Castor oil packs

The castor oil pack has a potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on the part of body where it is placed. You can use it anywhere on your body. It stimulates lymph, blood circulation and immunity in that area. It is very surprising to many people, that such a simple tool can work so well. Often, most of the benefits will be felt the next morning on walking.  Traditionally, the castor oil pack has been used for a simple and effective detox of the kidneys and liver. Place it over your lower back for your kidneys and under the right rib-cage on the abdomen for your liver.


  • castor oil (BP/USP grade)
  • white flannel cloth or soft cotton cloth (even an old un-dyed t-shirt will do if you are desperate)
  • plastic bag
  • a hot water bottle/hugger
  • a bath towel

Take three layers of cloth and pour the castor oil onto it, making sure it is well saturated. Make sure the skin is clean and then place the soaked cloth on the area that you wish to treat. Put a large plastic bag over it to protect the surrounding surfaces from the very sticky oil, and then place a hot water bottle over it. The oil is heated by the hot water bottle and blood is drawn to the area and the oil is absorbed through the skin. Leave in place for 1-2 hours, and use for three days in a row, then rest for three to four days and repeat whenever necessary.

You also can wrap a large towel around the area that is being treated to secure it in place. If it is a small joint, like the ankle or wrist, you can sleep with the castor oil pack on for three nights in a row.

You can keep the flannel in an air-tight plastic zip-lock bag for future use.