Hair tests (1-100)

Hair testing

The least expensive lab to order the Doctors Data Incorporated (DDI) hair elements test from is Holistic Health International.

Once you have received your results back, if you would like help in interpreting them, consider one of the following options:

1. Join the Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank on Facebook: This group is really simple to use and particularly helpful, since Andy Cutler himself answers many questions. You can upload a picture of your hair test and receive quick feedback from helpful members.


2. Join the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (previously known as the FDC Yahoo group). This is a somewhat more complicated email forum, and you will receive many emails a day (although you can set it up to read online only to avoid excessive emails in your inbox).

To contribute to this hair test database below, ideally please e-mail us your hair test in the original Acrobat PDF format that was sent to you when your results were returned from the lab. Ideally, please do not scan your hard copy of the hair test and send the scanned version as it is usually too large – or if you have to, please send in the smallest file size possible (the email link above requires an email programme on your PC, if you receive an error on clicking, please use the contact us form to make contact and request our email, which is hidden to prevent spam).

Once you have sent the hair test to us, we will remove your name, leaving only your age, gender and location. We would prefer that only DDI tests be posted to keep in line with Dr Andy Cutler’s oral chelation protocol, however if you have a test from a different lab, we will post it also.

Please be sure to answer all these questions when you send the test in:

  1. What are your current symptoms and health history?
  2. Dental history (Wisdom teeth removed and when? Any other extractions. First root canal placed? Braces? First amalgam etc…)
  3. What dental work do you currently have in place? What part of the dental clean-up have you completed?
  4. What dentistry did your mother have at any time before or during pregnancy?
  5. What vaccinations have you had and when (including flu and especially travel shots)?
  6. Supplements and medications (including dosages) taken at time of hair test, or for the 3-6 months before the sample was taken?
  7. What is your age, height and weight?
  8. Other information you feel may be relevant?
  9. What is your location – city & country (so that we can learn where certain toxins are more prevalent).

Then, make sure you have joined the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (was Frequent Dose Chelation) Yahoo group, as suggested above. Once you have emailed us the test, we will upload it and give you a hair test number. You then send an email to the Yahoo group, with the hair test number as your subject line, and ask for help. Members will support and help you to interpret the hair test. They are a large group of individuals working in depth with the Cutler protocol of oral chelation.

Please ensure that you have read the disclaimer on this website and at the Mercury Detoxification Support Forum (was Frequent Dose Chelation) Yahoo group, as no responsibility is taken whatsoever for any advice dispensed. Please note also, that if you send your hair test to us we have no control over who views it while on the web. So even though your name will not appear on it, if you are not comfortable with this open process please do not proceed. We cannot interpret any hair tests via e-mail unless you go through the above process, and you will need to join the group to access this privilege.

You are strongly advised to do the following before proceeding:

1) Obtain both of Andy Cutler’s books to assist you with the oral chelation protocol, and with proper hair test interpretation. This is self-health in practice and that means self-responsibility. Although there are many people willing to support you, you need to be fully informed before proceeding.

2) Join one of the above support forms to assist you through the process.

This page contains hair tests 1-199, for the others go here:

Hair Tests 1-199

Hair Test 200-399

Hair Test 400-onwards

Where the word series is used, it indicates that follow-up hair tests have been done.

