Daily maintenance

White Blood Cell food (WBC food)
~ Organic Rosehips – 1 tsp. coarsely ground – equivalent to 2000mg of synthetic Vitamin C (grind for 4 seconds at a time to prevent blade from heating and releasing nickel – use soon thereafter)
~ Organic Hydrangea root – 1 tsp. coarsely ground each day – equivalent to large amounts of synthetic germanium needed for wbc function. Just add to water, or make fresh capsules if you prefer.
~ 1 large Brazil Nut – 1 freshly cracked (buy them still in the shells)  – equivalent to 1000mcg of sodium selenite (if not in season use a couple of freshly cracked hazel nuts instead). NB. South African soils are deficient in selenium, best to use overseas source.

All three ingredients need to be taken together everyday to feed the wbc’s. 

Vitamins & Minerals
If your products have not been syncrometer tested, then rotate brands to prevent exposure to the same toxins.
~ Vitamin C Powder – 1000mg with each meal. Sprinkle on left-overs to retard moulds and destroy aflotoxins. Add to all condiments, cereal and juices. Sprinkle sparsely, so it does not change the taste of your food.
~ Magnesium oxide 300mg per day – take one or two a day. Can take with lemon or vitamin C to help absorb the minerals, or last thing at night to keep your bowels regular. Start each morning with two glasses of luke warm water and Magnesium Oxide. Some people with low stomach acid (adrenal problems) may not tolerate Magnesium Oxide, in this case use Magnesium Citrate. There is insufficient magnesium in South African soils.
~ Epsom salts – 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon per day. Lemon will help decrease the bitter taste. This improves the lymphatic flow and relaxes bile ducts. If you experience loose stools reduce the dose.

~ Zinc – 30mg/ day males and 15mg/day females. Take with breakfast and supper. There is insufficient zinc in our South African soils.
~ Vitamin B-complex with 50mg of each type of B vitamin. Helps the Kidney and Liver in many ways.
~ Vitamin B6 100mg/day. Assists kidney function.
(note: do not take a single B-vitamin on its own for longer than several weeks, without balancing the B-vitamins with a B-complex).

~ Vitamin B2 100mg. Take one to three a day. Vitamin B2 detoxifies benzene that accumulates in the thymus gland which governs the immune system. ‘While recovering from AIDS, or another chronic disease, you need 3 tablets three times a day’
(note: do not take a single B-vitamin on its own for longer than several weeks, without balancing the B-vitamins with a B-complex).
~ Vitamin D – 40 000iu – take one a day for the first 3 weeks, then one twice a week forever after.

~ Hydrogen Peroxide, Food-grade – see pg. 442 CFAD for uses. 

‘These are excellent supplements, both in bulk and capsules, but not extracts, concentrates or concoctions. There are many books that describe their uses’ [pg.442 CFAD] ~ Saw palmetto – essential for men – 1 capsule daily – to protect the prostate and improve sexual function.
~ Milk thistle and/or dandelion for liver support
(Note: do not use herbs for longer than 6 weeks without taking a break, or the body will become used to their effect.)
~ Wild-Yam – 500mg. taken twice a day will provide for near perfect contraception
according to Dr Clark, provided you give it a 2-month head-start. This herb of course must be taken permanently. Take each 500mg herb 12 hours apart each day at the same time e.g. 8am and 8pm. Make sure the herb is of a good quality.

Amino Acids
~ MSM – 1 capsule between meals (especially for people with joint and muscle inflammation). Some people with mercury problems will not tolerate this sulphur supplement!
~ L-Cysteine – 1 per day for first 3 weeks of the month, then off for a week. Helps the Liver. (take care with this supplement as some people don’t do well on it, especially if sulphur intolerant
and/or mercury toxic). The sulphur (in Cysteine and MSM) can mobilise mercury and make you feel worse.
Particularly if you also have cavitations – there is evidence that the gram negative anaerobic bacteria from cavitations desulfurate cysteine (and methionine) resulting in ‘volatile sulfur compounds’, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercapton . Many people however do well on sulphur foods. A sulphur-food exclusion diet will help you figure out if you do well on sulphur or not. Simply avoid all sulphur foods. If you want to do a simple test, avoid these foods strictly for a week or more. Then add them sharply back and eat a lot of them for two days. See what happens to your health over the next three days following adding them back.
Homeographic Drops (homeography…)

~ Kidney protective drops – daily dose 6 drops three times a day. Very safe with no side-effects.
~ Liver protective drops – daily dose 6 drops three times a day.
~ Other organ protective drops for known weak organs.

Chelation (removal of heavy metals)

Learn about oral chelation for use after your dental metal is removed using the safe protocols of Dr Andy Cutler.
Warning: Make sure you are well-informed before starting chelation and mercury removal. You cannot rely on medical practitioners to be aware of chelation protocols and mercury toxicity. You can harm yourself if done incorrectly. We only recommend the use of Andrew Hall Cutler’s (Ph.D., P.E), oral chelation protocols. Do not even attempt to chelate if you still have any metal in your mouth. Do not do IV chelation. Do not perform ‘challenge tests.’
(ALA is a common anti-aging supplement that is also a chelator of metals and should only be used properly according to its half-like. That means taking it in small doses every 3 hours for 3 days in a row, including at night, and increasing the dose SLOWLY over rounds. When used in infrequent large doses, it can move metals into the brain and cause permanent damage. Make sure you read the section on oral chelation before using this supplement!)

Herbal parasite cleanse: take the weekly maintenance dose of 7 cloves, 7 wormwood and 2 tsp. of blackwalnut tincture once per week. These herbs must be taken altogether as a single dose (preferably within 5 minutes of each other)….and if possible take while you are zapping with at least a half hour left to zap. [pg. 80 POAC]
once a week minimum and more if ill. A full session is three 7 minutes zaps with a 20 minute break between each 7-minute zap. This makes a total of 61 minutes.
7min zap – 20 min break – 7 min zap –  20 min break – 7 min zap



Bowel cleanse twice a year (1 week process)
Kidney cleanse
twice a year (6 weeks process)
Liver cleanse at least twice a year (24 hour process)



When ill

Zap, more often, even daily.

Colloidal silver 8 teaspoons in divided doses per day.
Immune boosting herbs, like Echinacea, Sutherlandia
Homeographics, like WBC drops and lymph drops
Lugol’s  iodineonly if you are not allergic to it. Specifically for flu-like symptoms (fever, chills etc)   Take 6 drops in half a cup of water after each meal and before bed time – 4 times a day till better.

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