Lothar Hirneise, Germany’s influential cancer specialist

A tumour is the body’s solution to a problem. A tumour forms because someone is no longer producing adrenaline, which is needed to break down sugar. An excess of sugar is dangerous, so the body produces tumours. Tumours ferment – burn – sugar. They also use a lot of energy – sugar – due to the fast division of cells. That’s why some tumours grow so fast. Cancer cells function like liver cells, only much more efficiently. So the tumour helps you to rid your body of poisons. Without the tumour you would be really ill. I always tell people: “The tumour is not your problem. A tumour is an incredibly ingenious solution on the part of the body.” When you get healthy, the tumour disappears on its own, which is why you shouldn’t immediately operate to remove it. First detoxify yourself. If the tumour continues to grow – which is almost never the case – you can always operate later,’ Cancer is not a problem. Cancer is a solution.

That is the provocative and hopeful vision of Lothar Hirneise. He suspects that in the course of our evolution our bodies created tumours in order to survive: ‘For instance, too much sugar in the cells causes blindness – as is the case with diabetics. Creating a tumour is a solution. An infection in your intestines is also a potential danger. If it gets too big, the intestines become blocked. Here too, the body’s solution is a tumour, which produces enzymes that stop the spread of infection and heal it. cont. page 2 CANCER cont. The actual tumour then often disappears by itself. Most cancer patients are very surprised that they have a tumour. They’ve been healthy for years, never had a fever, never needed a doctor and now suddenly they have a tumour. Where did it come from? The tumour was helping them stay healthy, until one day everything fell apart.

Lothar Hirneise’s full views on Cancer available.

Advanced Cancer, Parasites, Protozoans and Fungi treatments

During my recent visit to Germany I had the privilege to meet with one of the foremost cancer researchers, scientist Dr. G. Steidl of the University of Erlangen/Germany. It would take too much space to explain three hours of information he gave me, based on his research, clinical studies, case studies done at physicians and naturopaths and most important the remedy, that has been developed by him, is now well researched and clinical tests have proved that it works. Why do cancer cells develop in the first place? Research has shown that cancer spreads only in ‘developed’ countries or the ‘civilized’ world. These people have

switched to eating and drinking carbohydrates in excess. Sugar, sweets,

cool drinks, fruit juices, bread, pies, pasta, noodles, rice, pizza, cake, biscuits, muesli, cereals, – the list can go on forever. Any carbohydrate, put into an environment of 37oC will, combined with moisture, ferment. This is the precise condition inside our digestive system. If we eat more carbohydrates than we require, they will not be digested fast enough, – they will ferment.

Fermentation uses up all oxygen, it creates an oxygen-free environment. Here develop and thrive all ‘anaerobes’, cells that dislike oxygen but love an oxygen-free environment, like fungi (Candida), parasites, protozoans (like Malaria, Bilharzia, Brucellosis, Borelliosis, [Tick Bite Fever], Toxoplasmosis, Amoebiasis), Cancer cells and even flukes and worms.

Conclusion: Fermentation is the breeding ground for cancer cells, parasites and protozoans.

To simplify it: Oversupplying the body with carbohydrates creates fermentation. In a fermentation environment fungi and parasites thrive and cancer cells flourish. Tests have shown that parasites evenstart and stimulate the growth of cancer cells, both thriving in a anaerobe (oxygen

free) environment. Dr. Steidl explained that, where there are parasites there are cancer cells. So attacking parasites and cancer cells has to happen simultaneously. Studies done for many years at the University of Erlangen by Dr.Steidl and Dr.Alfons Weber, a German physician and researcher, provided evidence that all cancer cells are infested with parasites.

They also could prove that certain concentrated herb oils have anti-parasitic properties and that these oils are able to penetrate cell membranes. But more, they are able to store Ozone, when supercharged with it. Ozone, once carried by these special herb oils into cells, splits into three Oxygen atoms (O+O+O), which is active oxygen. Healthy cells need oxygen, they love it. Cancer cells, certain bacteria, fungi, parasites and protozoans abhor oxygen, they die when they receive it. To find substances like these special oils, which could carry ozone through cell membranes, took many years, and more years to scientifically prove that active oxygen kills cancer cells, parasites, fungi and protozoans. I was able to see most research reports and scientific studies as well as case studies done by many clinics and


I am confident that this is a major breakthrough in cancer therapy. It is a safe way, without any side effects. But not cancerous cells are eliminated this way, also parasites, fungi, certain bacteria and protozoans. It seems that, at least in some countries, cancer research has advanced to such an effective level, that chemo therapy, radiation and surgery seem out of date. Medical therapies of today could be the errors of tomorrow.

Dr. Steidl’s and Dr. Weber’s research papers

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