  • Hair Test 1 Series 44yrs Male, Cape Town, RSAHighly stressed adrenals. Very elevated potassium. Extremely high adrenaline production, compensating for low cortisol. Possibly resistance stage of stress prior to adrenal exhaustion. Mixed metal retention into yellow – likely to be a lot higher than on hair as indicated by history. Had chelated for 3 months of DMSA only before 1st test. Dental cleanup completed 1 year before 1st test, all metals removed. Severe reaction to ALA. Can only dose 3.75mg ALA per round. 2nd test done almost exclusively after DMSA chelation bringing lead and mercury down. Hydrocortisone 7.5mg for several months has improved the adrenal ratio.
  • Hair Test 2 Series – 71yrs Male, Cape Town, RSARetired Dentist. Very elevated mercury. Mercury toxic with Normal Mineral Transport (rare), although dentists usually self-select themselves to work with mercury and have an unusual tolerance to it. Feels subjectively healthy. Still has gold crowns, perhaps with mercury amalgams underneath. Follow-up test with a ‘Hair Toxic Element Exposure’ to test for gold levels. Mercury was still raised, with gold low.
  • Hair Test 3 – 51yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Very elevated Mercury. Deranged Mineral Transport with an all low mineral presentation. Dental cleanup completed 1 year before. No chelation done at time of test. Shows most common sign of mercury poisoning, low lithium. This leads to unstable moods and volatile behaviour.
  • Hair Test 4 Series – 61yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Very elevated silver from long-term colloidal silver use. Barium is very elevated due to external contamination from ‘Henna hair dye’, and is therefore not counted when using the counting rules. Completed 4 rounds of DMSA at 12.5mg to 25mg & 1 round ALA, at time of hair test. Dental cleanup complete 1 year before – no metals currently in mouth. Follow-up hair test shows a vast increase in silver despite no more exposure. Likely that the chelation and stopping chronic exposure is allowing the silver to be excreted. Metabolic ratio’s have somewhat worsened, likely as she was not on adrenal or thyroid support during chelation (which is very stressful to the body).
  • Hair Test 5 – 51yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Definite and serious thyroid issues. Comfirmed by low body temperatures. Also, low adrenaline production. Elevated nickel, titanium and aluminum. Normal mineral transport but history suggests mercury toxicity. Confirmed with side-effects from chelation. Had an amalgam hidden under a crown causing terrible side-effects at first. Possible hidden Copper. Vey low mercury levels despite recent chelation and dental work indicates likely-hood of inabilty to excrete mercury which causes serous toxicity. Probably retains a lot of mercury in the brain and liver considering her extreme symptoms and low hair mercury
  • Hair Test 6 – 10yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Only exposure through vaccines and Intra-uterine exposure from mother. All low mineral transport presentation and Deranged mineral transport. Symptoms of ADHD. Started on 10mg DMSA per round.Hair Test 7 Series – 42yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Severe Adrenal and thyroid issues. Low cortisol (confirmed with cortisol saliva test), low adrenaline and low thyroid hormones. Mixed Copper and mercury poisoning with Deranged Mineral Transport. Cortisol saliva test shows low cortisol with low DHEA suggesting Stage 7 adrenal exhaustion. Follow-up test shows dramatic improvement in metabolic indicators with Normal Mineral Tranport. Supplementation and chelation during the last year.
  • Hair Test 8 – 54yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Very elevated mercury with Normal Mineral Transport. Possible mercury still under old metal crowns. Elevated Silver, Tin and Titanium. Titanium implants may account for raised titanium.
  • Hair Test 9 – 53yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Elevated Mercury, Aluminum and Nickel. Possible Adrenal stress – confirmed with saliva test. . Normal ratio’s
