and destroys many toxins.

Another advantage is that it can do oxidizing chemistry, although this takes more than 10 minutes. The Syncrometer® shows that the estrogens in dairy products (estrone, estriole and estradiol) are destroyed in 15 minutes. Azo dyes sprayed on meats can be destroyed in 15 to 20 minutes. And many phenolic food substances can be destroyed in 15 minutes as well.

Ozone has great penetrating power which Lugol’s does not. Lugol’s has great attaching ability so surfaces are immediately sterilized. Lugol’s does not penetrate. Each property has special value.

Sanitizing with ozone only takes 7 minutes. Safety from dyes and other chemicals, including chlorine, takes 10 to 20 minutes. But metals cannot be destroyed. They will always be metals, even though they become oxidized metals. Can motor oil, wheel bearing grease, and PCBs be ozonated? This has not yet been tried.

Safety from heavy metals is not possible by ozonating them.

After turning off the ozonator, the packages and containers should be closed again. Ozonation continues, on its own, for about 10 more minutes, even while refrigerated.

Immunodepressed persons should ozonate all their food for its sanitizing effect. Excess ozone flavor can be blown away as the food is warmed later. Flavor changes can be compensated with spices and can be reduced by ozonating a shorter time. Do not ozonate supplements, medicines, or herbs to preserve their potency.

(The Prevention of All Cancers pg.518 copyright)

2. Ozone for air sanitizing: Ozone kills mold, bacteria and viruses that are exposed to it. Close all the windows and doors of a room and turn the ozonator on for an hour. When you return to the room, enter quickly while breathing through some material to protect your lungs and open all the widows to ventilate immediately


How to make ozonated water?
To make ozonated water use 500ml of cool water. Spring water is best, thereafter distilled or reverse osmosis water can be used . Ozonate for at least 5 minutes. Cool water holds ozone better than warm water. If you put it in a sealed container and in the fridge it will last for 6 hours.


3. Ozonated water for health maintenance: Dr Clark uses ozonated water in her cancer program (2 cups per day). She has suggested one cup per day can be helpful for detoxification and for pathogen killing. You can use it periodically. Use first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


4. Ozone for dental maintenance: If you have had all the metal removed (mercury amalgam and crowns) from your mouth, then you can make some ozonated water and use it in your Water pik/Oral B oxyjet. This keeps the bacteria at bay.  Using it periodically during times of dental surgery, even if you have not yet removed all metals, it is suitable. Long-term use will oxidize metals.
Use the ozonated water to sterilize your tooth brush, dental plates and just about anything else, but leaving them in the water for some time.


5. Ozone for detoxing PCB’s: Dr Clark advises ozone in order to clear PCB’s from the body. For more information see the PCB cleanse.

Medical Applications
Flow rates and a 100% oxygen feed are vital to medical applications of ozone. Thus you need to be able to adjust the flow rate on your unit, and will likely need to purchase an ozonater capable of these functions e.g. the Beta III Generator
from Dr. Pressman, which can adjust the flow rate and has an oxygen concentrator supplying ozone made from oxygen. The cost of his unit is $2000.


6. Ozone for wound healing and skin complaints: External Limb Bagging
This information is sourced here
“Ozone limb bagging requires only a clear plastic bag in order to confine the ozone to the area being treated. The limb is moistened first, in order to aid the penetration of ozone through the skin, then enclosed in the plastic bag and the ozone is introduced by the silicone tube from the generator into the bag. The top of the bag is securely closed with either a cloth strip or an elastic strap. Be careful to not tie too tight, so that the circulation is not cut off. Open the oxygen tank valve, turn on the regulator at a flow rate of 1/16 liters/minute (60 CC/min) (aiming for between 50-72 ug/ml of ozone depending on your generator), turn on the ozone generator and allow ozone/oxygen gas to enter the bag for 20 – 30 minutes…”


