The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

by Dr Hulda Clark

Homeography is a new science. It uses electronically prepared drops of water taken by mouth. It rests on the ability of water to incorporate a frequency pattern of some object or chemical or living thing and to hold it in a stable way for a very long time (years). More than one frequency or frequency pattern can be stored together.
In fact, water seems to have a large capacity to hold frequencies without getting them mixed up or weakening. These discoveries are too new to be able to answer even simple questions. What kind of energy is being held in the frequency pattern? We have seen that a purely electrical force and a static magnetic force can be held. Could a pulsing magnetic field be held and detected somehow, too? Only further research can shed light on these questions. But the electrical frequency pattern is surprisingly simple to see and repeat by anyone.

Fig. 43 Making a bottle-copy – Place the bottle touching the slide or object. (See pg.105 POAC)

How to Make Homeographic Drops
You will need a source of Positive offset square waves, at least 30 kHz, close to 50% duty cycle and at least 9 volts from a fresh battery. This is what a zapper produces, so you may already have the most important item. You will also need a 3 1/2 inch square of aluminum sheet, about 1/32″ to 1/16″ thick, called the plate. You may find the aluminum at a hardware store; just cut to size and drill a hole for a small screw in the middle. The plate is fastened to a plastic stand such as a disposable food container. A wire comes from the Positive output of the zapper and connects to the plate. The Negative output is not used. If it is accidentally used, the signal arriving at the antenna-like plate would be grounded to the Negative side and disappear. There would be no results.
To use the apparatus, place a bottle of plain pure water on the plate. The bottle may be brown glass or brown polyethylene plastic. The brown color keeps out intense light, which could switch the polarization of the contents at any time. It should contain about 10 to 15 ml (2 to 3 tsp.) water. Place the item you want to copy right beside it. Surround all bottles being used with a metal tube as a shield (aluminum or aluminum-steel pipe) to make the effect stronger, although it is not strictly necessary. The two items or tubes must touch. Now zap for 20 seconds (this is not precise). The plain water now becomes a bottle-copy.
After incorporating a bone or other substance into a water sample, its presence should be, ideally, verified using a Syncrometer® or more rigorously, using a digital frequency synthesizer in conjunction with a Syncrometer® . These optional details of copy-making are in the Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual. Realistically, you must be able to trust the copier.

Fig. 44 Shielded bottles make stronger copies (pg.106 POAC)
Place metal (aluminum-steel) tubes over bottles to shield them (see Sources).

Fig. 45 Making organ drops -(pg.106 POAC)
Strengthen your lungs with their own frequencies copied from a lung slide and taken as drops of water.

Numerous purposes can be achieved with electronically made bottle-copies. You can use them when testing with the Syncrometer® or when plate-zapping, as we saw in the previous chapter. Secondly, the water copy itself can be taken by mouth in the form of drops under the tongue. How could this be useful? Depending on the variety of drops made, different goals can be achieved.

Homeographic Drops Can Strengthen
The most important goal is to clean your organs of all the toxins, pathogens and parasites accumulated there. Simply making a copy of each organ and taking this as drops many times a day accomplishes this. For a few hours the Syncrometer® sees the new frequency pattern superimposed on your own organ’s pattern. For a short time you are not missing any frequencies from your own “sick” organ. Sick or merely old organs regularly miss many of their frequencies. You can find the missing ones precisely with a high quality frequency synthesizer. (This is described in the Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual). Does taking these as drops strengthen metabolism? Impart energy to that organ? The WBCs in this organ get activated, as if you had zapped this organ. The Syncrometer® sees they are soon full of their surrounding toxins. Sometimes you can feel the effect immediately.

Fig. 46 Combinations should mimic reality (pg.107 POAC)
This combination makes the liverCD14 cell pattern. Reversing them contaminates your CD14 bottle:

Never take drops of a parasite or a virus or anything harmful.