  • Saliva Test 9: Full hormone profile. Stage 5 adrenal fatigue.
  • Hair Test 10 – 50yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Severe Adrenal insufficiency. Low cortisol, adrenaline and thyroid. Dental clean-up not yet completed.
    • Panoramic X-ray 10 – this x-ray is used to get an overall impression of your dentistry.
    • Cavitat Scan 10 – The cavitat scan is used to detect hidden cavitations.
  • Hair Test 11 48yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Raised arsenic and mercury. Many Mercury amalgams still in mouth and arsenic exposure likely from drinking ‘farm’ water possibly contaminated with pesticides
  • Hair Test 12 Series 31yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Mercury poisoning due to counting rules with Deranged Mineral Transport. Somewhat all low presentation of minerals. Low adrenaline production. Chelated for 3 months, DMSA at 25mg, about ten rounds at time of hair test. Dental clean-up complete one year ago. Was on high regimen of vitamin and mineral supplementation at time of test. Follow-up hair test shows Normal Mineral Transport with raised mercury. Likely from ALA moving mercury out of storage areas. Feels subjectively cured after 2 years chelation, with residual thyroid problems under treatment. This is confirmed by the metalbolic indicators that worsened during chelation without proper adrenal and thyroid support.
  • Hair Test 13 Series – 5yrs Female, Diamond, Ohio, USA
  • Hair Test 14 – 58yrs Male, Oakanogan County, Eastern Washington, USA
  • Hair Test 15
  • Hair Test 16 – 37yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 17 – 45yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Very elevated Mercury. Recent Mercury poisoning due to unsafe removal of amalgams by dentist. All metals removed 3 months before hair test. Symptoms of severe hyperthyroid and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Hair Test 18 44yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA Works in dentist rooms. Elevated Mercury and silver. Amalgam fillings still in place. Very elevated Cobalt possibly due to handling of blue dental impression or from dental crowns in place (with cobalt as an ingredient). Very elevated Cobalt can lead to tinnitus, which he has.
  • Hair Test 19 – 43yrs Female, New York City, USA
  • Hair Test 20 – 65yrs, Male, Cape Town, RSA
    • Saliva Test 20 – Adrenal Stress Index. Stage 5 Adrenal Fatigue.
    • Stool Test 20 – No ‘good’ E.Coli and high counts of Candida. Low SIgA, suggestive of a leaky gut.
  • Hair Test 21 – 54yrs, Male, Cape Town, RSA Severe all low presentation despite subjectively feeling well. Fulfills 3 of the counting rules (maximum that one can fill) showing a near certainty of hidden mercury. All low presentation of essential elements presents a high likelihood that metals are actually higher than indicated on test. Low thyroid. Low adrenaline production and poor sugar control. Many amalgams still in place.
  • Hair Test 22 – 43yrs, Female, Cape Town, RSA Normal mineral transport with high mercury (but not very elevated). Supplements well, dental cleanup complete. Pubic hair sample.
  • Hair Test 23 39yrs, Male, Cape Town, RSA Dental work complete a long time ago, but still mercury toxic – very elevated. Fulfills ‘counting rule #4’ with 11 elements in the middle zone. An all low presentation indicating mercury could be even higher.
    • Saliva Test 23 – Full hormone profile. Stage 4 Adrenal Fatigue – Maladapted phase 2. Low testosterone.
  • Hair Test 24 Series – 44yr, Female, Burnsville, North Carolina
  • Hair Test 25 53yrs, Female
  • Hair Test 26 – 55yrs Male
  • Hair Test 27 – 23yrs Male
  • Hair Test 28 Series – 49yrs, Female. Including test from Anamol labs.
  • Hair Test 29 – 37yrs, Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 30 – 49yrs Female, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Hair Test 31 – 34yrs Female, Australia
  • Hair Test 32 9yrs Male, Cape Town, RSASix metals in yellow, most importantly lead. Lead can cause many problems even at this level. Very high copper that can’t be explained by external contamination. Fulfills two counting rules with 4 bars in the red and only 11 in the central band indicating deranged mineral transport and mercury poisoning. Thyroid and adrenals out of range. Likely to be hyperthyroid.
