by Allan Wohrnitz (BSc)
National Coordinator, The Rights of Children Project in Education


ADHD is NOT a disease. It has been invented by psychiatrists and voted into existence in 1987. One cannot diagnose ADHD from a psychological assessment. A psychologist or whoever does those tests is not trained and qualified to diagnose neurological diseases, not even a GP or pediatrician.
ADHD is NOT a neurological disease. There are no valid tests to prove the disease exists.

The drug Methylphenidate (trade name Ritalin) is the same chemical structure as the street drug Speed. It has highly addictive properties and reports from the United Nations in 1971 have been published warning of its highly addictive properties and high abuse potential.
ADHD is NOT genetic. Advocating such as “facts” is misleading the public.
In Holland it is forbidden to promote ADHD as a brain disease due to inadequate evidence of the existence of such a “disease”.
At the ADHD Consensus Conference in November 18, 1998, the Panel, in its final statement announced: “…we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction.”
Therefore to promote that ADHD is a disease and suggesting, recommending or prescribing drugs for a non existent disease can be construed as negligence in legal terms and anyone found doing so could committing a criminal offense. If a person who is not qualified to suggest, recommend, diagnose or treat a disease for which he is not trained in or not registered with the correct professional board and does so could be accused of a criminal offense; for example, a teacher advising or suggesting a parent to increase the dose of medication on her child, or pressurizing a parent to drug their child as a pre-requisite to allowing the child at the school.

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) investigates a link between Ritalin and cancer. (University of Texas study).

The findings showed damage to the chromosomes of 12 children who had taken Ritalin for three months.

Ritalin (Novartis)
Methylphenidat HCL is a psychoanaleptica and is the same chemical substance as the street drug SPEED.
Listed possible side effects:
Perspiration, eczema, urticaria (itching), cramps, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, aggression, tiredness, depression, anxiety, sound sensitivity, concentration problems, hallucination, psychosis, addiction, conjunctivitis, strange taste, dry mouth, stomach pain, diarrhoea or constipation, heart racing, palpitations, high blood pressure, impotency and bleeding in the brain with fatalities (rare).

ADD/ADHD first steps

This reflects just my own experience working with ADD/ADHD classified children for the past 20 years. I found that these children are primarily ‘over-sugared’. This means not they eat too much sugar and sweets or drink sugared cool drinks, but that their diet consist mainly of carbohydrates in form of bread, toast, pies, pasta, pizza, mueslis, breakfast cereals, lunch bars or fruit juices. These represent a sugar-overload. Once the blood sugar level is satisfied, these children will not be hungry any longer and the actually valuable substances for growth, concentration, focusing and relaxation are ingested in minimal amounts. If a child drinks a glass of concentrated fruit juice (fruit sugar without any fibre) the brain signals ‘I am satisfied’ and children start picking at food (vegetables and fish or meat), which would promote their development and mental and physical performance.

Too many carbohydrates lead to ‘over-sugaring’ the system, and the body becomes ‘hyper’, relaxation, focusing, concentration and comprehension are no longer possible. We find ADD/ADHD only in societies, where a healthy and balanced nutrition has gone astray.

Heiner Lotze

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