Taking drops of harmful invaders would surely reach them and strengthen them! Use only the goals and formats given here. This is not the same as homeopathy.
The dose is six drops taken 6 times daily for two days. Drop them under your tongue just behind the lower teeth. Leave them there to slowly absorb before swallowing them. After two days reduce the dosage to 3 times daily. No food should have been in your mouth for five minutes, nor eaten afterward for five minutes.
You can combine slides or bottles (not drops) creatively to match precise locations. In the example shown we make drops of the CD14 cells in the liver. The CD14s are the macrophages, our huge white blood cells, always immobilized and coated with automotive greases in cancer victims. Taking these drops would strengthen them specifically. By touching 2 tissues on the copy plate they represent a “series” type circuit. This implies that they touch each other in real life. If they don’t really touch in real life, you would leave a space between them on the plate. For example, to create the location of a mediastinal tumor which is between the upper lung and the esophagus, you would place these 2 slides on the plate, separated by a space of about 1/4″. The blank (for copying) touches one of these. Slides that are placed more than 1″ apart are for organs that are definitely not in contact in real life. Two tissues placed at different corners act as if in “parallel” electrically. As you place them closer together, you are assuming they are partly in “series”.
Many of your organs have a left and right partner. For example, you have two lungs and two kidneys. Your brain has a left and right side. In the case of the liver there are many lobes (see page 388). Your pancreas has left and right portions that are not symmetrical. The more precisely you can focus on a particular part, the more effective the drops will be.
Capacitors and inductors are electronic components with a precise amount of capacitance or inductance. By putting them on your plate, along with an organ sample, you change its electrical properties slightly. I have found by adding a 1 pF (picofarad) capacitor you can adjust a location more to the right or further up. If instead you add a 1 uH (microhenry) inductor you can structure a location more to the left or further down.
For example, suppose you know your right lung is worse than your left, and you want to zap the right lung first. You would make a bottle-copy of a lung slide with a 1 pF capacitor laid near it. The resulting drops would strengthen the right lung only. The bottle made could be used to zap the right lung only.
You may make drops of all the organ samples you can buy or somehow locate. You may have 30 or 50 bottles to take, giving one minute to each. You can do this while you are zapping. There are no side-effects although you may feel new body currents in locations of disease. If you take these drops more than 6 times daily, the effect may be much stronger. And, if you give yourself detox-illness you have evidence (though uncomfortable) that you even killed large parasites. How did your body do that with only 6 drops of water?

Fig. 47 Making a Right lung bottle (pg. 107)
To make a right lung, place a 1 pF capacitor on plate.

Homeographic Drops Can Supply (add)
Homeographic drops can add missing things to a particular organ. The things we want most are the immune weapons benzoquinone (BQ), rhodizonic acid (RZ), glyoxal (G), and glyoxylic acid (GA). These mega parasite-killers are by far the most dramatic and versatile chemicals in our bodies, as impressive as the power of our neurotransmitters. They have the most responsible job – to kill large parasites. The cancer patient’s body is full of parasite eggs and stages because there are no mega killers at most locations. Children do have them.
You can instruct your body to make BQ by using a homeographic combination. A different combination makes RZ.
To make BQ which kills one of our Ascaris varieties(Ascaris lumbricoides), we must combine the organ where you wish to install it (such as the organ with a tumor or other problem), with saliva and blood all together in one blank bottle of water. The saliva and blood samples should come from a different person or an animal. Bottles have shields placed around them; slides do not.

Fig. 48 Making BQ in an lung (pg.110 POAC)
Each item touches the blank, but not each other.

After taking these drops several times you will find BQ present in this organ. It will be ready to go to work for you. One could, of course, copy some real benzoquinone into a bottle of water and take those drops. We call this “cloned BQ.” These drops are quite powerful, too, but only for a short time. Inducing your body to make BQ using the combination of saliva and blood and organ is superior!

