Dr Lagos’ opinion on Teeth

by L.M. Lalko

Dr. Lagos is a Huggins dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. He did my (L.M. Lalko) TDR (Total Dental Revision) April 2016. There is useful information that he shared with me. Most of this pertains to things he incorporates in the TDR. You can visit his site here:

There are many types of dentists who are mercury-free. They may call themselves just that, mercury-free. They may use the term holistic or biological as well. Probably other terms are being used. Huggins dentists are always mercury-free. They always do the safe removal protocol. They never do root canals. When they extract root canal teeth they will remove the ligament that should have come out at that time. They will clean the site—scraping of bone, cleaning with ozone. They stitch the wound closed; they do not leave it open. They never do implants. They believe all implants, and I asked Dr. Lagos about all the newer types such as zirconium, and all are unacceptable to Huggins dentists. They believe that ultimately they will produce auto-immune illness in the patient.

When an extraction occurs your choices are partials AKA “flippers,” and bridges which are affixed into the mouth. The best description of a bridge is that the two teeth that surround the area where one or more teeth were removed will have work comparable to a crown down on them (as in they are shaved a bit) so that a secure, permanent anchoring can be done of the one or more teeth in the bridge. Obviously at some point people could also have dentures.

They prefer patients to do the biocompatibility test and use biocompatible materials in the mouth.

Dr. Lagos offers conscious sedation administered by an anesthesiologist this allows Huggins dentists to cross the midline during a procedure. Otherwise you would only have work on one side of the midline in one day. He also offers IV Vitamin C which is part of the Huggins protocol. He uses 25 g of ascorbic acid in an isotonic solution, Hartmann’s. There will be local anesthetics used even with IV sedation. Because of that it is essential for patients to NOT take any Vitamin C supplements orally 2 days prior to the work. Doing so interferes with the local anesthetics. Also for a time after the last local, the patient will want to not have ORAL Vitamin C for the same reason. Dr. Huggins discovered this and shared that information, but not the mechanism involved. It must have something to do with the stomach processing the Vitamin C because IV C is given before, during, after the procedure with no interference with the locals.

If you need an extraction, Dr. Lagos uses PRP injections. That is platelet-rich plasma injections to promote healing of soft tissue and bone. They take some of your blood the day of the PRP and centrifuge it and certain growth factors and cytokines in the blood are concentrated and injected into the sites of the extractions after they are done.

Acupressure is also part of the Huggins treatment. When the procedure/s for the day are concluded, acupressure is done to help the body deal with the dental work which probably included the placement of a block or rest to prop the jaw open. As dental dams are clipped to the gum line, that is another potential source of irritation that the acupressure helps relieve.

Dr. Lagos also offers wafer biomagnets to help deal with pain. Unfortunately for me, his order was not delivered on time. However, at least three others on site who have seen Dr. Lagos report that they work exceedingly well.


A few questions I got in that are not as related to his procedures:

For a clean mouth: avoid products with alcohol; salt is an excellent cleaner for the mouth and also for partials. For toothpaste Dr. Lagos avoids fluoride. He thinks Tom’s of Maine fluoride free is good. I asked him if he thought my preferred brand, Desert Essence Tea Tree & Neem was a good choice and he said yes.

He does support oil pulling. He said he thinks coconut oil is the best oil to use; he could not even choose a second choice. I forgot to ask if that was OK with amalgams. BTW, oil pulling is not a “Huggins thing.” No reason to not do it, but it’s not something they require.

He believes oral probiotics make sense. (This is a particular product that is offered normally as a lozenge and you let it dissolve in the mouth and there are strains found in healthy mouths.) He did not recommend any brand nor particular strain of oral probiotic. It is not a “Huggins thing.”

He believes in the importance of supplements. Huggins sells supplements, so you can visit their site to see what products they carry and those are what are recommended by them.

I asked him if he had ever seen people be able to heal their teeth as some speak of. He said he believed that would be a difficult task and so far he has never seen a patient do it.

I did ask him about chelation. He said he fully supports it. He does not get involved in the different protocols, so he doesn’t recommend any one.

That was all I had the time to cover the final day. There was an exam, teaching me how to insert the partials, etc. so a limited amount of time to ask questions. Hope some of this proves useful to others. If I recall anything else that came up during a procedure day, I’ll let you know.


NOTE: Cutler does NOT object to root canals UNLESS they are infected. Cutler does NOT object to implants. Cutler has stated that you can chelate with root canals and with implants. This is important: I asked Dr. Lagos IF a root canal can contain mercury. He said YES some root canals do contain mercury. Clearly if you have mercury in a root canal, that has to go as all mercury needs to be removed in order to safely chelate.

L.M. Lalko

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