Artificial Sweeteners & weight gain

Artificial Sweeteners, like Aspartame (Canderel, Nutra Sweet, Equal etc.) may increase your weight. So what you try to achieve (weight loss) may turn into weight gain and many more disastrous sideeffects.

In our mouth there are thousands of receptors, which inform specific glands what type of food is coming. If you put something fatty into your mouth, these receptors instruct to the liver and gallbladder to release bile and send it into the digestive tract. Same happens when you put something sweet into your mouth. This sweet taste relays a message to the pancreas that something sweet is coming down the pipe soon. So the pancreas starts making insulin and sends it into the blood stream. Your insulin level in the blood increases, which moves blood sugar (glucose) from your blood into cells. So your blood sugar decreases and you become hypoglycaemic.First sign would be tiredness, lack of concentration and eventually, because your blood sugar is too low, you will get quite hungry. You might start nibbling and eventually eat; and you may eat more than you have planned.
Regular usage of artificial sweeteners deprives you of energy and increases your appetite. Instead of loosing weight, you will put on weight. This refers as well to “Diet” drinks. Research has confirmed that artificial sweeteners accumulate in the brain, i.e. the body cannot discharge these chemicals. They build up in the brain and since the introduction of aspartame (1981) the incidence of primary brain lymphoma has increased sharply. Aspartame is so dangerous, that two heaped teaspoons of this sweetener may be lethal (Dr. Woodrow C. Monte, Pentagon Bio- Warfare List).
Some clinical research has confirmed that artificial sweeteners, taken chronically, may lead to headaches, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, depression, irritability, joint pain, neck pain, skin rashes, hypertension, diabetes, hair loss, menstrual irregularities, eye problems vertigo and hearing loss. Accumulation of these chemicals may lead to Parkinson’s, brain tumours and Alzheimer’s. Once accumulated in the brain, the body is unable to discharge artificial sweeteners. If you see “Sugar Free” on a label, don’t even think of buying it. Sweeten with honey. Sugar has to be avoided or used as little as possible. In most Mediterranean countries people drink their coffee black, no sugar, no milk. Tea, add some honey and a slice of lemon, it’s refreshing and healthy.

The Aspartame Time Bomb
Aspartame, better known as artificial sweetener, constitutes one of the most severe threats to the Western world, more so than heavy metals, radiation and organic toxins. It is found now everywhere, in diet drinks (now renamed
‘light’ drinks), in diet chocolates, sweets, biscuits, shakes, jams, ‘sugarless gums’ and, the worst, people put these little and highly toxic pills into their coffee or tea. Would you believe that, if you would swallow a heaped teaspoon of these artificial sweeteners, you could land in a coma and possibly die? (Don’t try this, it works).

Research has so far confirmed the following illnesses that may be caused by aspartame: Confusion, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, convulsions, hyperactivity, memory loss, seizures, Parkinson’s and at a later stage brain tumours and Alzheimer’s disease.

The list goes on: Depression, anxiety, irritability, personality changes, joint pain, neck pain, migraine, skin rashes, chest pain, hypertension, diabetes, hair
loss, menstrual irregularities, eye problems (tunnel vision), vertigo and hearing loss.

After introduction of aspartame in 1981 the incidence of primary brain lymphoma increased sharply and common brain cancers skyrocketed (500% increase). Aspartame is cumulative, i.e. it builds up in the brain as the body is unable to degrade and discharge this powerful chemical. Over the years more and more aspartame accumulates in the brain and will lead to severe complications.

Patients sometimes ask me “Why do they sell it?” Well, why do they sell cigarettes? The answer is that it is highly profitable and Government departments profit from this by collecting high taxes (whether cigarettes or aspartame, both show profits but both kill people). Government agencies have known for decades that aspartame is deadly. It was once on the Pentagon list of bio-warfare chemicals submitted to Congress and, in 1984, Dr. Woodrow C. Monte observed: “Aspartame is considered a toxicant. The ingestion of two teaspoons is considered lethal in humans.” But his warning came too late. Aspartame had been approved in the U.S. two years earlier as a safe food additive.

H.J.Roberts M.D., Clinical Research 136#3, 1988, 489-A.
H.J.Roberts M.D. “Sweet’ner Dearest”, Sunshine Sentinel
Press, Inc., West Palm Beach. Florida/USA

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