To the cancer patient

by Dr Hulda Clark
This book is meant for the complete novice.
Prevention of All Cancers

Prevention of All Cancer

Even though you have never taken an herb, never used an electrical device, never taken supplements, and know nothing about homeography, you can protect yourself and even get yourself well from this dreadful disease.
All you need is a determination to get well and keep well. You need the intelligence to follow instructions carefully, and the good fortune to have a friend or family who loves you and will help.

It is not incompatible with any other method, clinical or non-clinical. In fact, it would be profoundly helpful.


This book does not have detailed explanations for the advice given, only general explanations. For the details go to The Cure For All Cancers book and The Cure For All Advanced Cancers book, as well as the Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual9, all by this author
Although this book is non-technical, details can be important, especially if you have scientific-minded friends and doctors, who would like to understand why you are advised to make certain changes or take certain things. The underlying science has been recorded in the Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual so others can repeat it. The essence of science is repeatability. They, as well as you, may wish to analyze and compare my interpretations with others’.
9 New Century Press, www.newcenturypress.com
It is important, too, to have some perspective on the last 100 years of cancer treatment. Reading books like The Cancer Cure That Worked and others’ ° will give you this perspective.

In reading these books you might feel frustration, and wonder how so many alternative therapies could exist, with such widely different approaches, and yet seeming to claim they had found the one cause and solution for cancer. They saw their patients recover by removing this one cause. Of course they had also change the diet, water, and residence of their patients. The concept was certainly flawed, that for every single disease there is a single cause, but it seemed so to them. When a chain of causes is responsible for a disease, removing a single one can seem to be the only one. Their findings were nevertheless valid, being science and experience based. Today, we can fit their findings into this chain. Many of us still suffer from the same wrong concepts. When you read this cancer book you will be in awe of cancers’ great complexity. I could easily see how very important each early therapist’s work was. It contributed to my ideas and others’. They gave a lifetime of dedication and service to American society and science. They did it without a research budget, without a Syncrometer , and often harassed and scorned. Their writings should be gathered up to be commemorated for their true worth. Their contributions are priceless.

I0 Lynes, Barry and Crane, John, The Cancer Cure That Worked! Marcus Books, 1987; Livingston-Wheeler, MD, Virginia and Addeo, Edmond G., The Conquest of Cancer, Vaccines and Diet, New York, F. Watts, 1984, Chicago, Advanced Century Pub. Co. 1978; Manner, Harold W., DiSanti, Steven and Michalsen, Thomas, The Death of Cancer, Cancer Book House, June 1979; Koch, William F., Natural Immunity, www.williamfkoch.com; Gerson, MD, Max, A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases, New York, Whittier Books 1958; Bradford, R., Culbert, M.L., Allen, H.W., International Protocols For Individualized, Integrated Metabolic Programs In Cancer Management, 2nd ed., The Robert W. Bradford Foundation, 1983; Krebs Jr, Ernst T. A collection of papers bearing on the Unitarian or Trophoblastic Fact of Cancer and related works on Metabolic Therapy, http://www.navi.net/-rsc/krebsall.htmUsing a natural method like mine, and those of earlier therapists, is vastly more important than simply using a clinical method, even though the clinical method is quicker and does not interfere with your lifestyle. A natural method puts you in control of your own health. It reaches into your lifestyle to show you causes of your diseases, causes that you could abolish. It reaches into the environmental causes that need change. It gives you the confidence that you are not just relying on a doctor’s promise that “he got it all” in surgery or his or her implication that you could not be struck again.
You may wish to combine this natural method with other natural methods or with a clinical method. There is no conflict between natural and clinical methods. In fact, a natural method added to a standard clinical method should raise the success percentages of clinical treatments astronomically. But your clinician may prefer that you do not take vitamins or herbs or other alternative treatments. This is
usually advised from a position of ignorance. We must never lump “vitamins” or “alternative treatments” together as if they did the same thing. Each has individual action and should be individually evaluated for your situation. You could copy the page from the earlier Cure For All Advanced Cancers book, with the reference cited that discusses the issue of vitamin taking, and even provide a copy of the research article.ll Your oncologist may appreciate this gesture. He or she will have a better standing with their peers with this new knowledge, especially after you recover.
One of the main objectives in this book is to reach as many persons as possible with the new knowledge about preventing cancer. And reaching those without access to natural health care, without access to the accumulation of health-related knowledge that already exists. It stretches back over thousands of years! They need to hear the good news that the true causes of cancer have been found, although not published in the standard scientific journals. Publishing here must wait till the subject is depoliticized. People need to hear that a recipe for prevention as well as cure has been developed that is within their reach, their capability and their finances. These recipes invite innovation; they are open to change as experience is gathered.
11 Jaakkola, K., et al., Treatment with Antioxidant and other Nutrients in Combination with Chemotherapy and Irradiation in Patients with SmallCell Lung Cancer, Anticancer Research, v. 12, 1992, pp. 599-606

The discoveries described in this book create a scientific basis for a cure; in fact, more than one cure. There are always more ways than one to accomplish a task.
Now that health has a scientific path to follow and a device to monitor it, health could become a reality for all of society. We could put cancer “to rest”, beside scurvy. Only reaching the afflicted, far and wide, will accomplish this.