To make RZ, the organ to be replenished (your organ with a problem) is combined with saliva and lymph. The saliva can be in bottle-copy form, originally from a fairly healthy person. Bottle-copies of all these supplies can be purchased (see Sources), but are easily made, too. Notice that the three ingredients must not touch each other, but all must touch the blank bottle.
Why are BQ and RZ missing in the first place? It depends on the presence of Ascaris-chemicals, such as 1,10-phenanthroline, guanidine, methyl guanidine and others. Ascaris produces a host of such abnormal chemicals. Evidently they use up BQ and RZ.
If BQ can be made abundantly, until no Ascaris or their chemicals are left, the body can continue to make its own BQ. If not enough is made and Ascaris chemicals are left over, BQ continues to be missing and now parasites can grow large, mature, and shed eggs. Parasitism continues.
As soon as you take six drops of the saliva-blood-organ bottle-copy your body starts making BQ at that organ. This destroys the Ascaris-chemicals as well as Ascaris itself at that one location. Within the day, this tissue is freed from Ascaris parasitism. You may suddenly feel like a brand new person. Ascaris was bringing you night sweats from its bacteria.
As soon as you feel better you may reduce the dosage to 3 times a day. Because of the possibility of reinfection from the environment and also from other parts of the body, it would be wise to continue taking these drops 2 or 3 times per day for weeks. Afterwards, test your ability to keep making BQ and RZ yourself.
Making G, GA and other weapons requires combining other body fluids, including bile and urine. Each combination kills a specific large parasite. Until research on these is complete take the cloned weapons themselves, which you can easily make from a master sample.
You now have a very easy way to remove both toxins and parasites from your most important organs with a minimum of discomfort, and to restore immune weapons. It is not unusual for a cancer patient to be taking 30 or more homeographic bottles continuously while zapping for eight hours a day.
Zapping an organ while taking drops for that same organ seems to be especially beneficial. Try to arrange for that coincidence.

Homeographic Drops Can Remove (subtract)
We already saw how we can put things into the body, by supplying it. The body will send it to the organ in need using its own discretion. We do not yet know how to direct it specifically.
But we can take things out of the body, quite specifically, simply by combining it homeographically with the location to be cleaned.
The most important things to take out are wheel bearing grease, azo dyes, nickel and other heavy metals. When the body’s immune system can not recover fast enough to remove these major toxins in time to prevent disaster, making take-out bottles for them brings emergency relief in 1 to 2 days. Because of their power, you must not make a mistake with them. In the examples given, take-out bottles are left to the last so you can gain experience first. Do not leave such big responsibilities to others. You can reverse your jaundice, kidney failure, seizures, anemia, and other emergencies, but only if done correctly.

Homeography in Perspective
Homeography, like zapping, can be systemic in scope or focused on specific organs. Taking six drops of electronically “patterned” water mobilizes the white blood cells; that can be easily seen. It may do much more that must wait on research.
Being able to interact with the body using electrical and homeographic methods suggests that the body understands and acts with these same methods or “languages”. Does a mother cat not lick her kitten from top to toe-combining saliva with nasal secretions, eye secretions, mucous, sweat, even anal and urinary secretions. Certainly a wound is immediately treated by combining it with saliva, right at the needy and bleeding organ.
Negative voltage frequencies do not have this beneficial effect, although they can be copied, too. If you are purchasing ready-made bottle-copies, be sure to specify and ask for assurance that a Positive offset voltage was used and how much offset there was. If they don’t understand the question, purchase elsewhere.
I do not understand the physics or chemistry of water sufficiently to explain these phenomena. Questions must wait. But you can harness the forces involved to “boot-up” your own immune power even when all the blockers are present. The organ chosen can begin to clean itself up provided you stop taking the toxin in. You cannot take out what you are taking in! Mobilizing the WBCs is not all that is involved. You can often “taste” the action. Sometimes you can feel the organ respond. For instance, taking kidney drops can send you directly to the bathroom. You can even get a mild detox-illness. Perhaps the electronic language of adding and subtracting frequencies (called heterodyning) or riding along on other frequencies (called modulation) is native to life. Water, being the unifying chemical for life has its electrical charges, which then make it susceptible to voltage influences. Only more research can help us understand.
You must be very careful not to set your drops near a magnet. The magnetic field destroys them. Always keep magnets in their own container, to separate them. .
The first drops to make should be the “protective set” for the lymph and kidneys. These are both organs. The lymph needs cleaning more than other fluids and often rewards you with pain relief instantly or extra energy. The kidneys will be the first to get help for their white blood cells. Take these drops continually, for weeks, at least until you are done plate-zapping.

