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The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

The Prevention of all Cancers by Dr Hulda Clark

Organ Drops
Each organ you take as drops will show activation of its WBCs specifically; no other organs are activated. The most important organs to activate are the kidneys. In fact they are so important you should always take kidney drops first, along with kidney white blood cells when beginning any drop taking session.
Fig. 51 Making a bottle of the Left kidney (pg.116 POAC)
To make your kidney protective set, to strengthen them, copy your slide or bottle of kidney tissue. Make a Right kidney bottle and a Left kidney bottle. Then make Right kidney WBCs and Left kidney WBCs.

Making Dyes-Out-Of-Kidney Set
It is failure of the kidney white blood cells to keep the kidneys clean that “clogs” them and forces the toxins to accumulate somewhere else in the body, just where there is no immune power.
We will make take-out drops for each kidney and its WBCs to bring back normal kidney action.
Fig. 52 Making a bottle of Left kidney WBC’S (pg.116 POAC)

The power in take-out drops is so huge that nobody should make them before reading this entire section on homeography. And nobody should take them if the source of their , heavy metals and wheel bearing grease have not been found and eliminated. In other words, you can’t take-out those things you are still taking in! That is why cleaning up water, diet, dentalware and cooking pots come first. Nor can you clean large areas like the blood, the bones, the skin. It is meant for tiny amounts.

Take-Out Dyes From Right Kidney
Purchase a bottle of mixed azo dyes. Also purchase individual dyes: Fast Green, Fast Red, Fast Blue, Fast Red Violet, Fast Garnet, DAB, and Sudan Black. You may soon need them. Place the dye sample on one side of the blank bottle, on the left by our convention. Place the organ to be cleared, namely kidney, on the opposite side, on the right by our convention*. Place metal tubes over all bottles. Add a 1 pF capacitor to the plate, not touching anything. Zap for 20 seconds with Positive offset voltage. Label your newly made bottle “take-out dyes from Right kidney”.
*You may make more than one bottle at a time. Another blank bottle can touch the center blank on both sides. Every bottle can only touch the center bottle and every bottle should have its metal sleeve. If the slide gets too close (less than 8 mm) tilt it and make only one extra bottle.
Fig. 53 Take-out dyes from Right kidney (pg.117 POAC)

Take-Out Dyes From Right Kidney White Blood Cells
Place blank at center. Place dyes on left side of blank. Place kidney slide on right side of blank, adding a 1 pF capacitor. Next, place white blood cells beside kidney, touching it. Use a WBC bottle or homemade slide, but not your own WBCs. NOTE: if you used a kidney bottle instead of slide and also a WBC bottle, the WBC frequency will have to pass through the kidney bottle to reach the blank and will remain there. The kidney bottle now has the WBC frequency in it. So re-label your kidney bottle “has WBC”. You can avoid this by using a kidney slide or sample from meat shop (placed in zippered plastic bag). If you wish to use your kidney bottle, make a copy of it beforehand. This would keep one safe from accidental contamination and is highly recommended for all your purchases.
Fig. 54 Take-out dyes from Right kidney WBCs (pg.118 POAC)

Take-Out Dyes From Left Kidney
Place blank at center. Place dyes on left side of blank. Place kidney slide on right side of blank. Place a 1 uH inductor loose on plate, not touching anything.

Take-Out Dyes From Left Kidney White Blood Cells
Place blank at center. Place dyes on left side of blank. Place kidney slide on right side and WBCs touching it. Add 1 uH loose on plate.
You now have a set of 4 take-out bottles for dyes from the kidney set. These can save your life when you are already on life support means with less than a week of life left for you. But they won’t save your life if your very life support supplies contain dyes as they would if they were manufactured by a company that uses laundry bleach to disinfect its biologicals or if these supplies included colored plastic. Such dilemmas are common. Use your judgment. The rule is never broken that you cannot take out what you are putting in.
The whole take-out action is complete in 4 days, taking them 6 times daily for the first 2 days and 3 times daily for the next 2 days. Copy each bottle by cloning it before it is less than half full. Continue once a day for 2 more weeks. Store remainder. If you are in a new emergency situation, take all again, this time every hour the first day.