7. Ozone for organs – Funneling or cupping: Dr Pressman notes: “Cupping with a funnel is a technique where ozone is introduced to the body surface on a specific restricted area at a low oxygen flow rate. The area to be treated (liver, pancreas, spleen, intestine, kidney, adrenal, to treat parts of skin, etc) should be wet and then the plastic funnel is held firmly over the specific area. If you are not in the sauna then place a warm wet wash cloth over area of interest for around one minute to wet the skin and open the pores, allowing the ozone to enter through the skin. The flow rate should be low at between 1/32 (30 CC/min)liters/minute – 1/16 liters/minute (60 CC/min). If you are in the sauna up to 1/8 l/m (120 CC/min) is okay. Never run a higher flow rate than 1/8 l/m when funneling, so that the back pressure does not get too great and possibly blow off a fitting inside the generator. Move the funnel every five minutes a few inches. Make sure the skin is wet where the funnel is moved to. Hold it firmly against the skin. A certain amount of pressure will build up, and that helps to get ozone into the body through the open pores. When funneling, especially in close proximity to the nose/mouth, be sure to have a fan or strong draft to dissipate the possible small escape of ozone. When doing treatment within the sauna cabinet then the skin is wet anyway and an ozone leakage doesn’t matter. Treatments should be between 20 – 30 minutes. Funneling has increasingly positive results when applied daily for between 3 weeks to 3 months.” You can read more about his comments here.


8. Ozone for asthma and respiratory infections: Ozone can only be breathed when bubbled through extra virgin olive oil.  Dr Pressman notes:
“Ozone can be inhaled if it is first bubbled through extra virgin olive oil. DO NOT INHALE OZONE OTHERWISE. The recommended concentration of ozone is between 30 – 60 ug/ml at an oxygen flow rate of 1/16 liters/minute (60 CC/min) through olive oil in a bottle of for up to 15 minutes twice daily, initially. Often the patient’s tolerance increases after a number of treatments and can eventually extend the length of time up to 30 minutes a session twice a day. Repeated treatments over 3 – 8 weeks at a time are commonly sufficient for many respiratory pathologies”
You can read more about his respiratory protocol here

The DIY method is to use any glass container, half-fill it with cold pressed virgin olive oil. Place diffuser at bottom of container, put towel around head to cover the container and inhale ozone that escapes through olive oil.
To order a specially made ‘Asthma kit’ ($35) that you can bubble ozone through the olive oil, contact Sherri-lee
(Dr Pressman’s wife). She also sells ozonated olive oil on her website.


9. Ear Insufflation – This information is sourced here.
“The ozone enters the ear canal and passes through the eardrum, which is semi-permeable. There, it oxidizes anything that is growing there, e.g., candida. After that, it will travel on to the eyes, and into the brain, oxidizing any toxins it comes into contact with. That is why this is a useful treatment for eye problems, as well as epilepsy and brain cancer. Set flow rate to 1/32 litre/minute (30 CC/min) and the concentration of ozone to somewhere between 35-50 ug/ml. Do each ear for just a few minute the first time, and increase the time as your tolerance allows for up to 10-15 per ear.Insufflation in the ear is excellent for ear infections, mastoiditis; hearing problems caused by candida; tinnitus; and beyond the ear to sinusitis; macular degeneration; retinitis pigmentosa; head colds; flu; bronchitis, asthma, Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; even brain cancer.”
Start at 2 minutes per day per ear and work up to 15 minutes, 3 times per day. A lot of drainage can occur, so be sure to put an old towel on your pillow to protect it at night.


10. Vaginal insufflation
This information is sourced here
“Insert a clean olive oil lubricated vaginal catheter hooked up to an ozone generator and set the regulator to deliver 1/32 liter/minute. Some women have said they use 1/16 l/m to tackle an aggressive cold. Turn on the generator and let the gas enter for between 5-30 minutes.
Sometimes there is an oxidation/heat producing sensation at first, and if it is too uncomfortable, stop and try again the next day. After you are used to it, you may be able to run it for an hour or two at a time.
It can be done daily. Sometimes the gas escapes the vagina. This can usually be prevented by lying on your left side with your knees drawn up.
Usually there is no problem with drying of the vaginal tissue, especially because of using the olive oil lubricant.
Vaginal insufflation is used for any vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problem, including pelvic inflammatory diseases, fibroids, etc. The ozone will enter the lymph system from vaginal insufflation, as well as the blood stream.”

Often there is a burning sensation that accompanies vaginal insufflation initially. This occurs as pathogens are killed and will go away eventually, but to avoid excessive discomfort, only start at 2 minutes per day, and work up slowly towards 30 minutes per day.