Choosing your Program
For Beginning Cancers
If you now have a beginning cancer, with just a small tumor, less than the size of a marble, you may be able to clear it up with the simple program given in the first book, The Cure For All Cancers. Many patients reported that they did. But in that program we stopped only the malignancy part of the tumor. Then we went on a major clean up program for your lifestyle. Your teeth, your diet, your home and your body products were all cleared thoroughly from those things that burden your immune system. After this your own immune power returned to remove the tumor without clinical help. You were advised to stay on a Maintenance Program of killing parasites
regularly and keeping a clean environment. That was ten years ago.
If you once had a beginning cancer and tumors went away without help from a more drastic, clinical method, you know you did the right things then. Nevertheless, you should remember that you WERE TARGETED. You were targeted by a specific parasite, specific bacteria and a specific virus. Your immune system rescued you even while you neglected many important things. That is the magic (not yet understood) power of the immune system. But once targeted, you can never be “untargeted”. To live safely past the five-year mark and have a NORMAL lifespan you will always need to kill these former invaders regularly and protect your immune system. You may have done nothing about your dentalware or water supply. But luck does not last. It is an insecure way to live. You should add the new prevention path described in this book.
If you did require the help of clinical doctors at one time, you are even less secure. Your cancer is bound to find a new organ to grow in. Use all the advice in this book to prevent a recurrence.
Cancer recurs because it is a systemic disease based on immunodepression. It can be compared to mold developing in a loaf of bread or termites entering a house. Once you see these, it is already far past the beginning and almost too late. The whole loaf and the whole house are at risk, not just where the trouble was spotted. Organ and body destruction, which happen in cancer, may qppear to be stopped. But they may have merely moved to another location or be having their ups and downs. The disease can never be trusted even if you were told by the surgeon “they got it all”. The recurrence will not be noticed until it has become advanced. Hurry, to put your prevention program in place before cancer surfaces again.
If you choose the beginners’ program from The Cure For All Cancers, be sure to add the prevention program described in this book. It is newly discovered. Never before has there been a way to prevent cancer with certainty.
Also be sure to give yourself time limits and objective tests, such as cancer markers and scans, so you know with certainty how effective your chosen program is for you. Avoid x-rays if possible, they are too damaging. Substitute ultrasounds
where possible. If x-rays are necessary, use as few exposures as possible, not dozens. If scans are used avoid being injected with dyes, lanthanides (like gadolinium), or radioactivity (like technetium) to make you “glow” on the Negative. It makes no sense to inject more immunodepressants, the very cause of the whole disease! The scanning industry has taken on a life of its own, with less regard for yours. Certainly, it is easier to see a detail, but details in minutiae seldom count. Find a cooperative doctor with conservative, least invasive methods, but with realism. In other countries (Europe) you can request these tests yourself. Society’s health is better served with such freedoms, without paying extra “middlemen” for referrals when not needed (see Sources).
For Advanced Cancers
If you have a cancer recurrence, or a tumor has started in a second organ, you should consider yourself advanced. Compare yourself to the loaf of bread with its second visible green mold spot. You must snatch this loaf and clean it up immediately, this very minute if you treasure it, and then freeze it, which changes its environment. You have no time to lose. You are entered in a race, not of your choosing. The race is between your cancer and your immune system. Can the tumors invade the rest of your body faster than you can get rid of them?
If you decide to get started with the beginners’ program, taken from Cure For All Cancers, you may get an immediate halt for the disease. But only the malignancy will be gone. That is not enough. Even adding the prevention program is not enough. You need to see the tumors shrink and disappear. Cancer is very deceptive. It is seldom visible or painful or diagnosable until it is very late. Of course, it can be found with a Syncrometer® long before that. To stamp out an advanced cancer completely, you need to add either the 21-Day Program from The Cure For All Advanced Cancers or choose the 3-Week Program from this book. The difference between these two is that the earlier 21-Day Program uses mainly supplements plus regular zapping
, while the 3-Week Program given here reduces supplements to a minimum. They are replaced with “plate-zapping
” and “drop taking” (called homeography). We will discuss these later. If you are very hardy and determined, you can do both programs together!
Again, put up time limits for yourself, when you will do tests and scans. You may be able to find a cooperative therapist to schedule these for you and give interpretations. You may be
able to find a Syncrometer tester who can tell you your status. Best of all, do it yourself.
In more progressive countries you can schedule tests and scans for yourself. You may need to go there to save your life. Be fair but critical with your results. If they do not give you proof of progress, you need to change something. Improving your compliance is the easiest option you could choose before it is too late. Don’t neglect clinical and other alternative options. Review them to choose the wisest path.
With all this realism in one hand and optimism in your other hand you have the best chance to join the ranks of cured advanced cancer cases.
Speed is important. You can jump into action but you must do each program completely. If parts of any program are left out you are taking the risk of failing.
Both the earlier 21-Day Program and this new 3-Week Program
, succeed in over 95% of cases when you do it all. Left out in the tragical 5% are only those who are so clinically ill they need a transfusion every week, or need drainage of effusate every week, and those already in jaundice or kidney failure. Even these can often be salvaged with the help of Syncrometer
testing and homeography treatment. It is well suited to emergency care.
Even if you choose to do the present 3-Week Program, the advanced cancer patient can get extra helpful advice from the earlier Cure For All Advanced Cancers book. Where to get items you may want is given there in the Sources section. You are free to copy pages from it for yourself or friends (not for commercial purposes). A therapist, too, will find the technical explanations in the earlier book useful. Remember, they were discovered by Syncrometer and can be verified by yourself, using the Syncrometero Science Laboratory Manual.

(The Prevention of All Cancers prefix copyright)

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