Making Heavy-Metals-Out-of-Kidney Set
Purchase a bottle-copy of mixed heavy metals. Mine was made from a piece of unused amalgam plus cobalt, strontium, gold, antimony, uranium, chromium, radon, ruthenium and rubidium; these were missing in my piece of amalgam, so were added later.
Make your own with a chip of old amalgam from any, including your own, extracted tooth. Drop it into pure water in an amber 1/2 oz. bottle. To take all these out of your Right kidney, again place the blank in the center. Place the heavy metal bottle on the left side of the blank. Place the Right kidney on the Right side of the blank. Just before pressing the switch button, read the line-up as a final check, like this, from left to right, “Take heavy metals-out-of-Right kidney”, and check each item as you read it. Ask yourself, “Am I contaminating any of my bottles?” If so, make a copy you can discard later. Then zap 20 minutes.(seconds).
Any piece of amalgam will be missing some heavy metals. Combine all the metal jewelry you were wearing, including watchband, earrings, necklaces, and dentalware you saved in one zippered plastic bag. Copy it all together. Then make takeout drops for your kidney set.
Finish making and taking the heavy metals-out-of-Right kidney and Right kidney WBCs, Left kidney and Left kidney white blood cells.

Making Wheel Bearing Grease-Out-Of-Kidney Set
Since wheel bearing grease traps motor oil, dyes, metals, malonic acid and solvents and slowly releases them in your vital organs, this may be the most important take-out-set. Be careful not to try to take this grease out of other locations before taking it out of the kidney set. It could relocate itself. Purchase a can of wheel bearing grease at any automotive supply store. Copy it into a bottle of water, placing a shield over the blank as usual. The large size of the can will make part of it hang over the edge. Copy it only into one bottle at a time (not several). Label it.
Make wheel bearing grease (WBGr)-out-of-Right kidney, WBGr-out-of-Right kidney WBCs, WBGr-out-of-Left kidney, WBGr-out-of-Left kidney WBCs. Also WBGr-out-of-lymph. You now have 4 sets:

  • a kidney set to help and protect them
  • dyes-out-of kidney set
  • heavy metals-out-of-kidney set
  • wheel bearing grease-out-of-kidney set and lymph

Making Extra Drops
Copy the LYMPH bottle so you can take drops of lymph as well as zapping lymph and take-out bottles from lymph. Copy the peripheral BLOOD slide so you can take drops as well. Label it CIRCULATION or BLOOD.

  • Copy the CD14s; take drops.
  • Copy the CD8s; take drops.
  • Make dyes-out-of LYMPH.
  • Make NICKEL-out-of CD8s.
  • Make NICKEL-out-of-CD 14s.
  • Make heavy metals-out-of-LYMPH.
  • Make methyl malonate-out-of-kidney set, taking drops to rescue kidneys from failure.

Next, make DAB (dye)-out-of-WBCs. This is a single bottle. Having DAB in the white blood cells causes the alkaline phosphatase to be much too high. Having cobalt in them causes low alkaline phosphatase. Check yours. Hurry to take out DAB or cobalt or both. But where will they go after being taken out? They should go to the kidney WBCs. But if the kidneys have not yet been cleared of dyes or heavy metals, it will do no good. You must wait till you have taken the kidney drops for 4 days. Then take DAB out for 4 days only, then stop. If alkaline phosphatase is too low, take cobalt out, too, for 4 days. You may take them together, as a set, one after the other.
Next make Sudan Black (dye)-out-of-RBCs. Having Sudan Black in your RBCs causes the LDH to be much too high. If LDH is too low, there is cobalt in them. Make cobalt-out-of-RBCs.
Next make Fast Green (dye)-out-of-CD8s and Fast Garnetout-of-CD4s.
If the globulin is too low, or too high, take all the wheel bearing grease, dyes and heavy metals out of the B-cells. B-cells are also called CD37 cells.
You can make your own RBCs and platelets by structuring them electronically like this:
RBCs = WBCs + 1 uH
platelets = WBCs + 2 uH
megakaryocytes = WBC + 4 pF

If the total bilirubin is over the range given as normal on the blood test, take copper, cobalt, chromium and nickel out of all liver parts. Make separate bottles for each metal for a stronger effect than the heavy metal combination. (Follow the example on page 388.) Also make a bottle of heavy metals-out-of-each-liver part. There are at least 10 liver parts. You have only days to accomplish this before jaundice begins. After 2 days of such metal removal the fungus, Aspergillus, and its relative, Penicillium, will be in decline. You can now take aflatoxin-out-of-all-liver parts. After another 2 days you can take bilirubin-out-of-blood for 4 days. Then you are ready for a new blood test.
These are extra life-saving features of homeography. You can see that for jaundice you must find the sources of these 4 heavy metals; you must stop drinking and eating them or you will have your jaundice back very soon. Sources of these 4 heavy metals are few: food, drink, dentalware, dishes and supplements. Use extreme measures when a crisis is before you. (Eat only natural food, drink only rainwater, remove all synthetic dentalware, don’t use dishes or cutlery, don’t take any supplements.) After it is over, search for the metals.

Prevent Mistakes

Because take-out drops are very powerful, consider the effect on you if you should make a mistake.

