Thyroid problems

NB! The thyroid and adrenals are strongly connected and their management cannot be separated. Make sure you have read the article about the adrenals that precedes this. You MUST make sure you have assessed and treated your adrenals before working on the thyroid!
  1. Check your thyroid symptoms, and see how they interact with the adrenals here . Check for symptoms of adrenal insufficiency (adrenal fatigue) on list 2 as the two often occur together. If adrenal issues are noted ALWAYS treat them first. Two weeks after your adrenals are optimised add the thyroid support. Andy Cutler notes, ‘The signs of low thyroid hormone levels are a hairline moved a bit down on the forehead, sensitivity to cold, low energy and metabolism, constipation, dry skin, thin, dry hair that is slow growing and lightened in color moderately, loss of the outer third of the eyebrows, mental dullness, slowness and depression, as well as a particular kind of puffiness called myxedema’. Hair Test Interpretations, A. Cutler. Also, take the thyroid self-test to check for Hypo- or Hyper-thyroid.
  2. Track your daily temperatures. The thyroid and the adrenals control your metabolic temperatures. Go to Dr Rind’s metabolic temperature page for an explanation of exactly what to do. If your temperatures are low, consider treatment with the Wilson’s Thyroid Protocol using Sustained Release T3. See Wilson’s Temperature/Thyroid Syndrome
  3. Get a Hair Test – it shows up thyroid issues a long time before lab tests will.
  4. Perform all of these lab tests

    • The tests in REDare bare minimum tests, and there are 7 tests in total. You will have to get Ferritin and the thyroid antibodies tested by blood. Most doctors think it is good enough to just test TSH, make sure you get them all checked. 
      • TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. The new range is 0.3 – 3.00, with anything over 2.00         worthy of further investigation. TSH represents your pituitary’s ‘desire’ for thyroid hormone.
      • Free T4 (Thyroxin) – released by your thyroid gland and mostly inactive. Needs to be converted         into T3. This requires selenium and proper functioning enzymes.
      • Free T3 (Triiodothyroronine). This is the metabolically active thyroid hormone converted from in the liver and several other areas of the body. It is most important for metabolism, but needs cortisol to get into your cells.
      • Ferritin– This is a measure of how much iron your body has in storage. Low ferritin can mimic hypothyroid. Find out more detailed information here…
      • Thyroid Antibodies To check for autoimmune attack on the thyroid, known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and isolate ‘where’ the attack is taking place. That is why you need to test all three.
        • Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb)
        • Thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) and
        • Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody (TRAb), (important with hyperthyroid symptoms)


Use Dr Rind’s Thyroid scale to interpret your tests .When testing the thyroid do it comprehensively. Testing only TSH and T4 makes it hard to see what is happening. All it tells you is that the pituitary gland is producing TSH and that the thyroid is getting this signal and making T4. But it does not tell you if T4 is getting converted to T3 (which is what is actually most needed) Ensure free T3 is in the upper third of the range and free T4 is at least 1/3 of the way up the range –
This section is continued here..


Thyroid Treatment: Start at least 2 weeks after stabilizing your adrenals!

Natural interventions: Consider these for mild thyroid support – Ashwagandha, foreskolin, guggulipid, kelp, potassium iodide, and tyrosine. Research each one further to see if it applies to you. Herbs should seldom be used for longer than 6 weeks in a row, so you might need to rotate them or consider hormonal support.

