Dental revision: how to do it

When contemplating undergoing full dental revision, here is some vital information for you:
Start by reading:
The key principles are to prepare your body and its detoxification pathways for the upcoming dental work.
See the “How to get well and stay well protocol for a comprehensive program explaining how to do this.
If you need to consider a shorter preparation, the bare minimum preparation is explained below.
  1. Order a DDI (Doctors Data Incorporated) hair test.
  2. Begin the general supplements in preparation for Andy Cutler’s Frequent Dose Chelation protocol (NOTE: chelation can only begin once all the mercury is removed. DO NOT attempt chelation beforehand e.g. no chlorella, no DMSA, no EDTA, no ALA, no challenge tests etc)
  3. Do a sulphur-restriction food test, to check if you are sensitive to mercury-mobilising sulphur foods.
  4. Check your adrenal and thyroid function, focusing on adding some adrenal support before dental work if you feel you can only do one thing e.g. add an Adrenal Cortex/Glandular product and check response.
  5. Undergo the full dental clean-up with a biological or other safe dentist, consisting of:
6.    Once your mercury has been removed follow the frequent dose oral chelation advice as advised by Dr Andy Cutler.
7.    Post dental work expectations:
  • Prepare mentally for 3-month honeymoon period after removal consisting of improvement in health, followed by,
  • a slump in health 9 months after removal, as your organs begin to dump mercury. This slump in health lessens and you improve as you continue to chelate
  • Make certain you have purchased Andy Cutlers book, Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment for support and vital information while chelating
The “DO NOT” list:
  • Do not begin the dental work without checking if your adrenals are strong enough to cope with the stress of dental work.
  • Do not perform DMPS challenge test (or any other challenge test when a chelator is injected into you).
  • Do not take any chelators (DMSA, ALA, EDTA, DMPS, cilantro/coriander) before all mercury is removed. After removal only take chelators according to their half life.
  • Do not chelate with any other protocol than the frequent dose oral chelation protocol by Andy Cutler.
  • Do not take mercury mobilizing substances at any stage during chelation or before (chlorella, cilantro/coriander)
  • Never, ever do IV chelation.
  • Do not remove amalgams or chelate if pregnant or breast-feeding.


Remember, you cannot expect your dentist to make these decisions for you. Some brave dentists have entered the world of biological dentistry, but even they can face unreasonable challenges from their peers and dental associations if they advise you to remove amalgams, clean cavitations and extract root canals.
This is your decision and your responsibility and not theirs. You will find once you have made this decision, a good dentist will support your process.
You must research the options yourself and give your informed consent for the procedures, and then choose the appropriate dentist that will carry out the techniques with experience and care.