Taking protective drops (same as organ drops) that are accidentally blank or got mixed up could never harm you. But making and taking salmonella drops could. Never even make bacteria drops or parasite drops or virus drops to prevent any such error. Don’t make them for zapping either. Zapping them has no value. They might be gone for 15 minutes and then be back! You have them because you are feeding them unknowingly, while your WBCs aren’t working.
Never make drops that take out bacteria, parasites or viruses. They could only be out for minutes anyway since they reproduce in the neighboring organs all the time. And, again, you are inadvertently feeding them while the WBCs are disabled.
Consider the hazard of making a mistake in a take-out bottle for dyes or heavy metals. If, by accident, your final bottle only had kidneys or WBC or RBCs, they would now be “organ drops”, not harmful. But if your final bottle had only dyes in it or heavy metals, having missed the organ, I believe you could certainly harm yourself. It would be equivalent to taking the dyes or metals for about 1/2 hour. For this reason, do not purchase take-out bottles, ready-made. Make them yourself. Even you will occasionally make a mistake. But stopping each take-out bottle after 4 days gives a measure of safety. If you sense an error, rinse bottles and start over.

The Problem Organ
Next, make drops of organs with problems.
First make the organ with the tumor; for example, if you have cancer in the Right lung, the organ with the problem is the Right lung. Always make drops for both members of a set though, like Right and Left lung.
Lungs are quite large. It would be useful to reach bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli, specifically.

Use these relationships:
lung/trachea = bronchus. The slash means these two test samples touch each other.
bronchus + 1 uH = bronchiole
bronchiole + 1 uH = alveolus
Make drops for all organs with any problem, like liver for jaundice (make the whole set), bone marrow for leukemia, adrenals for high blood pressure, and so on. Make drops for their WBCs, too.
Remember that zapping an organ at the same time as taking drops for it has an exceptionally powerful effect. Try to do this.
Always take the kidney drops first, before others in any drop-taking session.

No Drops for the Tumor
You will NOT be making tumor drops. It would be harmful, I believe. You do not want to strengthen the tumor. But zapping it is supremely powerful. To single it out for zapping, attach a substance, tricalcium phosphate, to the organ slide (see page 97).
You do not need to make a bottle of the tumor since you can construct it easily on the plate for zapping. This adds a protection against ever taking drops of a tumor. Place your tricalcium phosphate sample touching the organ.
How often should you take drops? Whenever you start new drops, take them very often the first day, even every hour if possible. This increases the chance of treating it quickly because there is a cumulative action; 6 times a day is the minimum for a new organ.
Fig. 55 Zapping a brain tumor (Pg.124 POAC)
Zapping the Right cerebrum (at left) and Right brain tumor (at right).

Whenever intensive take-out treatment is planned, be sure you can take enough organic germanium, selenite and vitamin C (rose hips) too. Imagine you could build a house in one day. It would be a very busy building site. You dare not run out of one frequently used supply, not even nails. Imagine the cost of missing water or electricity for an hour.

After two days of intensive treatment, most of the action is done. You should go down to 3 times daily for 2 more days. After this all take-out drops should be stopped but continue protective or organ drops. Continue these once a day. Hopefully you made copies and labeled all your bottles. So, if you had a new emergency, you could repeat it all, quickly.

Keep a daily log of zaps done and drops taken, along with a note about symptoms felt, if any, at each organ.
Next, make drops for every organ that is involved in your illness.
For example, you may have:
a)        pain at right hip
b)         a new lump

Pain at Right Hip
Pain at bones is a very common experience. But how do you know which bone it is? How could you find exactly which bone to zap and make drops for? Chances are excellent that a chicken has such a bone. Its frequency pattern would be close to yours. Purchase chicken parts that include this bone. Cook till meat can be removed. It should not be completely removed; cartilage and attached tendons and gristle should be left on the bones. After removing meat, separate the large bones, but small bones can stay together. Place on paper towels to air dry, labeling them first, including left or right side. After 3 weeks in a warm place they should be fairly dry. (You do not need to dry them before using them.) Then put larger bones in their own zippered bags. Several smaller bones can share a bag. To find the bone that matches your painful bone, you would need a Syncrometer®.* But if you can guess which bone has your pain, you can copy the bone into 2 bottles, one for zapping, and one to dispense drops. Keep your bone set in the refrigerator.
*Testers, search for Streptococcus pneumoniae (pain) bacteria in bone locations, using chicken bones. Place bag of bones beside patient’s saliva sample. Search for Strep pneu, OPT, etc. If Positive, test each bone.

A Lump
A lump visible under the skin often cannot be given an organ name using slides or specimens. Even a small lump on the face can be impossible to give a location on your plate.
To be able to zap these precisely, you can make a paper skin copy of them. The frequencies of energy coming from the body leave through the skin and can be caught in water placed there.
The copy will not be for drop-making since it is your own (not from a healthy rat or monkey). But it will serve for analysis by Syncrometer and for zapping. Label it: ZAP ONLY.

