Bio-Idential hormones

The importance of hormonal balance. As we loose our hormones, the aging process speeds up. Hormones are the nourishment to all our organs as fertilizer is to the plants.

A healthy sex life nurtures, nourishes and fertilizes our cells. Without this biological essentiality cells cannot detoxify properly, take less nutrition in and cannot make full use of available oxygen, the pO2 (Oxygen pressure in the blood) decreases. Without intimacies cells age,
skin becomes unclean and dry, organs degenerate fast and the immune system dysfunctions. All kinds of ailments and diseases appear.

Sexual arousal triggers the production of endorphins, which transmit messages to all hormonal glands. All essential hormones are released and the body is in a state of biological normality. This healthy physical state signals balance back to the brain and the mental state
becomes stable and relaxed.