11. Rectal insufflation – This information is sourced here.
“Doing rectal insufflations, one must first clean out the colon by means of a colonic/enema with water, preferably ozonated water. The insufflation should be done immediately after an colonic/enema, or after a bowel movement (this last method is not really recommended, but suggested only for those who absolutely need rectal insufflations and refuse to do an enema). Open the oxygen valve. With the generator turned on and the gas flowing, lie on your left side and insert the catheter about 5 -10 cm into the rectum. Apply lubrication when needed. Set the flow rate to 1/32 liter/minute. ”
Start for a few minutes at a time and see if you have any undue side-effects from the detoxification. If detox affects are mild, you can build up towards 30 minutes per day. Generally, the less toxic you are, the fewer the detoxification symptoms. A slow flow rate is particularly important.


12. Ozonated olive oil – is both tricky and time consuming to make at home. Rather obtain it from a reputable source, like this options in the USA.


13. IV ozone needs to be administered by a qualified medical profession.

NB: Taking Vitamin C  and Vitamin E a few hours after your ozone treatment can help ‘mop-up’ all of the pathogens that were killed and toxins mobilized during your session, and help reduce detox effects. Ozone is an oxidant, so taking anti-oxidants is helpful during treatment.
– Take 1-2g of Vitamin C and
– 800-1200IU of Vitamin E (but only the natural d-alpha-tocopherol form, not the synthetic ‘dl’ form)


Flow rates valves
The medical applications (e.g. ear, vaginal, rectal administration) require that the flow rate of your unit be adjusted, so as not to cause harm through a build up of pressure. Many of the more expensive units incorporate a flow rate valve into them e.g. Dr Pressman’s.
and are ideal for this use.
Many of the cheaper units have a set flow rate e.g. 2.5L per minute (200mg/hour). If you already have a smaller unit, the only way to reduce the flow rate for proper medical application is to order a flow rate valve ‘Rate Master flow-meter‘ from Dwyer.  You would need to put this on the output side of the unit to slow down the rate of ozone exiting it. The unit would still need to be fed with 100% oxygen delivered from an oxygen tank.
Ask for the Dwyer RMA-11-SSV-VIT-SPCL. This is the code for the ozone resistant valve. Cost is $112. Its flow rate range is: 30 to 240 CC/min (= 1/32 to 1/4 L/min). (In South African’s to contact Neville from Proflow, Tel: +27 (0) 11-451-7000. Ask for the RMA-11-SSV-VIT-SPCL. Delivery time 4-6 weeks.)

Make sure you also ask for two 1/8 NPT stainless steel fittings that you will need to make the valves functional i.e. this is where the pipes attach to.


Flow rates
Most protocols use L/min, but you need to know the CC/min reading also if you have a small unit, as that is what the external Flow meter measures. The following flow rates are recommended.

  • 1/32 L/min = 30 CC/min (Ear, Funneling, Rectal, Vaginal)
  • 1/16 L/min = 60 CC/min (External limb bagging, Funneling, Respiratory)
  • 1/8 L/min = 120 CC/min (Funneling when in Sauna)

The lower the flow rate, the higher the ozone concentration, because it picks up more ozone as it passes slowly through the generator, and less as it passes quickly through it.

100% Oxygen feed
Dr Pressman is clear that only 100% oxygen be used to feed the ozonators for medical applications used on or in the body and his ozone units come with this option already included. Many cheaper and smaller units also have an inlet where the oxygen feed can attach too. Ensure that you obtain a unit with this in mind. (100% oxygen need not be used when sterilizing food or air).

If you have a smaller unit and wish to order oxygen for it in South Africa, contact AFROX, who seemingly have a monopoly on oxygen and require you to rent a 1.8kg Oxygen cylinder (knee height and weighs about 20kg) for R148/month and an initial set up deposit of R400.
It costs R159.60 to refill each time. Delivery is free as long as booked at least a day in advance. Phone 0860-030-202 and they will fax/email you and application form.


The following materials are safe to use with ozone:

  • Glass is ozone resistant. Ozonate your liquids in glass containers.
  • Teflon piping is ozone resistant. Order this for your piping needs.
  • Kynar valves and fittings are ozone resistant. Use this to join your Teflon pipes and for non-return valves that will need to prevent back-flow of fluid into the unit which would damage it.

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