The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

PCB cleanse
~ 1/2 cup Ozonated Olive Oil – ozonate for 20 minutes
~ 1/2 cup Ozonated water – ozonate for 5 minutes
~ 1/2 cup fresh grapefruit juice
Then Mix well together and ozonate for another 5 minutes.
Drink on an empty stomach.
Take 2-3 times a week for 3-4 weeks.
At least 5 hours later take a Vitamin E capsule to act as an anti-oxidant and prevent over-oxidation by the ozone.
(you can test for PCB’s in your urine at a lab afterwards if you wish.)

PCB’s are also destroyed by using the food Zappicator for times upwards of 10 minutes, and preferable over 20minutes.
PCB’s insulate your body against zapping current. They accumulate in sebaceous cysts and only plate zapping can bypass

by Dr Hulda Clark
PCB’s and benzene are toxins that get trapped in your white blood cells’ membranes. Since the membranes are made of fat, and these solvents dissolve in fat, it is understandable why PCBs and benzene accumulate there and why the white cells then lose their special powers. That is where their sensors are located.
The main source of PCBs is the laundry bleach added to about half the population’s drinking water. Since food manufacturers use this water and bleach, the second biggest source for USA citizens is processed food. Since all the produce in the market has been washed several times, and moved from different water zones, over half of it brings us PCBs, again.
Recalling the statistic that all cancer patients who passed through our clinic halls in the last 5 years had been receiving laundry bleach disinfected water; you can assume that your water contains it too.
Recall the second statistic-that all patients who went to a residence with clean water after leaving the clinic succeeded in getting well.
The third statistic was that all patients who deteriorated after leaving the clinic had gone to a residence with laundry bleached drinking water again.
This means that if you got significant alternative treatment, to the point where you were considered well enough to go home, you would have stayed well if you had recuperated in clean water. If you did not stay well you were again using laundry bleached water.
It probably means that the usual clinical treatment would work well, too, if you returned to a home with clean water. Of course, over-radiation, too much chemotherapy, or removing part of the face would still be a handicap. But the usual 5-year “life-allowance” given clinically might now be stretchable to 10 or 15 years, a significant improvement.
Saying that a cancer patient cannot be cured if they return to laundry bleached water is like saying you cannot stay dry by walking back into the rain. Since cancer is an immunodepression disease, you must avoid future immunodepression to stay well. This should apply to clinically treated patients as well as others.
The statistics might also mean that how you were treated for cancer is less significant than where you lived afterwards. If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, your first question should be, “Am I getting PCBs and the other immunity destroyers from my municipal water? And did I inadvertently and mindlessly put them in my water myself?”
Details on finding the answers are given in the Help section of the 3-Week Program. If you are only preventing cancer for your family, this should be the first question asked when buying a home. And if anyone in your family develops a serious illness, how your water is disinfected should be the first question asked.Although PCBs are on your food, from spraying and washing in PCB-water, the 2 hot water soaks described in the Recipe section can remove it.
After getting away from your PCB source, you can begin to remove it from inside your body with the 3-Week Program. Many more facts about PCBs can be found in earlier books and on the Internet. Learn all you can.

(The Prevention of All Cancers copyright)

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