For stronger intervention you need to supply the hormones that are not being made i.e. hypothyroid:

Hypothyroid treatment
Make certain you visit before proceeding with any treatment!
The best treatment is to use a natural desiccated thyroid glandular containing all the hormones – T4 and T3 in the correct ratio as found in nature, as well as T1, T2 and calcitonin. will explain how to properly make use of this intervention.
Armour and Thyroid-S are two commonly used ones. If you are in the USA or UK you can order Armour online here.  South African residents need to get it sent to a friend in the UK/USA and brought over by hand, due to new customs laws heavily restricting supplements and medications.
Thyroid-S is also a natural desiccated thyroid from Thailand (porcine/pig origin) and can be ordered in some online stores. Most people report that their parcels have made it through South African customs when sent by ‘registered post’ option to a PO BOX address (no prescription is needed to order). Recently, a SA-based company called Medford Pharmaceuticals have begun to import it, and your doctor/pharmacist can contact them to order some for you: 0126652444
Proper dosing can be found at the StopTheThyroidMadness site here.. Please make sure you have read that page in its entirety, but here are two important paragraphs from it to give you an idea:

“Generally, we and certain informed doctors have found that a safe dose to start on is around one grain, which is 60 mg (or less for those with severely challenged adrenals). We then hold that for a week or two at the most to allow our bodies to adjust to the direct T3, then start raising about 1/2 grain every few weeks. If we fail to raise from a starting dose within two weeks or less, our hypo starts to return with a vengeance due to the hypothalamus/pituitary/thyroid feedback loop. When we get to the 3 grain area, we have found it wise to hold our doses at least 4-6 weeks to allow the T4 in Armour to fully build and show it’s T4-to-T3 conversion results. It appears that most of us end up needing 3-5 grains at the minimum when we find our optimal dose, mentioned below.To find our optimal dose, we dose by three criteria in no particular order:
  • the complete elimination of symptoms,
  • a mid-afternoon temp of 98.6 (37C), using a mercury thermometer or a proven-accurate digital, and
  • a free T3 towards the top of the range, no matter how low it WILL get the TSH.
The three criteria have to be in conjunction with plenty of cortisol, whether from healthy adrenals or cortisol support. Dosing by the elimination of symptoms was done successfully for decades before the TSH came into existence in 1973, and we are repeating that success. The free T3 being in the upper part of the range is simply another guide (and we make sure that we do NOT take Armour before our labs, which only results in a false high reading). “
It takes some time for the thyroid levels to build up in the body. So don’t try to speed things up by going faster than that. Remember, once you have reached 3 grains only increase every 4-6 weeks.
Treat to ensure the free T3 is near the top of the range (in the upper 1/4) and free T4 is at least 1/3 of the way up the range. TSH becomes a meaningless measure for dosing, as it will be suppressed anyway as soon as you begin thyroid hormones. Do not let your doctor base dosage on TSH readings.
Never treat the thyroid with a T4 medication only (e.g. Eltroxin). Some people make enough T4 and use only T3 (e.g Tertroxin) because of conversion problems. The thyroid needs the mineral ‘selenium’ to convert T4 into T3. If you can’t get a dessicated thyroid, the next best option would be to ask your doctor to presceripe a synthetic thyroid hormone, using T3:T4 combination in a naturally-mimicking ratio of 1:4, i.e. Eltroxin/Tertroxin, 20mcg: 80mcg .
Below is a statement from the international patients petition for proper thyroid management – please sign by going here… (There are also some valuable testimonials that are worth reading there).

