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Here is one of many stories of recovery achieved through chelation, according to the Andy Cutler protocol.

Greg’s story03/08/2010

When I was at my worst I was desperately looking for stories of recovery that could give me hope to get better. Although I am not 100% I have improved greatly and perhaps my story can let others know that there is hope in getting better, even if it takes a long time.

I had been sick for over five years with various ailments that all got lumped into chronic fatigue. I got worse and worse until the beginning of this year I collapsed. This was due to using an incorrect chelation protocol (Detoxamin) and I ended up in hospital. I was very bad off and basically though I was going to spend the rest of my life confined to a bed in lots of pain.

It was about the time I found out about mercury and the Andy Cutler oral chelation protocol. I took a chance on it and I had fillings removed using a safe protocol, got on the right supplements and started chelating. Slowly over the last seven months I have improved substantially. The following represents improvements I have seen so far:

Brain fog – This has cleared up completely.

Double vision and blurred vision – this has cleared up completely.

Head pressure and intense head pain – This felt like my head was going to explode and the pain felt like someone had hit me on across the bridge of my nose with a baseball bat. It also felt like someone had put a metal clamp on the back of my head. This has all disappeared.

Burning hands and feet – This has cleared from intense burning pain to a mild ache in my hands and feet.

Hallucinations – this has stopped (at least I think it has, everything looks real now)

Panic attacks – These have stopped.

Permanent nausea – This has stopped.

Depression – Although this occasionally returns, for the most part this has cleared.  I occasionally wake up feeling happy and content for no reason which is an amazing feeling. This seems to improve in layers as well. A few weeks ago the feeling that the whole world was conspiring against me disappeared.

Digestion problems – this is a lot better, I am digesting foods properly now. I need to be a bit careful with my diet but for the most part this gives me no problem. I even have the occasional beer or two (although I shouldn’t) without me being wiped out and bed ridden for a day or three.

Heart palpitations – These were so strong that they terrified me, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at any moment. These have gone from constant and heavy enough to stop me sleeping to being occasional and very mild.

Short of breath – I went from being not able get enough air and gasping for breath to breathing normally. It occasionally returns but for the most part I have no problems.

Chest pain – This has improved from being intolerable to hardly noticeable.

Gall bladder pain – This was a strong ache that pretty much prevented me from doing anything; it’s improved to a very mild ache

Insomnia – from not being able to sleep at all (at some points even sleeping pills had no effect), I now can sleep 8 full hours. Occasionally I take 1 gram of Melatonin but hardly ever need too.

Unable to stand for any period of time – At my worst I could not stand for more than 15 minutes without breaking out in a cold sweat, getting into a lot of pain and very dizzy. Today I have no problem; I am actually able to do very light exercise occasionally

Face rash – I had a face rash (similar to a lupus rash) for about 20 years, every dermatologist had failed to find a cure, I had basically given up on trying to fix it. It has cleared to a point that is barely noticeable. In fact I grew a beard for the first time without my face turning into a raw rash.

Swollen bleeding receding gums – My gums were rotten and stayed that way no matter how much I flossed, brushed, used mouth wash etc etc. They bled, receded down to the roots and my teeth moved and were getting loose. After getting my fillings out the gums have recovered, they are a healthy pink and have stopped bleeding. My teeth feel firm as well.

Vertigo and balance problems – I couldn’t balance very well at all and would need to steady myself all of the time. This has disappeared.

Exhaustion – At the beginning of this year I was totally exhausted. Putting up washing on a line was my whole day’s activity and sometimes I couldn’t cope with that. I currently have enough energy to work a full day and then join friends for drinks in the evening, and I won’t be broken the next day.

Unable to deal with loud noise and crowds – I actually ended up in tears in a shopping center, there was too much motion, people talking, crying babies, announcement noises and I just couldn’t cope with it.  Not great for a 6 foot 5 guy who thought he was tough. This has improved remarkably, in fact over the last few weeks I ended up in a few conflict situations and was comfortable and calm throughout the whole experience. I am also comfortable in crowds again, I was in a stadium with 90 000 people all blowing vuvuzelas (plastic trumpets) and I was fine. (Ok, I was wearing earplugs…)

Apathy – This one is hard to explain. Tying my shoelace felt like it would be as hard as climbing Mount Everest, I knew it wasn’t, it just felt that way. This has improved a lot. Although I still am apathetic it doesn’t feel like every small task is climbing a mountain.

Dead feeling – I used to feel just completely dead inside, just like there was nothing there. Although I still have quite a bit of pain, I feel much more normal again, a bit like I have rejoined the human race.


There have been a ton of other small changes that I have noticed, too many to list all of them.

It feels like I have been to hell and back and I am pretty glad I am on the coming back part. I have improved from the daily activity of just lying on a couch watching TV too being to busy to watch any TV.

I would attribute my improvements to getting on the right supplements and chelating safely on the Cutler protocol.  I still have a long way to go but the improvements so far have been great.

I just wanted to say thanks to Dean from Livingnetwork for all the time he spent helping me with great advice and also everyone who contributes to Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo Group, you can find the answer to anything here as long as you are prepared to search.






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