  • Hair Test 33 – 11 yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Mercury into yellow. Fulfills counting rule with only 9 bars in the central band indicating deranged mineral transport and mercury poisoning. Molybdenum below detection limit. All four-high presentation of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
  • Hair Test 34 – 41yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA Mercury to end of green band. Normal mineral transport just missing the counting rules, but not an altogether normal looking test. A somewhat all-low presentation indicating digestion and absorption problems and a suspicion of mercury toxicity. Carbohydrate handling problems noted with Ca/Mg out of range. Classic adrenal sign met with ‘adrenal alarm’ presentation. Thyroid indicator also out of range. Adrenal indicator especially out with Na/Mg ration of 17.64! This means she is making masses of adrenaline and running off of that as her fuel.
    • Saliva Test 34 – Full hormone profile on day 16 menstrual cycle. Close to Stage 7 Adrenal fatigue – Low DHEA and cortisol, except morning cortisol which is likely to be normal due to daily exercise at 6am (although not on the day of the test). Exercise is likely to be sustaining her adrenals and making her believe they are healthier than they are. Day 16 of the menstrual cycle has the highest progesterone, so her readings are not considered out of range in this case.
  • Hair Test 35 – 41yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 36 Series – 41yrs Female, Wyoming, Michigan. Hair tests from Genova Lab that does NOT wash hair (was Greak Smokies Lab) and King James Lab that DOES wash hair. Lives in Kent County which was the first place to put fluoride into the water in the USA! Her amalgams were removed in May/June 2006 in between these two tests.
  • Hair Test 37 – 36yr Female
  • Hair Test 38 – 54yrs Female
  • Hair Test 39 – 36yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 40 – 25yr old Male
  • Hair Test 41 – 9yrs Male, Cape Town, RSAVery elevated mercury. No amalgams ever. Only known exposure through vaccinations and intra-uterine. Very elevated copper (no known external source). Adrenal and specifically thyroid problems as indicated by K/Ca ratio.
  • Hair Test 42 – 43yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 43 – 34yrs Male, Scheveningen, Holland
  • Hair Test 44 – 41yrs Female, Cape Town, RSAThyroid ratio very far out of range. Thyroid saliva test indicated.
    • Thyroid saliva test 44 – Shows sub-clinical hyopthyroid (high TSH, low fT4 and fT3) matching hair test and symptoms. Also shows positive TPO (thyroid antibodies) indicating an autoimmune attack on the thyroid. Most likely caused by mercury combining with the thyroid tissue and turning it into tissue the immune system can no longer recognize as safe.
  • Hair Test 45 – 78yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 46 – 32yrs Female, Sandwich, IL, United States
  • Hair Test 47 – 33yrs Male, Australia
  • Hair Test 48 – 48yrs, Female
  • Hair Test 49 – 11yrs Female, Sandwich, IL, United States
  • Hair Tests 50 Series – 27yrs Male, London, UK
  • Hair Test 51 – 5yrs Female, Annapolis, USA
  • Hair Test 52 – 50yrs Female, Los Altos, CA
  • Hair Test 53 – 9ys Female, Los Altos, CA, USA – (daughter of 52)
  • Hair Test 54 – no hair test, only Liver Detoxification Panel
  • Hair Test 55
  • Hair Test 56 – 36yrs Female
  • Hair Test 57 – 40yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Tests 58 Series – 50 yrs Female, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Hair Test 59 – 34 yrs Male, London, UK
  • Hair Test 60 – 66 yrs Female, London, UK & Cape Town, RSA (3 mon. of year) (wife of 65)
  • Hair Test 61 – 33 yrs Female, Washington DC, USA
  • Hair Test 62 – 43 yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA (mom of 63)
  • Hair Test 63 – 5 yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA (daughter of 62)
  • Hair Test 64 Series – 40 yrs, Female, Northern Minnesota, USA