Paper Skin Copy
Cut a circle out of white, unfragranced paper towel to fit over the lump. Carry a small amount of pure water with you to the couch where you can lie down for 10 minutes. Place the paper over the lump and pour enough water on yourself to hold the paper against the skin everywhere. Wait 10 minutes. Pick it up with your fingers inside a zippered bag or with metal tweezers. (Gloves could shed heavy metals.) The same way, stuff the paper into an empty amber glass test bottle or a plastic zippered bag. The damp paper should touch the bottom of the bottle. Shake it down till it reaches the bottom of the bottle. That is why you should use glass…to be able to see it. A zippered bag should be folded so the paper sample is only one plastic layer away from the plate. Do not add water. Close, label it; for example: Below Left Eye. Use this bottle or bag to zap. In this way you can zap (but not take drops) any location on your body where you can feel a lump.

A New Lump
It is demoralizing and panicking to see a new lump appear or an old one grow again after you have been shrinking several others. It brings home the painful truth that you still have toxins coming into your body when you thought you had found them all and detoxified enough. Tumors that are not shrinking are still receiving growth stimulators and are still accumulating toxins.

ALL problems are current.

Growth and accumulation makes tumors enlarge. Growth comes from SCF and HGH at first and from Yeast and Staph with RAS oncovirus later. Apoptosis can be blocked by just a few parasites, and the white blood cells can be disabled because they are only full of nickel. Test yourself for these. When some tumors refuse to shrink, or new ones grow, jump into action. Not to zap, take drops and otherwise obliterate the new growth, but to find the source of allergens and heavy metals. Chances are best that your food has phloridzin, chlorogenic acid and gallic acid in it. And that your dishes and food are giving you chromium to feed both yeast and Staph.
Immediately improve your compliance. Do not use any loopholes in the diet* or items you thought you “were getting away with”. Don’t risk an untested new supplement, or somebody else’s cooking. Repeat the whole program. Results should be much quicker this time. Without a Syncrometer® you must over-comply if you are very advanced. You must find what is stimulating the new growth.
*Testers, search for SCF, HGH, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, phloridzin, Fasciolopsis cercariae, CEA, Yeast, HCG, RRase, thiourea, heavy metals, laundry bleach, dyes, wheel bearing grease in the saliva.

Review your dental work. Get a blood test and interpret the results item by item using the Blood Test Results on page 311. Most often a stubborn lump is due to a small mistake, like using a prized product, a favorite cup, or a new supplement. If the new lump shrinks you guessed right. Notice that you have more power in your hands than the finest cancer institute. Use it to detect these simple causes. Soon there will be more patients with experience like yours to help you.

Losing Weight
If you lost weight during the dental work, you can see how critically poised a cancer patient’s weight control is. A single meal lost is important. I do not know the mechanism that supports weight gain or weight loss. What helps most is keeping a clean hypothalamus. Make a take-out bottle for heavy metals (including gold) at the hypothalamus.
Take out chromium from lymph and from the organ with the tumor. This starves yeast in the tumor and skin by depriving it of its main metal need. Yeast consumes your blood sugar so you lose weight. First of all, avoid eating chromium.
Make a bottle-copy of hydrazine sulfate. Take 6 drops 3 times a day till you feel hungry for each meal. Then stop. Try to gain back all the weight you lost.

The More the Merrier
It is so easy to make and take drops that there is no reason not to do a lot more! In fact, even if you have the real herbs make drops from them and take these too! Here are the ones I recommend the most:

  • whole cloves
  • Lugol’s iodine, self made
  • coriander seed        e
  • nutmeg pod do not work)s
  • fennel seed
  • rhodizonate (RZ)
  • fresh apricot seeds, cracked yourself (old ones do not work)
  • wormwood, (c/s)
  • benzoquinone (BQ

Use only tested herbs. If they contain thallium you will be giving yourself that! Do not copy powders. If they contained nickel, you would be giving yourself this!
Taking the real substance or oils might require prescriptions, and would pose dangers if too much were taken. Taking the bottle-copies is safe and inexpensive. You can learn which ones seem to help you. If you give yourself detox-symptoms, wait till you are recovered, then take it again and again till you get no detox-symptoms.

Zapper Alchemy
Freshly cracked apricot seeds and freshly picked Eucalyptus leaves are somewhat perishable – so just stuff them into a half-ounce glass bottle (no water used), or zippered bag, and copy them for posterity! Label it master. Taking drops of such copies gives you some of the effectiveness of the real thing; in general, about one-fourth. Clone your masters for drop taking and copy the copies before they are half consumed in order to continue getting strong copies.

(from the Prevention of All Cancers – pg.105-130 copyright)

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