Dr Benjamin Arechega, Oral Surgeon (Tijuana, Mexico)

Dr Solorio (Dentist) and Dr Arechega (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon) used to work together for many years, and now run separate practices. They work very closely with Dr Hulda Clark and use techniques compatible to her protocols.
Dr. Benjamin Arechiga, D.D.S – Oral Surgeon Mexico
Tijuana Mexico
1310 Josefa Ortiz de Domingues
Plaza Santa Fe across street from Funerals del Rio), Zona del Rio.
E-mail: and for appointments:
Phone in US 619-819-86-71 or 619-270-11-48
Phone in Tijuana Mexico 664 6829464 and 664 6829465

“Dr. Arechiga has been working with Dr. Hulda Clark’s patients. He is an oral surgeon and works in a professional team together with a dentist and a dental technician plus supporting staff. Their work is A quality and they are better equipped than most US dental practices (e.g. digital panoramic Xray) while the prices are reasonable.”