  • Hair Test 65 – 66 yrs Male, London, UK & Cape Town, RSA (3 months) (husband of 60)
  • Hair Test 66 – 58yrs Male, Crawfordsville, Iowa – USA
  • Hair Test 67 – 34 yrs Male
  • Hair Test 68 – 39yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 69 – 36yrs, Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 70 – 62yrs Male, Mississauga Canada
  • Hair Test 71 – 37yrs Female (mom of 72)
  • Hair Test 72– 18yrs Male (son of 71)
  • Hair Test 73 – 32yrs, Alkmaar, The Netherlands – Great Smokies Lab
  • Hair Test 74 – 49yrs Female(wife of 75) – Genova Liver Detox Profile
  • Hair Test 75 – 51yrs Male (husband of 74)
  • Hair Test 76 – 5yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 77 – 44yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 78 – 32yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 79 – 44yrs Female
  • Hair Test 8035yrs, Male
  • Hair Test 81 Series – 48yrs Female, Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • Hair Test 82 – 87yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA (mom of 83 & 84)
  • Hair Test 83 – 59yrs Female, UK (daughter of 82, sister of 84)
  • Hair Test 84 – 58yrs Female, CT, RSA (daughter of 82, sister of 83)
  • Hair Test 85 – 49yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 86 – 50yrs Male, Hout Bay, RSA (hus. of 87)
  • Hair Test 87 – 50yrs Female (wife of 86)
  • Hair Test 88 – 52yrs Male, New York, USA
  • Hair Test 89 – 40yrs Female, Belgium (mom of 90)
  • Hair Test 90 – 5yrs Male (son of 89)
  • Hair Test 91 – 37yrs Female (mom of 92)
  • Hair Test 92 – 5yrs Male (son of 91)
  • Hair Test 93– 47yrs Female, Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Hair Test 94 – 38yrs Male, Los Angeles, CA US
  • Hair Test 95 – 62yrs Female, Mississauga, Canada (mom of 12)
  • Hair Test 96 – 55yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 97 – 36yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 98 – 49yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 99 – 56yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 100 – 58 yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 101 Series35yrs Male, Bristol, UK
  • Hair Test 102 – 24yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 103 – 58yrs Male, Colorado, USA
  • Hair Test 104 – 56yrs Male, Cape town, RSA
  • Hair Test 105 – 16yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 106 – 46yrs Male, Wisconsin, USA
  • Hair Test 107 Series – 33yrs Male, Livingston Ct, MI, USA
  • Hair Test 108 – 54yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 109 – 43yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 11035yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 111 – 18yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 112 Series – 38yrs Male London, UK
  • Hair Test 113 – 43yrs Female, Johannesburg, RSA
  • Hair Test 114 – to be uploaded
  • Hair Test 115 – 39yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 116 – 44yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 117– 56yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 118 – 56yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 119 – 40yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 120 – 32yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 121 – 28yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 122 – 36yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 123 – 32yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 124 – 46yrs Female, Sedona, AZ, USA
  • Hair Test 125 – 30yrs Male, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Hair Test 126 – 42yrs Male, Chicago, USA(dad of 128)
  • Hair Test 127 – 45yrs Female, (mom of 128)
  • Hair Test 128 8yrs Male, Chicago, USA (son of 126 and 127)
  • Hair Test 129 – 64yrs Female Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 130 64yrs Female Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 131 to be uploaded
  • Hair Test 132 41yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA (dad of twins 133 & 134)
  • Hair Test 133 18yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA (twin brother of 134, son of 132)
