Cancer summary

The Prevention of All Cancers



1.        Every cancer has a distinct beginning, middle period, and end. These are the same for all cancers. The true beginning was only discovered in 2000. We will discuss it in the next chapter.

2. The middle period sees the tumor growing and accumulating many things that would normally be excreted or eliminated. This is due to large-scale destruction of the immune system by drinking laundry bleach in the water. Five specific pollutants are responsible: PCBs, benzene, asbestos, certain heavy metals, and azo dyes. It allows nickel to accumulate in the kidneys first, changing their magnetic polarization to south, which is ineffective for excretion.

3.        The end is malignancy; caused by the larval stages of the human intestinal fluke, which flood the tumor with orthophosphotyrosine, OPT. The large amount of OPT in the tumor zone is evidence of intense stimulation of the enzyme systems that attach a phosphate group to tyrosine groups in proteins. This accelerates cell division called mitosis explosively.

4. By killing this fluke, and its stages, the excessive production of OPT is stopped. HCG production is stopped, too. 5. Clostridium bacteria also play a role in every cancer. By killing Clostridium bacteria and stopping personal use of isopropyl alcohol, excessive amounts of isopropyl alcohol disappear along with excessive DNA. Excessive HCG, DNA, and OPT are the hallmarks of malignancy. By stopping these we can gain the time necessary to stop the beginnings-the tumor-making process-which always starts at one place, the hypothalamus in the brain.

6. By switching to a clean water source we stop the accumulation of PCBs, benzene, asbestos, heavy metals and dyes. Each of these must now be eliminated from the body to regain immunity.

7. All the accumulations in the tumor must be cleared away. Then the tumor can shrink.

Clearing away the critical 5 toxins that arrived in your drinking water returns immune power. Then we can get help in, clearing all the accumulations. Our white blood cells will repay

us with their help. But the tumor cells have a task, too.

We will see that for tumor cells to disappear, they must be able to digest themselves, be digested by your digestive enzymes and be eaten by your white blood cells. These three steps can be monitored with the Syncrometer to be sure they are happening. Nothing must remain.

The 3-Week Program eliminates all 3 phases of cancer. The first and last are easy and brief. The middle is the most challenging and takes your devotion and determination.

Let us go back to the beginning now and see how easy it would be to prevent a tumor from ever starting. There will be an order to the events.


The events leading to a tumor form a chain with distinct links.


It is a fascinating, though deadly, series of events that leads to the first tumor. An extension of the chain then leads to additional tumors.

We now will see the scientific way to prevent all cancers. We can begin to abolish this disease from people, our pets and our domestic animals. The beginning itself has 3 steps. They will lead to the tumor nucleus that supplies all tumors, growing anywhere in the body.

(from The Prevention of All Cancers pg.21 copyright)



Summary of Chapters 4 and 5


1)To prevent flu symptoms you should delay killing parasites till heavy metals, dyes and wheel bearing grease are out of the kidneys and their white blood cells. This could delay you 4 days while you make and take drops that support your kidneys, remove their toxins, and start feeding their WBCs. At the same time, do your cleanups and dental work.

2)Removing metal from the mouth and throwing away seeping cookware helps so much with this kidney detoxification that we place it first in the program.

3)Killing parasites the herbal way is system-wide but can miss hard to reach places like the brain, lymph valves, and small crevices. Regular zapping at this time kills the escapees

4)Killing parasites the zapping way should be done by plate-zapping if you are advanced, since PCBs, motor oil, and wheel bearing grease saturate many important organs preventing them from conducting all the zapper current. For plate-zapping and regular zapping sit with your feet on the zapper’s copper tubes. Follow a schedule of organs to be plate-zapped. This lets you restore immunity to one organ after another.

5)Killing parasites the homeographic way can be done by depriving them of needed metals using the take-out drops. First, you must remove all sources of metals. You can do it all while zapping.

6)You can make take-out drops for certain things spotted on your blood test results that are leading to an emergency. Your blood test results for alkaline phosphatase, LDH, T.b., T.p., RBCs, WBCs and others can’t improve unless specific toxins are removed from specific organs. Then they improve in days.

7)You can supply yourself with anything, briefly, by taking it as drops. You can even copy medicines and get some effectiveness …about one-fourth. But it has its hazards. Medicines, supplements, and herbs are extremely polluted. Finding one without dyes, bleach, solvents or heavy metals would be almost impossible. Taking the drops anyway would be taking magnified doses of the toxins, too. Copy only tested items. To protect yourself, take them only 4 days.

8)Killing parasites with the starvation method is easiest, but you must be thorough.

9)You can’t kill parasites successfully while at the same time feeding them their required food factors. Look them up in the tables given.


None of these successes will be permanent unless you find and remove the sources of your heavy metals, dyes, malonic acid and critical allergens. After you are well, your tolerance will improve as long as you are in correctly disinfected water. Tolerance depends on detoxifying ability.

It will be a fascinating adventure as long as you are succeeding, even while it is a life and death struggle. No challenge in a Greek myth could have been more adrenalizing. You will need a friend to care for you, help you make drops, help you zap for hours each day, help you get your supplements down, help you wash and treat your food, help you cook from scratch, and, finally, share your successes.

Such a friend is an angel from heaven. Reward him or her with your smiles and determination to do everything right. And if you do get detox-illness strike off 2 calendar days to rest and to think: why did I not prevent this? Then support your caregiver’s morale. When your sickness or cancer improves even slightly, mention it. It helps everybody. Express your desire to live to your caregiver and your appreciation, because you need still more help. Early good results are only part of the goal. Getting completely well is the whole. Such a standard has never been set clinically because it was impossible to achieve. But now you can achieve it.



(from The Prevention of All Cancers pg.130 copyright)

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