Kids parasite cleanse

Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength
The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark


Children follow the same parasite program as adults through day 5.

On day 6, instead of 2 tsp. (or for Freeze Dried Black Walnut, substitute each tsp for one capsule), take the following:


Age Black Walnut Tincture/capsules Niacinamide (if using tincture)
Under six months 1/4 tsp./capsule 50mg
Six months to five years 1/2 tsp./capsule 50mg
Six to ten years 1 tsp./capsule 100mg
Elevn to sixteen years 1 and 1/2 tsp./capsule 500mg





The niacinamide (not niacin) is to help detoxify the alcohol in the tincture. You may crush it and put it in a spoonful of honey, if necessary. Occasionally a bit of niacin gets into the niacinamide tablet and causes a hot flush. It is harmless and soon passes.

Even though the parasite program is very beneficial for children, who tend to pick up parasites more often than adults, it should not be continued on a maintenance basis due to the alcohol content [alcohol free Black Walnut Hull Caps can now be used]. Have children deparasitize twice a year, or whenever ill.

In case of childhood cancer, however, a much more vigorous program should be followed. Give 2 to 10 tsp. tincture as quickly as the child can take it. Follow this, several hours later, with the Mop Up program [Tapeworm and Ascaris program].


Wormwood and Cloves

Increase dosage one day for each year. For instance a four year old would follow the adult program until day four, then stop.

Again, it is not advisable for children to be on a maintenance dosage of wormwood and cloves. Taking them during their routine deparasitizing, or when ill, is best. [Do not use wormwood on infants. For information on side effects of wormwood go here.]


In case of childhood cancer, it is not necessary to use increased dosages, as with Black Walnut Tincture.