Dr Juan Carlos Hernandez (Tijuana, Mexico)

Dr. Juan Carlos Hernandez – Dentist
Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: (+52) 664 682-9464
“I am a dentist practicing with a license since 1987. Since 1989 I started to practice holistic dentistry at Dr. Donsbach clinic in Rosarito, Mexico. I was also working with Dr. Morales for six years. Since 1990 until now I am the head doctor at the American Metabolic Hospital. I have been working with Dr. Clark directly since 1995 or `96.I trained and introduced Dr. Benjamin Arechiga to practice the techniques of Dr. Clark. Lately, I have been attending Dr. Clark`s patients by the referrals of Dagmar Ward.My new location at the Allen Lloyd Building is located just across the border on the Mexican side.”