Parasite’s favourite foods

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

by Dr Hulda Clark

Ascaris lumbricoides, pet roundworm
Quercitin (squash & pumpkin, undercooked)
Ascaris megalocephala, pet roundworm
D-carnitine (meat of domestic animals, not free-range, organic)Clonorchis sinensis, human liver fluke
Oats, cooked or raw

Dirofilaria, dog heartworm
Lactose (milk sugar)

Echinoporyphium recurvatum

Eurytrema pancreaticum, pancreatic fluke
Lemon and lauric acid (food oil)

Fasciolopsis buski, human intestinal fluke
Raw onion (allyl sulphide, diallyl sulphide, allyl methyl suphide, and other onion-like substances in the lily family

Wheat (gluten and gliadin); metacercaria stage, requires lauric acid, food oil

Onchocerca, filarial roundworm
Corn, cooked and linolenic acid (food oil)

Paragonimus, lung fluke

Plasmodium faciparum vivax, malariae (malaria)
Different stages need iron disulfide, wheat, lemon, melanin (plantain), ASA, pyrrhole, and others

Strongyloides, roundworm
Potatoes, raw or cooked and linolenic acid (food oil)

The fastest way to get rid of any pest, like ants or mice, is to have no food for them. Would this principle work for internal pests too? Does Fasciolopsis have a special food it depends on? Insects with a complex life cycle that include a caterpillar sometimes depend on a single plant to provide essential food factors. The Monarch butterfly is an example. It must have milkweed plant to grow its larva. Potato beetles need a potato plant. The cabbage butterfly needs the cabbage plant. Some factor in these foods is required by the pest for its eggs to hatch or larval stages to grow. Fasciolopsis requires onion.

When the tiniest bit of raw onion is eaten its strong sulfide substances arrive quickly at all the Fasciolopsis stages hidden in your body. New stages can now develop and their population booms. Withholding onion is powerful. The famine we create cuts their population in half in 5 days, and again in half in another 5 days. But many sources of onion are so unexpected, it is almost impossible to avoid completely. Most kitchen spices I tested and even a sample of organic butter had onion-chemicals in them! Almost every spice and flavoring has them. The only way to rout the last remnant of onion is with a diet that is also completely devoid of canned food and processed food for two weeks. And at the same time using a supplement called MSM, which reacts and combines with any onion-chemicals left. Taking digestive enzymes helps remove tiny leftovers too. This is the 3rd way to kill Fasciolopsis on a large scale. And the search is on to find the essential foods of other parasites: See the incomplete table below: (actually above)

When we stop eating plants with onion-factors Fasciolopsis disappears without any side-effects! No detox symptoms occur! They must swim away!

Onions belong to the lily family. The lily family includes only a few foods: onions, garlic, leeks, chives, and asparagus. They have an assortment of onion food factors. Certain non-lily plants: cilantro, beans, peas, lentils (after cooking once), peanuts (after roasting), even aloe vera have onion factors. The solution for these vegetables is to cook them thoroughly. Unfortunately canned and processed food escapes being cooked enough! Our plan will be to stay away from these foods until the cancer is conquered, however long that may be. In one week the Fasciolopsis population will be decimated. But we should kill them with direct methods too, with herbs and zapping to speed up your recovery. Getting rid of more Fasciolopsis is the fastest way to get rid of food allergies as well as get your health back.
There is another way, besides herbs, zapping and nutrient withholding to delaminate parasites from your body. I believe it is the body’s own way, although we know nothing about it. The body normally uses benzoquinone (BQ) and rhozidonic acid (RZ), besides its own DMSO and a host of other very powerful chemicals. It makes these itself, but in extremely tiny amounts, like vitamin B12 or a hormone.

And it uses the body’s own electricity as we will see.
In cancer, as well as AIDS and other diseases, large parts of the body are no longer making BQ or RZ nor the other powerful chemical “weapons”. We will find a way to help the body make them again through homeography.


(The Prevention of All Cancers pg.103-104 copyright)

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