Mercury amalgams

by Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

The Cure for All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark

...’The Amalgam Era may soon be known as the darkest era in human history. Darker than cannibalism, headhunting, throwing Christians to the lions, burning non-Christians at the stake or having two world wars. The amalgam disaster was perpetrated on the very young and very old, on the sick and the healthy, and on women as well its men, much less selective than primitive atrocities.
The toll taken by persuading all these people to accept mercury mixtures to suck on day and night is unimaginable. It started the hundred-year slide downward of our immune power, our only defense against extinction.
The purpose of this dental clean up is:

  • to get rid of the biggest source of heavy metals, plastic ingredients and dyes that are damaging your immune system, besides your laundry bleach drinking water.
  • to get rid of Clostridium bacteria, that are part of the cancer cause, hidden under tooth fillings.

Our only defense against all the parasites, bacteria, viruses and even prions that try to grow in us is our immune system. We may think that cleanliness, intelligence, warm clothing and medicines protect us. But they do not. Our white blood cells have infinitely more power. Their job is eating our enemies and killing and removing them in a variety of ways: sometimes physically, sometimes through chemicals they make, sometimes through electrical (or perhaps magnetic) effects. When we accidentally damage our WBCs, it is a very serious matter.

Amalgam is producing a steady flow of mercury and thallium into our bodies, not to mention nickel, chromium, copper and dozens more. Even gold is extremely harmful, being an essential element for prions, Salmonella bacteria, SV 40 virus and even the HIV virus! None of the amalgam metals had to be disclosed even though nickel and chromium have had top rating as carcinogens for 30 years! Only mercury in California now has a warning.
Without disclosure, the entire amalgam-assault against humanity was a secret one. We did not know what we were putting in our mouths, although the manufacturers did. We thought “silver fillings” were mainly silver, and pure, when they were very impure and mainly mercury. The Dental Association knew all along what the results of scientific research was pointing to, and that the effects of eating such poisons, as one must when it is in the mouth, are cumulative so each passing year brings more toxicity.
It seems there was no concern for purity or health hazard by an organization that had the public trust. The Syncrometer® detected 50 metals in a single sample of new amalgam that was ready to be placed in someone’s mouth.
A – Silver
AI – Aluminum
Ba – Barium
Be- Beryllium
Bi – Bismuth
Cd – Cadmium
Ce – Cerium
Cs -Cesium
Cu – Copper
Dy – Dysprosium
Eu – Europium
Gd – Gadolinium
Ge – Germanium
Hg – Mercury
Ho – Holmium
In – Indium
La – Lanthanum
Li – Lithium
Mn – Manganese
Mo – Molybdenum
Nb – Niobium
Nd – Neodymium
Ni – Nickel
Pb – Lead
Pr – Praseodymium
Pt – Platinum
Rb – Rubidium
Re – Rhenium
Rh – Rhodium
Rn – Radon
Ru – Ruthenium
Sb – Antimony
Sc – Scandium
Se – Selenium
Si – Silicon
Sm – Samarium
Sn – Tin
Sr – Strontium
TI – Thallium
Ta – Tantalum
Tb – Terbium
Ti – Titanium
Yb – Ytterbium
V – Vanadium
W – Tungsten
Y – Yttrium
Zn – Zinc
Zr – Zirconium
Fig. 92 Elements found in “pure” amalgam by Syncrometer (pg. 328 POAC)

Notice the lanthanides in amalgam: Ce, Dy, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, No, Nb, Pr, Sm, Tb, Yb, Y. They are nearly all represented. As they diffuse out into our bodies, will their paramagnetic nature upset the delicate iron balance, will they be excretable? This should have been studied before putting them in our mouths.
The cancer victim must remove every bit of amalgam, however tiny, from the mouth. There is no way of getting immunity back without this fundamental act.
White blood cells that have eaten mercury and thallium can trap bacteria and viruses but never manage to kill them. They have lost killing power. They also do not make L-G or L-A (see page 570). A tumor full of seeped mercury/thallium has no chance to clear itself of SV 40 viruses and Clostridium bacteria or anything else.
In earlier editions of this book I recommended drilling out amalgam to replace with plastic for teeth that had fillings. I no longer do that.
Now that I see bits of mercury spattered all over the mouth, some large enough to see on x-rays, the safest solution is extraction. Tiny bits of amalgam created by drilling would add up to a much greater surface area for mercury seepage than before. The amalgam-diseases would not go away.
Plastic fillings shed azo dyes, heavy metals(!), bisphenol A (an estrogen-like substance, not good for boys or girls), and malonic acid, urethane, acrylic acid, DAP (a phthalate), all of which are carcinogens.
But a way has been found to stop plastic seepage, although the results are preliminary. If you have only plastic, not plastic-replacing-amalgam, you could choose this new and experimental path. It has been in use for 4 years but only used for 2 dozen patients. In each case, the new treatment stopped the seepage. It is done with a tooth zappicator, see page 344.
Extracting the teeth that once had amalgam and zappicating your plastic teeth is a compromise that should be monitored by each person choosing it. Have your saliva tested by Syncrometer.

Mercury Amalgam Removal

Jerome Tattoo Removal
Fig 95 Tatoos (POAC pg.342)
Bone fragments black with mercury should be removed.

While the amalgam was being put into your teeth or taken out, tiny bits got away or flew away with great force into your cheek folds, into neighboring gums, into exposed bone nearby and down to the bottom of newly made sockets. Nobody will ever see these again, or so it was thought. (And guilt can never be laid.)

Fig. 96 Digital x-rays give superior view

Larger bits of amalgam, called tattoos, can be seen on the panoramic or digital x-ray. Your dentist has already spotted them no doubt. But smaller particles do not show up. You must ask the dentist whether he or she is equipped to search visually, with a magnifier and remove them all regardless how painstaking the job is. This and many more facts of dentistry are discussed by Frank Jerome, D.D.S. in his book, Tooth Truth (search Internet). Each quadrant of your mouth needs a careful examination for mercury.
It is quite easy to find tattoos using the developed “Dental Syncrometer
Probe” (see Sources) attached to the Syncrometer. If your dentist is willing to remove these too, after you locate them with your Syncrometer, you have a precious professional. If not, remove as much as possible yourself with the toothbrush zappicator

See Mercury Amalgam Removal
See Oral Chelation also.

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