We, as thyroid patients who circle the world, feel the time is long overdue for the medical profession to amend the current protocol regarding the treatment of hypothyroidism.We have first hand experience of the failure of treatment with thyroxine (T4) only, as well as the inadequacy in diagnosing and dosing according to the TSH laboratory reference range. Adherence to this protocol has allowed our cholesterol to rise, chronic depression to hinder our lives, our aches and pains to continue, our hair to thin, our sense of feeling cold to continue, our thinking processes to be foggy, our abilities to work and live adequately to be compromised, our immune systems to be weak and caused many other symptoms due to under-treatment which have been affecting our health and well-being. Yet, our experience and clinical presentation of the failure of thyroxine to relieve our symptoms has been repeatedly dismissed and ignored by too many doctors, who often attribute these hypothyroid symptoms to somatoform disorders.Although thyroxine only treatment works for many people, it is not ideal for everyone – a combined treatment of thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine (T4/T3) should also be considered as should natural desiccated thyroid extract (the best known is Armour® Thyroid, USP), which was the only treatment prior to the introduction of synthetic thyroid hormone replacements. Many patients using thyroid extract are reporting a resolution of all the above-mentioned problems encountered whilst on thyroxine treatment alone, which may be due to the fact that thyroid extract contains all the hormones a normal thyroid produces T4, T3, T2, T1 and Calcitonin. We recommend the following safety guidelines where the combined treatment of T4/T3 or thyroid extract are used, and in the following order:1. to screen patients with thyroid deficiency for low adrenal reserve, a condition that may be more common than generally expected. Patients with weak adrenals may have difficulty tolerating the dose of thyroid hormone they need, and may experience apparent “hyperthyroid” symptoms, even at low insufficient doses. In other patients with low adrenal reserve the problem may be the opposite: the patient may remain hypothyroid even at higher doses of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones can not be normally used by the cells and may instead build up too high in serum, leading the physician and patient to believe that a particular dose is too high and that the treatment doesn’t work. The solution to both problems is treatment of the low cortisol condition, prior to the thyroid treatment, or simultaneously.2. to use the following laboratory tests as a guide in the assessment and treatment of hypothyroidism: TSH, free T4, free T3, TPOAb and TgAb.3. to start the combined treatment at a safe low dose of T4/T3 synthetic combination, or, if thyroid extract is prescribed, physicians should familiarize themselves with the equivalence of this medication compared with thyroxine and begin treatment on an appropriate safe dose, e.g. 1/4 grain of Armour® Thyroid USP for patients with low adrenal reserve, or 1/2 to 1 grain otherwise, and to have their dose adjusted according to their clinical needs every few weeks.4. to listen and give more credence to patients’ subjective reports of symptom continuance or resolution, rather than make laboratory results the sole guide in dosing.

Moreover, we advocate that medical practitioners should have freedom of choice in prescribing T4 alone, combined T4/T3 or thyroid extract, without incurring the wrath of the mainstream establishment as happens at present in some countries. We strongly recommend that physicians address the misconceptions that thyroid extract is inconsistent, dangerous, unreliable and/or outdated, and recognize that thyroid extract products such as Armour® Thyroid; Westhroid® and Nature-Throid® meet the stringent guidelines laid down by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We also feel that physicians should make a full assessment of the clinical presentation of patients already on this medication. In conclusion, we further strongly recommend that the selection of treatment, whether it is synthetic or natural, should be a matter between the patient and the doctor, both having freedom of choice in this respect.compiled by :
Sheila Turner ( UK ) tpa-uk
Susanne König ( France )
Sabine Seichter ( Germany )
Janie ( USA )
Lyn Mynott ( UK )

Some poeple have used a glandular support called Thyroid Cytotrophin to good effect, but it is lacking in hormones, and instead is said to help with healing of the Thyroid gland.

For Hyperthyroid

Hyperthyroid is overactivity of the thyroid gland causing an over-production of thyroid hormone and resultant excessive increase in metabolism. Natural treatments are to eat Anti-thyroid vegetables and it is sometimes corrected by Iodine supplementation – condition known as Iodine Insufficiency – the thyroid needs iodine for the thyroid hormones to work. If mercury poisoning is causing the hyperactivity directly or indirectly by stressing the adrenals, only chelation will cure the problem and the glands may need to be medicated (supported) during this process. Sometimes the drug Carbamazepine (Tegretol) is also advised to correct the paradoxical stress (as it has an antithyroid effect) and details can be found in Andy Cutler’s book.

Lugol’s Iodine solution is an excellent source of iodine/iodide (WARNING: This is only apt advice if you are not allergic to iodine! Such allergies usually occur after large quantities are used in medical tests). However, even though hyperthyroidism is sometimes caused by iodine deficiency, a hyperthyroid person has to be very careful in supplementing with it, because it can initially exacerbate hyperthyroid symptoms. Iodine supplementation can sometimes aggravate Hashimotos and should be taken with caution if you have had positive thyroid antibody tests.