  • Hair Test 134 – 18yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA (twin of brother 133, son of 132)
  • Hair Test 13568yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 13669yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 13720yrs Female, Madison, Wis, USA
  • Hair Test 13843yrs Male, Jefferson, TN, USA
  • Hair Test 139 43yrs Male, Belgium
  • Hair Test 14051yrs Female, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Hair Test 141 Series46yrs Female, Southern California, USA
  • Hair Test 142 – 51ys Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 143 – 40yrs Male, Madrid, Spain & PAN
  • Hair Test 144 – 47yrs Female, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 145 – 21yrs Male, Wyoming, USA
  • Hair Test 146 – 2 yrs Male, Old Bridge, NJ, USA
  • Hair Test 147 Series – 33 yrs Male, Rich., VA, USA
  • Hair Test 148 – 44yrs Male, Atlanta, GA USA
  • Hair Test 149 21yrs, Male, Melbourne, Australia
  • Hair Test 15011yrs, Female, Lake Ont, Canada
  • Hair Test 151 – 13 yrs, Male, Lake Ontario, Canada
  • Hair Test 152 – 33yrs, Female, PE, RSA
  • Hair Test 15349yrs, Male, USA
  • Hair Test 154 Series – 8yrs, Male, Central Pennsylvania, USA (brother of 155)
  • Hair Test 155 – 6yrs Male, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (brother of 154)
  • Hair Test 156 – 9yrs, Female, Fernandina Beach, FL, USA
  • Hair Test 157 – 38yrs, Female, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (mom of 154 & 155)
  • Hair Test 158 – 31yrs, Female, Ogden, Utah, USA (mom of 162)
  • Hair Test 159 – 38yrs Male, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (husband of 157, dad of 154 & 155)
  • Hair Test 160 – 8yrs Male, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (son of 157,159, brother of 154 & 155)
  • Hair Test 161 – 49yrs, Female, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Hair Test 162 – 4yrs, Male, Ogden, Utah, USA (son of 158)
  • Hair Test 163 – 58yrs, Female, Seattle, USA
  • Hair Test 164 – 10yrs, Female, Chatham, Canada (sister of 165)
  • Hair Test 165 – 4yrs, Male, Chatham, Canada (brother of 164)
  • Hair Test 166 – 25yrs, Female, Madrid, Spain
  • Hair Test 167 – 53yrs, Female, Austin, USA
  • Hair Test 168 – 55yrs, Male, UK
  • Hair Test 169 – 57yrs, Female, Richmond, CA, USA
  • Hair Test 170 – 42yrs, Female, Chatham, Canada (wife of 171, mom of 164 &165)
  • Hair Test 171 – 46yrs, Male, Chatham, Canada (husband of 170, dad of 164 & 165)
  • Hair Test 172 – 25yrs, Male, Tampa, FL, USA
  • Hair Test 173 – 41yrs, Female, Willow Springs, Illinois, USA
  • Hair Test 174 Series – 21yrs, Male, Northwest part of UK
  • Hair Test 175 – (removed due to large file size)
  • Hair Test 176 – 38ys, Male
  • Hair Test 177 40yrs, Female (mom of 178)
  • Hair Test 1781yr, Male (son of of 177)
  • Hair Test 179 – 28yrs, Male, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hair Test 180 – 38yrs, Female
  • Hair Test 181 Series – 5yrs, Male, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia (son of 190)
  • Hair Test 182 – 57yrs, Female, Oregon, USA
  • Hair Test 183 – 40yrs, Male, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Hair Test 184 – 59yrs, Female, Seattle, WA, USA (wife of of 185)
  • Hair Test 185 – 60yrs, Male, Seattle, WA, USA (husband of 184)
  • Hair Test 18635yrs, Female, Lake City, Florida & Belgrade, Serbia
  • Hair Test 187 – 50yrs, Male, Mpls. , Minnesota, USA
  • Hair Test 188 – 44 yrs Male, Cape Town, RSA
  • Hair Test 189 – 4yrs, Male, Sydney, Australia
  • Hair Test 190 – 47ys, Male, Gold Coast, Australia (father 181)
  • Hair Test 191 – 44yrs Female
  • Hair Test 192 – 43yrs, Female
  • Hair Test 193 – 49ys Male, Grand Mound Iowa (husband of 199)
  • Hair Test 194 – 54 yrs, Male, Bedfordshire, England
  • Hair Test 195 – 51yrs, Male, The Netherlands, near Amsterdam
  • Hair Test 196 – 44yrs, Male, Minneapolis, MN
  • Hair Test 197 – 31yrs, Female
  • Hair Test 198 39yrs, Female, Wisconsin, United States
  • Hair Test 199 – 47 yrs Female, Grand Mound, Iowa (wife of 193)

For hair tests 1-199 click here

For hair test 200-399 click here

For hair test 400-599 click here

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