Dr Erich Wolley (Tijuana, Mexico)

Dr. Erich Wolley, DDS – Dentist
Calle Jose Ma. Velazco #2627, Suite 202
Zona del Rio, Tijuana BC Mexico
(15 minutes from downtown San Diego)
Appoinments: (+52) 619 488 5863 & (+52) 619 865 2203 (voice/fax) &
OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday-9:30am to 6:00pm


According to his website:

toxic-free dentistry

“Dr Erich A Wolley practices non-toxic dentistry….ABSOLUTELY MERCURY-FREE here!!!

Our holistic approach to your dental care is cosmetically pleasing, long-lasting and self-cleaning. Our constant research in bio-compatible materials often leads us to Europe in an effort to place the safest, healthiest, materials in our patients. NO health compromising materials will ever be used at our clinic!!!

 Erich A Wolley DDS began practicing dentistry in Tijuana Mexico in 1987. He remains in the clinic he opened at that time located only 5-10 minutes from the US/Mexico border.

Dr Wolley received his degree in Dentistry in 1977 prior to serving one year social service specializing in pediatric dentistry in Mexico City. Dr Wolley’s residency was spent in Reading, Pennsylvania under the instruction of Dr Kannis, Dr Wolley’s mentor.

In 1980, Dr Wolley opened his Mexico City Family Dentistry clinic.
In addition to the clinic a commercial x-ray lab was opened.

The x-ray lab and clinic were  relocated to the San Diego, California area in 1987.

Dr Wolley has been in practice in the San Diego/Tijuana area for more than twenty years.”