Making Drops
The Water
Use only distilled-filtered water (see page 226) to make drops. It is the cleanest. And it only stays clean if you store it in a non-seeping container! Well water nearly always has a bleach or other disinfectant added. Do not trust untested water. Bleach, whether the laundry type or NSF (good) type, still gives you sodium hypochlorite, which will get highly activated by the homeographic procedure. Don’t use any chlorinated water. You cannot, filter water or “let it stand” and expect to get rid of chlorine. Only boiling it, at a rolling boil for five minutes, can get rid of it. Test for chlorine with a kit available at pool supply stores. The drops you make and the drops you buy should be tested for bleach regularly.

Fig. 49 Collecting rainwater (pg.114  POAC)

To clean and store rainwater for drop-making, collect it in an opaque polyethylene bottle, preferably a used one that had held distilled water in it at the supermarket. Make a funnel out of another such bottle or purchase a stainless steel one. All others will seep very toxic metals into your rainwater. Test its conductivity with an indicator (see Sources). It should be zero. Also test for strontium, PCBs, beryllium, vanadium, and chromium, the common air pollutants. If these are absent, you are very fortunate. It is healthful, you can drink it and make drops with it.
Place each rainwater collector in a bucket that is suspended in the air, or weighted down by a rock on your lawn. You may also use plastic bags of the zippered kind that can be suspended with clothespins. Do not leave your collections open and unattended. Air pollutants can fall in. If any one is present, you must filter it out, see page 587.

The Rain Filter
Wait for I/2 hour of raining before starting to collect so that smog particles, bits of foliage and dust will have rained down. Test it first for pollutants. If there are none, you still need a coarse filter, which you can make yourself. A carbon or regular filter would remove the beneficial elements while adding its own toxic ones. Cheese cloth and cotton wool from vitamin bottles can be washed under the faucet several times and squeezed dry, then boiled in tap water for 5 minutes at a rolling boil. Rinse with your own purified water. After this, there should be no chlorine residue and no conductivity detected in any rinse water. Use it as a loose fitting cork in your homemade funnel to filter the rain as it comes down. Store extra filters in a double zippered bag in the freezer. The water collected can be stored, as is, in the refrigerator, ready for drop-making. Do not pour it into some other bottle.

The Bottles
Buy 1/2 oz. (15ml) amber glass bottles with caps that have a polyethylene protected surface inside (see Sources). Do not buy droppers for them. The rubber end of the dropper seeps heavy metals and malonic acid. You may buy a separate polyethylene drop dispenser (pipette) used by chemistry students (see Sources). Keep each pipette with its own bottle: One wrong dip would destroy the bottle! Also buy 1/2 oz. amber polyethylene bottles with 2 kinds of caps: a flat one and a dropper variety complete with nozzle (see picture).

Fig. 50 Amber glass and polyethylene bottles and lids (see pg.115 POAC)

DO’S and DON’TS. Do not switch bottle caps or nozzles. You may reuse a bottle if you rinse it 3 times with pure water and also rinse the nozzle and cap 3 times. Even one drop of a different frequency destroys a new bottle of drops. Since you have no way of testing whether a bottle is potent or blank, be extra careful not to confuse bottle parts. This is also the reason for taking drops one minute apart. New drops must not touch old drops in your mouth.
Do not combine bottles. Do keep bottles out of direct sunlight. Do not carry them in your pocket. Do not rubber band them together while they are being copied. Do not touch them during copying. Do turn off the zapper before touching them to remove them. If you made a mistake or have some doubts, rinse everything and start over.

(The Prevention of All Cancers copyright)

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