A common dosing suggestion could be one drop every several days to observe what happens. If symptoms are tolerable, gradually increase by one drop every day, and then to multiple drops every day. Dr. Derry says one drop is 6.5 mg. of iodine/iodide. Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Guy Abraham advocate doing a urinary iodine loading test initially to assess if a person is iodine deficient. If deficient, they advocate Lugol’s Solution (7 – 8 drops = 43.75mg – 50mg) or Iodoral daily for 3 months, and then retesting. It’s recommended to split the suggested 50 mg into at least two daily doses. Visit Iodine Health website to learn more and join the Iodine group.



The standard blood tests do not always reveal stages of adrenal fatigue and standard thyroid testing doesn’t always reveal hypothyroidism. This is particularly true for mercury toxic people. Mostly, mercury toxic people have problems due to pituitary/hypothalamus mercury poisoning making these tests useless for the most part. Also, many do not utilise thyroid hormone in the cells because of the toxins as the metals are interfering with utilization of the hormone.
Sometimes people test normal with lab tests, but find when they try supplementing for the adrenals and thyroid they feel much better. Trial supplementation with Hydrocortisone or Isocort (desiccated adrenal) for adrenal fatigue and trial supplementation with Armour (desiccated thyroid) or synthetic T4/T3 for hypothyroid is best.
It is also important to avoid exposure to things that depress thyroid function. Fluoride interferes with thyroid function, and is found in both fluoridated water and most toothpastes. Soy also interferes, and if you are vegetarian, perhaps this is one that is very relevant to you. You may find that eliminating anything with soy in it will boost your thyroid function. The natural, healthy, thyroid produces more than eleven identified (many unidentified) hormones, including T1, T2, T3, T4, and calcitonin. Herbal, and synthetics cannot mimic the functions of all these hormones. Selenium is crucial to the T4 to T3 conversion.

In summary: If you are mercury toxic, you may need to support your adrenals effectively before you chelate (or do major dental work) and when adrenal issues are resolved wait another 2 weeks before beginning thyroid support.
You can do this most aptly with Hydrocortisone (Covacort in South Africa Cortef in the USA) or Isocort (Desiccated Adrenal). The best thyroid treatment for mercury toxic people is a T4/T3 combo, like Armour (Desiccated Thyroid) or Thyrolar/Diotroxin (synthetic), but definitely not T4 alone like Synthroid (Eltroxin) as that will just make things worse. Many people find a sustained release T3 does the trick, or T3 alone (but this needs to be taken every 3-4 hours due to its short half-life).
Check out the files ‘Common Mistakes’ section at StopTheThyroidMadness
before discussing Thyroid issues with your doctor, or proceeding with self-treatment.
Other HORMONE profiles may be of value – discuss with your doctor. Encourage him/her to get Andy Cutler’s book.

Parathyroid testing:

‘The ONLY purpose of the parathyroid glands is to regulate the calcium level in our bodies within a very narrow range so that the nervous and muscular systems can function properly’ and thus, calcium is the most closely regulated element in our bodies!  In fact, calcium is the ONLY element/mineral that has its own regulatory system (the parathyroid glands)’ Parathyroid info

Lab Tests for parathyroid

  • First test SERUM CALCIUM levels as it is an inexpensive screening test. If high, or low, test both,
  • 25 HYDROXY VITAMIN D levels, the level to aim for is about 100nmol/L. Without testing it is safe to supplement at 2000iu per day. With testing the advice is 6000iu per day, as long as you keep testing to check when you have optimized.

Note : subclinical Parathyroid issues may not show high calcium. The presence of other simultaneous clinical issues e.g. kidney issues can occasionally cause low calcium levels even with excessive parathyroid activity and confuse results.
Continued here…

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