Diet clean-up

Food Rules

Safety is our main concern. Safety from live parasites, safety from harmful bacteria, safety from solvents, carcinogenic dyes, and mold. Safety from asbestos. And from silicone (defoamer) and acrylic acid which turns into acrolein.

Yet making tasty food is important so you can truly enjoy it. To achieve this with ease and efficiency, you will need to equip the kitchen with:

* A stainless steel pressure cooker and glass bowls with lids to fit inside.
* A blender; an additional juicer/extractor is optional.
* An ozonator.
* A bread maker.
* A microwave oven for sterilizing (optional).
* Plastic cutlery.
* Glass or enamel pots and pans (not metal).
* Glass jars and bowls for food storage (not plastic). Some should have lids and fit inside the pressure cooker.

To cook use glass or enamelware, not metal. To fry a use glass or enamelware; occasional (once a week) use of Teflon or Silverstone is allowable. To bake use glass, enamel, or Tefloncoated ware. Do not use special sprays to grease; they contain silicone, which 1 detect in tumors. Use lard, butter, olive oil, or coconut oil which do not turn into acrylic acid. To microwave use low-wattage (600w) with a rotating plate.

The principles to observe are

* Avoid asbestos, heavy metal, and silicone contamination.
* Detoxify dyes, benzene and mycotoxins.
* Sterilize everything
* Don’t overheat unsaturated fats

All fruits and vegetables were grown in soil that was fertilized and had filth in it. Dust and dirt made contact with the food. This explains why the Syncrometer finds rabbit fluke parasites on all of it. Ascaris eggs as well as tapeworm eggs and hosts of bacteria are all present. All meats, poultry and fish are similarly contaminated. Even chicken eggs, though shielded by bacteria-proof shells, have rabbit fluke within!

Only a few fruits are so safe they don’t need extra caution: watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. The thinner- peeled fruits, including bananas, avocados, and citrus require careful sanitizing.

Yet simple ways have been found to make food safe. Not merely cooking and baking the old-fashioned way. These fail to kill rabbit fluke an d Ascaris eggs, although they do kill many pathogens. Not merely pressure-cooking, which kills more, but still fails to kill Ascaris eggs in hard foods. Not microwaving with its uneven temperatures. But with simple stomach-like chemistry!

Canned food is not safe either. The dust and dirt on the food prior to canning did not get sterilized. Even canned meat did not get sterilized, the temperature stayed too low. Roasted meats or turkey, even if oven-baked, are not safe; the temperature did not go high enough. Although the temperature may have been set at 400°, the food in the oven is considered done at 185°F and lower! Nothing goes beyond boiling point as long as water is present. Although microwave temperatures go much higher, it does not heat evenly.

Nothing presently employed in the art of cooking reaches the 250°F (121°C) that is considered minimum in a hospital to sterilize bandages or instruments.

But an ordinary child can sterilize all the food it eats! Without heat or equipment and, while eating with dirt-laden hands, the food is sterilized. The stomach is left with no more bacteria than there were before eating, about 10 bacteria per teaspoonful of stomach juice. The amazing chemical is simple hydrochloric acid. It is called muriatic acid when it is used by plumbers to dissolve lime deposits. Plumbers must use this very carefully or it will dissolve sink, stool and cement! It could dissolve your teeth! It all depends on its concentration.

A child’s stomach has 1000 times more hydrochloric acid (HCl) than most adults over 50 years old (pH 2 versus pH 5; ever-y pH number smaller represents 10 times more acid).

It is not surprising, then, that 2 drops of hydrochloric acid kills all the rabbit flukes, Ascaris eggs, tapeworm stages, and bacteria in one 8 oz. up of 2% milk. The HCl must be USP Grade diluted to 5% in strength (a little stronger than vinegar). And although one drop is sufficient, 1 prefer to err on the side of safety by doubling this. This is chemical sterilization at its finest duplicating the body’s very own chemistry.

Would it not be wiser, though, to stimulate the stomach’s own production of HCl rather than adding it belatedly? Indeed it would. But a way of doing this must first be discovered. This discovery would surely be the closest to the “fountain of youth” ever imagined.

Meanwhile, we can make sure that we stop eating filth with our food for the first time since humans domesticated animals. Yet we must not dissolve our teeth nor disturb our body’s acid/base balance by using too much HCl.

Our chloride levels and bicarbonate or carbon dioxide levels are regularly included in blood tests. lf you are getting too much HCl, you could expect the body to be too acid; the chloride or CO2 levels would be too high, while bicarbonate is too low. We easily see there is no tendency for chloride to creep upward after three months of use at the level of 45 drops daily, besides what was used in cooking. Nor did the urinary pH reflect greater body acidity; it remained at 6.0. Evidently, this amount of chloride (2.62 mEq) is negligible out of a blood total of over 500 mEq. In spite of this assurance, however, I recommend that you do not exceed 45 drops daily, not counting the drops used in food preparation before serving.

Just how to prepare each food and be sure it is sterilized is given in the table that follows. The rules are:

1. If it has asbestos contamination, peel it, or wash thoroughly and core widely.
2. If it has molds, dip in HCL water (2 drops per cup).
3. If it has dye or benzene (pesticide) contamination, add vitamin B2 powder. Only a pinch is         needed, and you may add it to the HCL wash, if appropriate.
4. If it has dust or filth, as all vegetables must, cook them twice. After cooking the first time, cool         for 10 minutes. This seems to be the trigger that forces parasite eggs to hatch, making them         vulnerable. Then bring to a boil again for 5 minutes to kill all the newly hatched larvae. Always         use salt in cooking to raise the boiling point. Since salt, except pure salt, needs sterilizing         itself, be sure to add it before you finish cooking.
5. If it has a hard center, like rice or beans, dried peas and lentils, use a pressure cooker to kill E.         coli and Shigella bacteria that also survive regular cooking at the center. After a 15 minute         cooling-off period, cook them a second time. Again, cooking the first time merely hatches(!)         the Ascaris eggs and cultures(!) bacteria deep within these foods.
6. Nearly all supermarket produce has been sprayed to retard sprouting or mold growth or wilting,         or to give better color, or as pesticide. All, including bananas and avocados must be soaked         in hot water twice for one minute each time, drying both times. This removes spray wax,         asbestos, dyes, lanthanides, and benzene altogether. If you soak longer, they re-enter the         food.
7. Finally, when adding HCl to food, add two drops per serving of each item on your plate, unless         otherwise noted (e.g. 2 drops on potatoes, 2 drops on green beans, etc.). Don’t sterilize water or Lugol’s water.

( Cure for All Advanced Cancers pg.517 copyright)

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